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Colonial America. Chapter 3 Sections 1-4. England in America. England defeats the Spanish Armada this makes Protestant Queen Elizabeth the most powerful person in Europe. Sir Walter Raleigh The Lost Colony Roanoke Island in North Carolina. 91 Men 17 Women 9 Children - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • ColonialAmericaChapter 3 Sections 1-4

  • England in AmericaEngland defeats the Spanish Armada this makes Protestant Queen Elizabeth the most powerful person in Europe.Sir Walter RaleighThe Lost ColonyRoanoke Island in North Carolina. 91 Men 17 Women 9 Children 1st English child born in America Virginia Dare

  • The Lost ColonyJohn White left Roanoke to get supplies he intended to return in a few months.He does not return for 3 years.All he finds are signs with the word CROATOANWhat Happened???????????????????????DeathNew IndiansVirginia Dare Stones

  • New SettlersRoanoke scares of settlers for a few years.In 1606 people begin to apply to King James for charters- right to organize and settle an area.Joint Stock Company investors bought stock in the company in exchange they got future profits.Virginia Company.12-1606 leaves England04-1607 arrives in Chesapeake BayName their colony after the king

  • JamestownLed for the 1st two years by John Smith the settlers survive.Hard work and little free time make him extremely unpopular.He is forced to return to the UK (accident)The settlers grow lazy and the winter of 1609-1610 sees many starve.John Rolfe marries Pocahontas a Powhatan Indian.Their relationship helps the settlers and Indians bond.

  • TobaccoTobacco saves the colony and makes Jamestown profitable.Land ownership is given by the company to settlers who could afford their own way over.50 Acres House of Burgesses 1619 1st local representative government in the new world.VA Company goes under and the colony becomes royal property.

  • The New England Colonies Sec 2MassachusettsPilgrims Individuals who wanted to leave the church of England. SeparatistsPuritans- Individuals that left England seeking a reformed Church of England. John Winthrop- Under persecution by Charles I he leads his settlers to the New World to found the Massachusetts Bay ColonyMassachusetts Bay Colony- The settlers elect John Winthrop their 1st Governor, He establishes a pattern for settlement.1. Build Shelter 2. Clear Land 3. Plant CropsOriginally the right to vote was limited to stockholders ( those who paid for the journey). Eventually, we open up to all male church members.

  • Mass. Cont.Mayflower Compact- Led by William BradforndLoyalty to EnglandAll things for the good of the colonyWapanoag- Squanto and SamosetTeaches them to farmThe General CourtRepresentative government of the Mass. Bay Colony. Only male church members could run. (Would that work today?)The organization of the colony leads to success.The Great Migration- In an 11 year span (1629-1640) 20,000 English citizens move to the Mass. Bay Colony

  • ConnecticutThomas HookerWill lead 100 Puritan settlers out of Mass. Bay Colony. They leave to escape the power of the governor and the General CourtEnded up settling along what is today the Connecticut River, they named their settlement Hartford.Fundamental Orders of Connecticut - (1st Constitution)Create a similar government to Mass. Differences- 1. All male property owners can vote. 2. The representative portion of the government is stronger than the governor.1662 There are 13 towns along the river and England issues a charter creating the colony of Connecticut.

  • Rhode IslandRoger WilliamsAnother angry puritan leaves Mass. to found his own colony.He is thrown out of Massachusetts for preaching toleration- the acceptance of all religions.After he is expelled he lives with the Indians for the winter. He is actually able to purchase land from them to found his colony.Rhode Island wins popularity contest!!!!!!!!!!!1. All white males can vote2. Worship any religion you like3. No other requirements

  • R.I. Cont.Trouble with the NativesAfter a few years the population of R.I. Begins to encroach on the Indians, fighting break out and the Wapanoag attack the settlement.Success In New England.Farming, Hunting, Syrup, Lumber, Shipbuilding, Fishing, and Whaling

  • The Middle Colonies Sec 3New Netherlands is Sold!!!!!!The colony has some success under Dutch rule- Fur Trading, Port City of New Amsterdam.In order to encourage agriculture the Dutch begin giving away huge tracts of land to PATROONS- people who agreed to settle at least 50 new European families on the land. There is no regulation on the Patroons.PROBLEM- The patroon is allowed to charge as much as he wants for land. Because of this most people choose to live in the city of New Amsterdam.The colony allows religious freedom

  • Quakers cont.Allows Penn to form a proprietary colony. Calls it Pennsylvania.Penn makes allies with the Natives. He requires his people to buy their land from the natives.The equal standing of all people makes the new colony very popular.The southern portion is far away from the main settlements. These southern settlers ask Penn to form their own colony. He allows them to form Delaware.

  • New Neth. Cont.Conflict with EnglandThe British colonies do not appreciate the Dutch presence in their New World.The fighting begins between Charles II and his army versus the people of New Amsterdam. England wins and sells it to his brother, the... Duke of York ( Bet you cant guess what he names it?)Proprietary Colony- one owner owns all the land and has complete control over the colony.

  • New JerseyThe Duke of York decides to give a portion of his colony to two of his friends. Sir Carteret and Lord Berkeley. The two friends will act as proprietors- They will run the land as if they were the owners, but give all profits to the actual owner.Proprietary Colony- Land that was given, by a king or queen, to a person to run as they chose. 1702 New Jersey becomes a royal colony- under the control of the the sovereign king or queen.

  • PennsylvaniaWilliam PennPenn is a close friend of King Charles II, he asks for land in the New World to pay off a debt that Charles father owed Penns father.This is a great deal for Charles II. William Penn is a Quaker, and the Quakers are despised in England. He gets the chance to help a friend while also getting rid of a problem.QuakersBelieve that all people are equal. No social class or deference to the more wealthy.No need to bow or make shows of respect. Treat all people the same way.The Quakers do not believe in war. This does not go over well in England. Pacifists

  • Farming and ExpansionFarmingThe farmers in Pennsylvania are able to grow far more than they can use or consume.The begin selling wheat, barley, and rye as cash crops- crops that are raised to be sold rather than consumed.ExpansionAfter the founding of Philadelphia the expansion is father west, and usually done by groups other than the Quakers.Scottish, German, and Irish settlers begin clearing the land and establishing farming communities in central Pennsylvania, and the eastern slope of the Appalachian Mountains.

  • The Southern Colonies Sec 4MarylandSir George Calvert and Lord Baltimore ask and receive land for a Catholic colony.Catholics are despised in England and Charles wants them gone.Sir Calvert dies before the can leave. His son Cecil Calvert Lord Baltimore finishes his fathers vision.The group settles the northern portion of the Chesapeake Bay. N. of VA. S. of PAPlan to fish the Bay and grow tobacco. They found St. Marys away from any swamp or marsh land.Proprietary Colony- Calvert establishes a governor and a ruling council.

  • MD. Cont. and VirginiaReligion- MD. Allows all religions except Jews. 1649 Act of Toleration-Everyone welcome.Virginia Land is at a premium. Settlers begin just taking Native American land.This naturally leads to conflicts. Settlers ask the governor to intervene, he declinesBacons Rebellion (No Hogs were harmed in this rebellion)1676- Nathaniel Bacon leads a group of planters into battle against the Natives. He then leads them on to Jamestown (capitol) which he burns down.

  • VA. Cont. After the torching of Jamestown Bacon dies. His rebellion dies with him.The governor hangs 23 of Bacons supporters, but the land stealing continues.Royal Colony- Colony run by a governor selected by the royal family.

  • The CarolinasNorthern- Small tobacco farms usually farmed by poorer familiesSouthern- Large land grants given to noble families. Great city of Charles Town eventually shortened to CharlestonRice- The swamps make rice a cash crop that sustains the colony until is splits in 1712

  • GeorgiaJames OglethorpeReformer who decides to ask for a colony to take debtors to. Debtors were jailed in England for their inability to pay their bills.Oglethorpe even pays for some people to make the trip.The Oglethorpe Rules1. No farms larger than 50 Acres 2. No slavesThe Spanish and Creek Indians had both already claimed Georgia, but the three groups were able to exist peacefully.

  • The South Grows UpPlantations- Large farms for Tobacco, Rice, and later cotton.Most plantations were along rivers or tidal plains to gain easy access to transportation.Plantation meant a lifestyle of wealth and style. Most people do not live on them.Backcountry- Opposite of the plantation. People were poor worked the land without slaves. Made just enough to survive.Slavery- The slaves make the plantation run. They work the field and end up knowing more about agriculture than the whites of the plantationMiddle Passage- Passage to new world from Africa, these are the worst conditions imaginable.

  • French In AMerica1670 Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette explore down and then back up the MS. RiverRene-Robert Cavelier and Sieur de La Salle sail into the Gulf of Mexico and claim all of the land for France.Tenant Farmers People who farmed and agreed to pay the lord a certain rent for working so many days per year.Feudalism.

  • Spanish in AmericaThe Spanish were