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<p>Welcome to George Waters!2015-2016</p> <p>3 Levels of Sharkdom!</p> <p>4 RsRespect YourselfRespect PropertyRespect OthersRespect the Environment</p> <p>Bottom Line is RESPECT</p> <p>Beverages in hallways/classroomsAll drinks must have a caps that are screwed onSlurpees must be finished before coming into the school</p> <p>Personal Cell Phones and Ipods Not necessarily needed in the classroom because you all will receive an iPad to help you with your workShould be kept in your locker to keep them safeCan be used between front doors before, at lunch or after schoolCell phones may be taken away if they are disrupting the school day</p> <p>Locker UsePlease use your OWN lockerKeep your combination private (this is like your password to Facebook, Twitter)Use before school, after schoolUse before Phys Ed and after Phys EdUse at lunch</p> <p>BussingYou are a shark 24/7School rules apply on bussing to and from schoolLate Bus: 4:20 Monday to Thursday (not early dismissal days). Need a late bus pass from the office!AllergiesNo peanut butterNo scented perfumes/sprays</p> <p>Hallway PassesWhen leaving a classroom to go somewhere else in the building you must have a hallway pass with youEvery class has one</p> <p>Entry/ExitFront entrance only please8:20 AM 12:15 PM</p> <p>Bell Schedule</p> <p>Bell Schedule</p> <p>Lunch ProgramFull cafeteriaRespect lunch supervisorsHigh School, river, creek are out of boundsPublic library can be used (need a pass from office)RESPECT business and private propertyCafeteria from 11:15 11:35 then outside, library, clubs, choir, jazz, gym (games room too)</p> <p>Bike CageOpen8:15 8:3011:15 11:2012:10 12:203:20 3:30</p> <p>Get the key from the office (please return the key too!)</p> <p>Crossing Portage AvenueBe CAREFULMake eye contact with driversMake sure they see you!Do not enter the intersection after the countdown timer reaches 15 seconds</p> <p>Headphones</p> <p>In classrooms only with teacher permission</p> <p>Take off during transition times (walking in the halls)</p> <p>Vending MachineBefore schoolLunchtimeAfter school </p> <p>Make someone else's day BETTER!</p>