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Classroom Expectations and Routines. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Routine, Routine, Routine!!!. In foods class, I am Queen all must obey. You may not like it you may not agree with me. But its a matter of safety and time. Time & Safety. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Classroom Expectations and RoutinesThe good, the bad, and the ugly.Routine, Routine, Routine!!!

In foods class, I am Queen all must obey.

You may not like it you may not agree with meBut its a matter of safety and time.

Time & SafetyMy patience in other classes for interruptions, does not extend to foods because of time and safety considerations.

Classes cannot be chaotic and loud; we wont have time for our recipe and class wont be safe.

Cooking is a privilege in foods classConsider yourself warned. If you are not following classroom rules and expectations, I will ask you to sit and write an essay: Why is it important to follow kitchen rules and expectations? This will happen over, and over, and over again.

No Assignment handed inNo cooking. Who does not have a computer/internet connection at home?

Classroom Rules & Expectations the same ones youve heard since kindergarten

Door between foods and ia labDo not open!!!!!! You are not allowed to open the door, or walk into the other classroom during foods class.

Unless You ask and I give you the okay; maybe you want to share a recipe with Mr. Feehan, or another teacher/friend, but ask first!

Agenda signedPlease ask to leave the classroom to use the bathroom, etc.

Dont just wander off

I shouldnt have to say this, butNo running in foods class.No kicking in foods class.No hitting in foods class.No fighting with your group over knives in foods class.No screaming in foods class.No taking plates/cutlery, etc. out of foods class.No leaving your kitchen to hang out in another kitchen in foods class.No snapping someone with a wet towel in foods class.No climbing on chairs, tables, or counters in foods class.

There really are no accidentsIn the kitchen.No cell phonesLeave them in your locker. We have timers in class, so there is no reason you will need them.

Easy to drop/break them/wash them/lose them.

Class is very RUSHED! The fewer things you have to worry about, the better.Recipes are posted online before classRead them before you come to class!!

Suggestions?Yes, you may suggest a recipe (email or print and bring to me), but remember that we only have 50 minutes, and that really limits what we can doWhen you walk into foods class1. Get an apron and put it on. QUIETLY & QUICKLY. If you need help, ask a classmate. I am getting ready for the lab & cannot help you because of time restrictions.

Dirty Aprons do not get hung back up the hooks!!Next to the washer & dryer in the back of the foods room is a laundry basket Please put your apron in the laundry basket after each class.

Even if you dont think its dirty, it goes in the laundry basket.I have hair ties if you forget2. Tie back your hair if its long. QUIETLY & QUICKLY.

3. Sit down at a table, on a chair. QUIETLY & QUICKLY.

Dont move chairs, dont all sit at one table. Chairs are spread around several tables for a reason. Just SIT DOWN.

This SHOULD NOT be an issue. Its sitting down quietly people. Remember circle time in Kindergarten?!Starting class quickly is very important because we only have 50 minutes!If you are interrupting whole class instructions at the beginning of class, you will be asked to leave the room, and you will not be cooking that day.

Class always starts with whole class instructions.Important info everyone needs to know.


Special InstructionsCommon ingredient tables2 of them set up at the side of the room.

Please dont take items on those tables back to your own kitchen. They are shared items that everyone needs.

Bring measuring tools and bowls to the common tables, and then bring ingredients back to your table.There was a lot of mess in the halls after last semesters foods classes.You cannot take out of class at the bell unless:You bring a to go container from home with a lid but you must still get permission/let me know that you are taking food to go in a sealed container.

Classroom Music while cookingOkay after I have given all instructions.

Okay if after I ask for quiet, everyone stops talking, otherwise its too loud and we dont have time.

Volunteer? Take turns? Foods playlist- appropriate music. Only time it will be okay to bring a phone to class.Entering your kitchen:Wash your hands!!!!

Read your recipe as a group.

Get started (you will complete tasks according to your sign up sheets).

Alert me:Immediately if you cut/burn/injure yourself, or if you break anything.

Spills should be cleaned up carefully, and as soon as they happen.Tasks:Washing the dishes: responsible for running a sink full of warm soapy water; taking out drying rack; wiping off drying rack when finished and putting away; washing dishes, wiping out and drying sink after dishes are done & putting dirty/wet dish cloths and towels in the dirty laundry basket.

DO NOT put knives in the water. Keep them at the side until you are ready to wash them.

Tasks Drying the dishes: responsible for getting clean dish cloths & dish towels located on shelves by washer & dryer and bringing them over to your kitchen, drying dishes & making sure they are put back where they belong.

Sweeping and spot checking the floor: responsible for the final sweep and wiping any spots in your kitchen. This is done after all counters are wiped. Everyone should be aware of cleaning spills as they go.Tasks:Counter/Stove Clean Wipe-Up: responsible for wiping off all counter-tops, stove, burners, inside burners (when cool!), moving microwave and wiping behind, wiping inside of microwave with a damp dish cloth.

Final Wipe: responsible for spraying kitchen counter and centre table with anti-bacterial spray, and wiping with a paper towel.

You may not leave the foods room at the bellUnless your kitchen has your lab checked and your recipe signed by me.

Some days you may need to leave early; right at the bell. Work this out with your group mates and let me know BEFORE the bell goes.

The next 3 classesLibrary- Kitchen Tools & Cooking Terms assignment.

Classroom- safety class

Safety Quiz & Kitchen clean; get familiar with where things are.Iron chefSpring competition

Our class? Menu assignment.Questions??!!