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Classroom Rules and Expectations in ILA Class. Ready?. Here. We. GO!!!!. IMPORTANT RULES TO REMEMBER!. USE COMMON SENSE Be organized and keep track of your belongings Throw away any garbage Pick up after yourself and put away materials after using - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Classroom Rules and Expectations in ILA Class GO!!!!Ready?



  • IMPORTANT RULES TO REMEMBER!USE COMMON SENSEBe organized and keep track of your belongings Throw away any garbagePick up after yourself and put away materials after usingBring ILA materials to class EVERYDAY get used to having a book to read ALL THE TIME! Be polite and respectful to all staff at JGMS and your classmates!

  • IMPORTANT RULES TO REMEMBER!RESPECT YOURSELF & OTHERSABSOLUTELY no tolerance for bullyingRespect others propertyPlease raise your hand to talk and share unless I say something different

    **Treat others how you would like to be treated. This is a safe, comfortable environment in my class.

  • In the Classroom

    Be in your seat and quiet at the start of class. If you are not inside the classroom when the bell rings without a pass, you are tardy and will have to go directly to the office to get a pass (SCHOOL RULE). As a school policy, no food or drinks are allowed in the classrooms or hallways. Water bottles are fine unless it gets out of hand. My computer is off limits to all students. You can not be behind my desk unless given permission.

  • In the Classroom

    As you can see we have a small classroom with limited wiggle room. Please DO NOT MOVE THE DESKS AROUND. We will either be working in our desks or on the carpet area during class. Carpet Rules For Mini Lessons and Read AloudsNo food or beverages on carpet areas.No picking or pulling at the carpet Pick up after yourself. No items left on the carpet. Overall be respectful and mature when sitting on the carpet or preforming various activities. This is common sense people!

  • In the Classroom

    DesksAt times during class we will either be..-At the carpet area for mini lessons / read alouds-At our desks and/or carpet areas for independent reading or work time If my instructions are to be IN YOUR ASSIGNED SEATS and AT YOUR DESK my expectation is that you are AT YOUR DESK IN YOUR ASSIGNED SEAT. No switching seatsNo moving desks around

    *Side Note* - You will have opportunities to independently read where you please in the classroom (carpet areas) unless things get out of hand.....

  • In the Classroom

    Posters will be displayed all over the classroom. We will make posters together (generating ideas in class) or I will make posters to help you in ILA class. Please be respectful of all items hanging on the walls and boards. See with your eyes NOT with your hands. Thank you!

    Also, fans in the classroom are OFF LIMITS! I will turn the fans on/off and move them when necessary.

  • In the Classroom

    Be mindful of the learning target for the day. This will be posted on the front white board.

    The ILA weekly schedule will be posted on the back wall of the classroom. My advice Planners are a great tool to use when organizing and planning your life. Try using planners as much as possible in all your classes to help YOU.

  • Leaving the ClassroomNO PASSES DURING CLASS! This is a new rule this year and enforced throughout the whole school. You will have 4 minutes during passing time to go to the bathroom, get your materials for class, and chat with friends. I will dismiss you from class; therefore, DO NOT STAND AND WAIT BY THE DOOR. You will be seated until you hear the bell. Side Note = My clock is NOT always correct so just wait until you hear the bell to leave.

  • Required Daily MaterialsPencil or pen (blue or black ink-no gel pens, funky color pens, or red pens)Readers Workshop book (In class book)(Get used to bringing your books to class EVERYDAY.) **Please get in the habit of keeping track of your books at school and at home. You will be bringing your books home EVERYDAY to read and back to school the next day for class. It is very important you have your books EVERYDAY in ILA class. You may be reading two books at once one at school and another one at home. Side Note Your top priorities in this class is to read, learn, and have fun. There will not be many tests in this class, but for this to happen you NEED TO BRING YOUR BOOKS TO CLASS and READING...the choice is yours...

  • Required Daily MaterialsStudent Folders In ILA class you will have student folders where your materials will be located. Find your name in the correct hour bin and grab your materials for the day. This will eliminate losing things.Whats in the student folders? You need to have these items in your folderPost-it notes INB notebooks Reading book(s)A folder to bring items to and from schoolAny homework assignments

  • Dictionaries & ThesaurusesYou will use dictionaries and thesauruses A LOT in this classroom when listening to read alouds, practicing mini lessons, and reading independently.

  • Student PortfoliosPapers, projects & some assignments / post-it notes will be saved in this for conferences and progress of each student throughout the year.

  • Grading ProceduresYou will receive grades for classwork, homework, class participation (independent reading, sharing, etc.) and many more. It is very important to be in class everyday so you do not miss daily work. Some tests, quizzes, projects, and papers will occur throughout the year as well. I will post your grades randomly throughout the quarter so DO NOT ask every day to see your grade. I will write the date grades were posted so you know if they are OLD or NEW

  • Absences:If you are sick or gone from school please check the back of the room at the ILA schedule. DO NOT just come and ask me what you missed. Please check the board first and write down what you missed. NEXT ask a classmate what you missed and how to complete the assignment (if one). If you have questions AFTER THAT, then you are more than welcome to ask me.Assignments will have due dates. Turn your assignments in ON TIME! If you are absence you will have an appropriate amount of time to get caught up.

  • Late Work:DO NOT get in a situation where you will turn in an assignment LATE. If you get in the habit of turning in assignments late, you will have to complete the late assignments PLUS the new ones to come. DO NOT GET BEHIND! Assignments can be made up or worked on before or after school, or during another scheduled time. I coach and have night class on Mondays in the fall so time can be limited. You can ALWAYS talk to me if you have any issues.

  • Discipline:First Warning = VERBAL WARNING and CHANGE of BEHAVIORSecond Warning = Seat assignment will be temporarily or permanently changedThird Warning = Take a Break with Mrs. Nason and complete your reflection with her. If you still are misbehaving when you get back from Take a Break, I will be contacting parents and/or an Office Referral will be written on poor behavior.

  • Academic Honesty: Students are expected to act appropriately and honestly in this class. Academic dishonesty, such as cheating or plagiarism, isnt tolerated. The internet is a great tool to use for a resource, BUT copying word for word from the internet is NOT OKAY!

  • Lost & FoundKEEP TRACK OF YOUR BELONGINGS!! If you do misplace something in the classroom, please talk to me ASAP. Let me know WHEN and WHERE you lost your items.

  • Student Contracts Every student will sign a student learning contract that ensures you WILL follow the rules and expectations in ILA class. This contract will open communication to your parents as well. There will be a section for them to sign as well. You are now 8th grade students. This contract will hold you accountable to the appropriate rules and expectations needed to do your very best, learn, and have fun as we continue the school year.

    This will be due Friday, September 7.This FRIDAY! Write it down so you remember!

  • Classroom Library How do I check out a book in Ms. Wegmans class? Ms. Wegmans Check OUT and IN sheetYou need to fill outDateName (First and Last)Title (of book)Check OUT (make a check mark when you take a book)Check IN (make a check mark when you bring a book back)

  • Lets have an AWESOME school year! If you ever need to talk about life, school, friends, etc. my door is always open! Feel free to come at any time.