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  • 1. Why they came

2. Read Aloud
By the middle of the 1600s, Europeans were streaming into North America by the thousands.They left the homes they had grown up in and their friends to go to a new land.They began new lives, often with only the contents of one small trunk.Why would so many people leave everything they had known to come to the English colonies?
3. Why did they come?
Religious freedom
Colony Fever hits England
Times are bad, want better life
Laws passed in England, still come to North America
4. Who Came?
some, most were not
Many sold everything they had to pay for the voyage
Offered better way of life, cheap land, and greater opportunity worth the trip
Thousands of Africans
Kidnapped from their homes, forced to work as slaves
5. The Voyage
Lasted usually 4 months
Voyage dangerous and uncomfortable
Trapped for weeks where sickness spread quickly
Passengers in great number [were] lodged between the two decks
Little Air or light
Ceiling only 4 ft. in height
Meat was old and tainted,the bread moldy or wormy,the water smelt very bad.j
6. Indentured Servants and African Captives
Openbooks to page 226.
Read the first two paragraphs on the page.
Who made up the group of indentured servants and captives that came to North America?
Write a summary in the space provided.
7. What was life like for Indentured Servants?
Why were there fewer servants working in New England?
What is an Autobiography?
8. Autobiography The story of a persons life, written by that person
9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Summary Questions
What hardships did people suffer to reach the English colonies?
Sickness and death from overcrowded ships, rotten food, bad weather
What was the slave trade?
The business of buying and selling people for profit
For what reasons did people make the voyage to North America?
Religious freedom, cheap land, hope for a better life, desire for wealth