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CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS. MR. PYTELS HEALTH CLASS. Topics to be discussed. Class Website Respect Materials to Bring EVERYDAY Start of Class Procedures Daily Expectations Hall Passes Consequences Questions During Class Question Box Late Work Absences. Class Website. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • Topics to be discussedClass WebsiteRespectMaterials to Bring EVERYDAYStart of Class ProceduresDaily ExpectationsHall PassesConsequencesQuestions During ClassQuestion BoxLate WorkAbsences

  • Class About Me

    Syllabus, Classroom Expectations Powerpoint, BJHS Code of Conduct, & BJHS Behavior Matrix

    This Week.weekly day by day breakdown of topics, handouts, and/or homework

    Health Class Units.notes, handouts, homework, & powerpointsBaby ProjectReproduction HIV/AIDS Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs (ATOD)

    My Favorite Videos

  • RESPECTRESPECTA feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc. and should be treated in an appropriate wayWAYS OF SHOWING RESPECT INSIDE THE CLASSROOM

    Listening/Not Talking when others are speaking

    Following directions

    Saying please and thank you

    Complimenting others when they say/do something you like/agree with

    Raising your hand to speak

  • Materials to Bring EVERYDAY Pen/Pencil Health Folder/Notebook/Binder Extra sheets of paper Notes, homework, handouts, study guides, etc.**You may leave your folder/notebook/binder in the classroom. Just realize that I do not use this room until 1:00 everyday and there are other classes that sometimes use this health room.

  • START OF CLASS You are to be seated at your desk by the start of class8th Hour: 1:189th Hour: 2:03

    A pass/note is needed if you come in after these timesNO EXCEPTIONS If no pass/note is given, you will be considered LATE

    3 times being late to class =1 Detention When you enter the classroom you are to find your seat and get out your materials to begin class (pen/pencil, paper, notebook, etc)

  • DAILY EXPECTATIONSBe to class on timeBring a pen/pencil, your health notebook,notes, and any homework EVERYDAYDO NOT talk while others are talkingTeacher, other students, guest speaker, announcements, etc.Raise your hand if you have a comment and/or questionRaise your hand to get up from your seat:To use hall passSharpen your pencilEtc.

  • HALL PASSES You will receive 2 hall passes each week

    Must take the laminated hall pass when leaving the classroom.

    You will not be able to use a hall pass if you are late (unexcused) to class that day

    Hall Passes Include:LockerRestroomOfficeIMCEtc.

    If you use your passes up, you WILL NOT be able to leave class

    Only 1 person may use the hall pass at a time

    NO EXCEPTIONS unless you have a note

    **You will still be responsible for any missed notes/work

  • CONSEQUENCES 1st WARNING:Verbal Warning

    2ND WARNING:Change Seat ORRemoval to Hallway


  • WAYS TO EARN A WARNINGTalking when someone else is speaking (Disruptive)

    Not raising your hand to speak

    Not raising your hand to get out of your seat

    Being turned around in your seat

    Not following directions (Noncompliant)

    Inappropriate comments/questions

  • WAYS TO EARN A WARNING ContInappropriate Language

    Inappropriate Physical Contact

    Property Misuse(writing on desks)




  • 2nd Warning: Change Seat/Removal to Hallway2nd warning and last chance before detentionI may simply ask you to move to a different seat or ask you to go to hallway1 second - ???Time to calm down and re-focusWhile in hallway:You are to be sitting/standing outside of the roomNO going to locker or bathroomIf caught, it will be considered skipping classyou did not have permission. While in hallwayNO TALKING

    **You will still be responsible for all missed notes/work.

  • 3rd Warning: Detention & Call Home Served after school for 15 minutes15 minutes starts from the time you enter the classroomEx: 2:50-3:05

    I will be contacting your parent(s) to explain your behavior and why you were given a detention. If you ride the bus, I will also explain that alternate transportation will be needed for you to get home.

    If you are an athlete, you will be responsible for serving your detention after school. If you have practice or a game, your will need to inform your coach that you will be late.

  • DETENTION If you DO NOT show up for your 15 min. detention:

    2nd 15 min. detention will be given Two 15 minute detentions OR One 30 minute detention

    If you DO NOT show up for your 30 min. detention:

    Referral will be written and will result in:

    1 hour PM School Detention (2:45-3:45)

    2 or 4 Hour Saturday School (8:00-10:00 or 8:00-12:00)

  • REFERRALSEarning a 4th warning in the same day

    Gross Disrespect (aggressive language, obscene gesture, or directing profanity at an adult)

    Defiance (intentionally ignoring staff directives that compromise student safety)

    Harassment/Bullying (upsetting, excluding, embarrassing, or harming another)



  • QUESTION BOXQuestion that we did not get to in class

    Question that you do not want to ask in front of the class

    I will do my best to answer these questions throughout the week.

  • LATE WORKYou will lose 1 point for each day an assignment is NOT turned in on time.

    Ex: 10 pt w/s due Monday and is not turned in until Thursday = automatic loss of 3 pts.

  • ABSENSESYou are responsible for picking up and completing any missed work if you are ORCheck the weekly trays (M-F) the day you are back in class. All notes/handouts/homework will be in the tray on the day that you were absent.

    It is your responsibility

    If you know you will be absent ahead of time, work may be given prior to the absence.

  • Extra CreditBring in 1 box of kleenex for 5 extra credit points. Only 1 box per student.

    Bring in up to 5 box tops for 5 extra credit points. 1 point per box top for a maximum of 5 extra credit points.

  • Health Class BreakdownBaby ProjectDating, Responsibilities, Consequences, Day CareReproduction (M/C Test with Notes)Puberty, Male, Female, Twins, Human ReproductionHIV/AIDS (Short Answer Test with Notes)Communicable/Non-communicable DiseasesDrugs/DareTobacco, Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gangs, etc.

    Final Exam (M/C Test with No Notes)