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  • 1. Education Massachusetts School Laws 1642, 1647 (Old Deluder Satan Law) - Beginning of Public Education Colonial America

2. Mercantilism economic system , in which a nation attempts to gain wealth and establish a:Favorable Balance of Trade the nation selling more goods (exports) than they buy (imports) Role of colonies in Mercantilism -provide raw materials to the home country -buy manufactured goods from the home country The American colonies were supposed to be profitable for England Trade in the Colonies 3.

  • Navigation Acts(beginning 1651) English laws
  • - attempted to control colonial trade
  • - required certain goods to be sold in England (enumerated goods)
  • - required the use of English or colonial ships and crews
  • - poorly enforced and widely ignored
  • Board of Trade(1696)
  • - another inefficient effort to regulate colonial trade
  • Effect
  • - Colonial habit of ignoring British Laws
  • smuggling, avoiding import (duties) taxes became a way of life
  • - increased distrust between colonists and the English

4. New England economy - shipping trade, rum, fishing, whaling, and: Timber- influenced by environment & geography - Large nearby wilderness - Fall Line: a drop in elevation = waterfalls = sawmills- logging , barrel-making & ship building being a large part of theeconomy 5. Shipping Trade Triangular Trade trade among the areas around the Atlantic Bills of Exchange beginnings of a colonial currencypaper representing hard currency 6. Salutary Neglect- English allowed the colonists, through the colonial assemblies, govern themselves as long as they remained loyal politically and profitable economically. Colonial Governments Royal Governorswere paid by the colonial assemblies Colonial Assembliesgoverned the colonies from the 1690s until the 1760swith little real interference from the British 7. Population Growth Immigration- Scots-Irish- German (Pennsylvania Dutch)Very high birthrates Longer Life expectancy - Healthier Diet Medical advances - Smallpox vaccination- Cotton Mather 8. Slavery Middle Passage- transportation of slaves from West Africa to the Americas Slave Population Growth 1690 = 13,000 , 1750 = 200,000 Stono Rebellion (1739)- South Carolina slave rebellion led to stricter laws New York Slave Conspiracy of 1741 - exaggerated charges of conspiracy lead to the deaths ofseveral black slaves