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Classroom Norms and Expectations1Household v. School NormsThe communication and behavior norms in some households in which the students live might differ profoundly from what is expected in the school and the classroom. This does not mean that the household is wrong, but that in such cases, the school norms must be made very clear and if necessary, modeled and taught.How would you address a difference in norms/expect between home & schoolEmphasize what is acceptable in the classroomSchool Talk vs Home Talk

Effective TeachersEffective teachers to more than simply post and share rules, they make sure that students understand the rules and are able to put the rules into practiceRules and ProceduresWhat is the difference between a rule and a procedure?Both involve expectations, but a procedure is focused on a specific activity and usually emphasizesA procedure is something a teacher may need the students to rehearseRules, Procedures and InstructionRules and Procedures should be presented in relation to active, meaningful and engaging instructional practices.

What does active, meaningful and engaging rules and procedure establishment look like?Why not to establish rules and procedures on the first day of class, particularly for Secondary?What is the recommended first day emphasis?Community building/trust/safety is what should be emphasized the first dayReflection on BehaviorVWhen dealing with problem behavior, students must be allowed to examine/reflect on their behavior.

How did the teacher's use of "choice" require reflection?The teacher is not doing something to the student, but the student is making the decisionThe student had to verbalize both the inappropriate behavior and the desirable behaviorConsequences-ChoicesRules vs Standards? Why are 'standards' recommended?Rules have less flexibilityRules imply a prohibition which some students might be more tempted to break (Standards can be lived up to)Standards are part of community building that has to function effectivelySocializing students to what is expected in their subject matter and out in the worldBuild up the real world relevance-Process vs. TerminologyHow can 'constitutional rights' be applied to the classroom?Health and safety, property and possessions,Maintain Educational ProcessBeginning a socialization processGives them a set of expectations about how they should be treated in society and how they should treat others.Promotes an understanding of democracy-Democracy is a participatory processTalk about the balance and what has to be sacrificed for the greater good.-John LockeConnects to the important discourse of bullyingStudents Can Develop a List of Standards with the TeacherWith younger children, role playing is recommended.What is the benefit of standards being shared with parents?Accompanied by statement of system or philosophyEnabling you to get on the same page from the beginning so that they can support your enforcement of the standardsParental participation precludes the you dont like my child.Help deal with conflicts between home and schoolHow do you integrate new students?Peer Support approach recommended.The team process can socialize new students into the classroom standards. (Fosters immediate belonging)New students observe and the teacher can direct the new student to material to help them understand what they are observing.Homework based on socializationPair the student with a responsible peer who will then feel good about their being chosenSet time aside to collectively reflect on behavior-SystemCan coincide with reflection on your classroom 'theme' or system.Students can reflect upon and help decide on consquences for standards violations'Good Behavior Game'-Succcess QuotationsAs we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others. Bill GatesIf you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work. Thomas J WatsonThe only place where success comes before work is in the dictionaryResponsibilityCitizenshipCivilityVVTeaching ProceduresDiscussing the need for the procedurePossibly soliciting student inputHaving students practice the procedure until smooth Reinforce the correct approachRoutinesRoutines enable learning to start immediately upon entering the classroomWhat is 'positive narration' and how does it work?Direct attention to a student who is performing effectively enabling that student to become a role model for the other studentsWhat are some ways that you have established classroom rules?Allow the students to come up with rules given the basic guidelinesA school store and reward system-money system