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  • 1. Ch. 7 Lesson 3 & 4
    The Jamestown and Plymouth Colonies

2. Online Story Site
3. Jamestown
Merchants and land owners started a business called the Virginia Company of London
Set up the company to start a colony in Virginia
Sold shares of ownership, or stock
Any profits the company made would be divided among those who bought the stock
Goal of Expedition:To make MONEY
4. Jamestown Cont.
Settled in Chesapeake Bay after sailing down a river, named it James river after King James I
Built houses, a church and a fort
Life was much more difficult than imagined
5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Difficulties at Jamestown
Water was salty and unsafe to drink
Mosquitoes carried deadly diseases, a problem with swampy lands
Constant attacks
Lazy gentlemen did not work to plant crops, had expected to find gold like Spanish
By winter, nearly half of the colonists had died
12. John Smith
A natural story teller, and a natural leader
Became disgusted with colonists, forced them to work
He that will not work, will not eat.
Forced colonists to build houses, plant crops, raise livestock
Made him unpopular, but kept them alive
Story of Pocahontas
13. Pocahontas
14. 15. 16. John Smith cont.
Smith led trading with the areas Native American tribes
Strong Leader
Hurt in a gunpowder accident and had to return to England
Colony suffered without him
The winter of 1609 1610 was The Starving Time
If we were lucky, our food was a can of barley, split among five men each day.
17. 18. The Adventures of John Smith
19. New Virginians
Colony barley survived the winter
1614 John Rolfe found a solutiontobacco
Tobacco became a cash crop: a crop that is sold for money
King James I, Tobacco is a stinking weed.
Grew it anyways, rejuvenated spirit
20. 21. Peace of Pocahontas
John Rolfe married Pocahontas
Marriage helped keep peace between English and Powhatan people
Lasted 8 years
Pocahontas became celebrity in England
Died of Small Pox right before return to Virginia
22. 23. 24. 25. Africans Arrive in Jamestown
Tobacco was growing everywhere, needed workers
Many newcomers were indentured servants
Indentured Servants: people who could not afford the trip, borrowed money, and agreed to work 5-7 years to pay off debt
26. Virginias gold
and silver.
-- John Rolfe, 1612
27. Early Colonial Tobacco
1618 Virginia produces 20,000 pounds oftobacco.
1622 Despite losing nearly one-third ofits colonists in an Indian attack, Virginia produces 60,000 pounds of tobacco.
1627 Virginia produces 500,000 pounds of tobacco.
1629 Virginia produces 1,500,000 pounds of tobacco.
28. Tobacco Prices:1618-1710
Why did tobacco
prices decline so
29. 17c Population
WHY this large increase in black population??
30. First Africans were indentured servants, early population included both free and indentured AAs
Christians could not be enslaved by English law
Eventually all African Americans were forced to work
31. 32. The Middle Passage
33. The Atlantic Slave Trade
34. 1619
Women are brought to colonies
House of Burgesses met for the first time
Made laws for the colony
Members were white men who owned land
Not always fair, but first step towards developing own govt.
Burgesses (citizen or freeman)
More conflict with Native Americans
1924: King James I took back over
35. Virtual Jamestown
36. Virtual Map of Settlement