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Ms. Browns Classroom Expectations. 2013/2014. Welcome to Room 428 and 318!. It is my job as your teacher to make sure that this is a positive working environment, a place where you can feel comfortable and confident while you are learning. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Mrs. Schmucks Classroom Expectations

Ms. Browns Classroom Expectations 2013/2014It is my job as your teacher to make sure that this is a positive working environment, a place where you can feel comfortable and confident while you are learning.

Welcome to Room 428 and 318!In order to ensure that this is possible, I need some help from you!

Here are a few key things to keep in mind and that will ensure that you are successful here in room 428 or room 318.Attendance As a member of this class you are expected to be present and on time to every class. Should you be absent, see me for any work that you missed or any handouts. It is your responsibility to catch up on the rest of the class. Should you miss a test or an assignment you will complete it or should submit it immediately upon your return. It is expected that all course assignments, whether written or presented in class, be completed on time.It is your responsibility to keep track of when assignments are due.Should you experience difficulty with an assignment see me as soon as possible.

Due DatesPlagiarism To plagiarize is to appropriate and give out as ones own, the writing, inventions, or ideas of another. To plagiarize is to be dishonest with your teacher, your peers, your source and yourself.

We will be doing a short presentation on what plagiarism looks like and what it means. Plagiarism CHCI has a zero tolerance policy with regards to plagiarism.

This year the CHCI English Department will be making use of the website,, which will electronically screen student assignments for plagiarism. You will be asked to submit electronic copies of your work to this website for specific assignments. Respect the classroom as you would respect your own home. Garbage and graffiti will not be tolerated

Please make use of the blue bins (cans, plastic bottles etc.) and green bins (paper).

Classroom Maintenance It is expected that students will follow school policy in regards to the use of smartphones in the classroom. Smartphone use is permitted in this classroom when, and only when, the teacher indicates. When these devices are being used, they are for educational purposes only (that means no texting, gaming etc). Abuse of this policy will result in a re-evaluation of class policy.

Electronic DevicesPersonal electronic devices (laptops, netbooks, tablets) are permitted in class as long as they are being use appropriately.

The use of MP3 players are acceptable in class during individual study and independent work.

Electronic DevicesTextbooks and Classroom MaterialsYou are responsible for bringing the materials required for the days class with you. Do not rely on me to provide you with extra pens, paper, handouts, textbooks etc.

Anything you borrow MUST be returned. This includes: books, pens, pencil crayons, markers, etc. Failure to return such items or returning them damaged will result in the loss of your borrowing privileges and you will be expected to provide ALL such items yourself

Bathroom breaks should be kept to a five minute maximum. If class occurs first period or right after lunch, it is expected you will use the washroom before class.

Leaving the Classroom When asking questions and participating in class discussions please raise your hand and the teacher will call on you. DO NOT YELL OUT!

NO HUNTING! Classroom discussion and presentations are not an opportunity to take someone else down. Constructive dialogue is always welcome; hunting is not permitted.

Class DiscussionsI am happy to provide extra help to any student who requests it. However, please remember that I am not a mind reader and, therefore, you must speak up and advocate for yourself.

I am available before school, during block A, most lunch hours and after school. Please see me to confirm a time.

Extra HelpAlways remember...I am here to support your learning and ensure your understanding. In order for me to do this to the best of my ability, communication is of the utmost importance.This classroom is a team environment and in order to assure success, we must all work together.Coming together is a beginning.Keeping together is progress.Working together is success.- Henry Ford