Challenging the Status Quo: Rethinking the Value of Volunteers - August 2014 BPN Webinar

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1. Challenging the Status Quo: Rethinking the Value of Volunteers Karen Baker Chief Service Officer CaliforniaVolunteers Panelists: Facilitator: Greg Baldwin President VolunteerMatch Amy Smith Chief Strategy Officer Points of Light Bobbi Silten President, Gap Foundation SVP, Global Responsibility, Gap Inc. 2. How To Ask Questions Type questions into the box on the right side of the your screen Submit via Twitter to @VM_Solutions using #VMbpn We will pose questions at the end of the presentation A copy of the slides will be circulated after the event 22 3. GREG BALDWIN PRESIDENT VOLUNTEERMATCH 4. TODAYS SESSION Reimagining Service Overview Overview of Research Service Enterprise Initiative Q&A Closing 5. KAREN BAKER CHIEF SERVICE OFFICER CALIFORNIA VOLUNTEERS 6. REIMAGINING SERVICE IS A national multi- sector coalition dedicated to increasing social impact through effective volunteer engagement. 7. REIMAGINING SERVICE PRINCIPLES 8. REIMAGINING SERVICE PRINCIPLE #1 The volunteer ecosystem is more effective when all sectors participate in its evolution. 9. REIMAGINING SERVICE PRINCIPLE #2 Make volunteering a core strategic function, not an add-on. 10. REIMAGINING SERVICE PRINCIPLE #3 Focus volunteer engagement on true community needs. 11. REIMAGINING SERVICE PRINCIPLE #4 In order to get a return, you have to invest. 12. REIMAGINING SERVICE PRINCIPLES PRINCIPLE #1 Volunteer ecosystem PRINCIPLE #2 Make it core PRINCIPLE #3 True community needs PRINCIPLE #4 You need to invest 13. BOBBI SILTEN SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT GAP INC. PRESIDENT GAP FOUNDATION 14. GETTING STARTED Using the TCC Groups Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT), we studied thousands of nonprofits across the country: large, small, local, and national organizations, addressing dozens of issue areas. 15. Using the data from the CCAT tool, we focused on nonprofit organizations that serve as positive deviants. These are organizations that have achieved stellar results, and serve as a model for other organizations to learn from. We call these organizations service enterprises. 16. SERVICE ENTERPRISE An organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers as a core strategic function to achieve the social mission of the organization. 17. % of Nonprofits by CCAT Volunteer Management Score Category Strong (CCAT Score > = 240) Weak (


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