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  • 75YearsFebruary 2015 BUTANE-PROPANE NEWS


    Pumping UpAg Sales

    Feb2015 cover3.indd 1 1/27/15 4:42 PM



    A Showroom With theWOW FactorGallon Grower$BPNs

    March2015 supplement cover.indd 1 2/25/15 11:03 AM



    Summertime:Safety Season

    JulyCover-final.indd 1 7/1/15 6:18 AM




    May2015 cover70c,30m.indd 1 4/30/15 8:45 PM


    BPNThe New

    D.C.-Propane Alliance

    June 2015 cover-FINAL.indd 1 5/29/15 12:39 PM

    October 2015 BUTANE-PROPANE NEWS

    BPNPropane Trucks:Getting Smarter

    OctCover-crestwood-18k.indd 1 9/22/15 3:56 PM



    KitThe propane industrys leading source for

    news and information since 1939

  • P.O. Box 660698, Arcadia, California 91066(800) 214-4386 (626) 357-2168 Fax (626) 303-2854


    In 1939, when Butane-Propane News (BPN) was first published, it was the only publication dedicated solely to the propane industry. Today, more than 75 years later, BPN remains the propane industrys trusted and definitive source for timely industry news: in-depth reporting, expert analysis, regulatory, legal, and compliance updates; feature articles, and much more information all vital to the continued growth and success of propane-related businesses.

    BPN is also an effective advertising tool that drives your message across multiple media channels to reach prospects the way they prefer to access information print, online, e-newsletters, database marketing services, social media, and more. BPNs innovative marketing strategies increase awareness of your propane-related products and services among its lucrative subscriber base of nearly 13,000 propane professionals. Our strategic marketing approach puts you right in front of the right mix of owners and decision makers in the multibillion-dollar propane industry for increased name recognition and brand awareness resulting in what really matters increased sales and revenue.

    As a well-respected industry publication for decades, BPN devotes countless volunteer hours as well as editorial coverage in support of organizations such as the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA), Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), Women In Propane (WIP) Council, state associations, and many other groups, to share information of importance to your business. BPN also provides advertisers additional value with more bonus copy distribution at trade shows, conventions, industry meetings, and international gatherings around the globe.

    BPN continues to invest in the accuracy of its readership circulation by using industry-recognized BPA Worldwide to audit its circulation. Only BPA guarantees a premier, third-party independent review of data. All this translates into providing the most trustworthy value for your advertising dollar with BPN.

    If you provide products or services for the propane industry, BPNs team can provide the market, the audience, and the media services you need to increase brand recognition, lead generation, and growth. We repeatedly hear from advertisers that the majority of the responses they receive come from advertising with BPN. Please contact me to discuss a marketing program tailored to meet your 2016 sales goals. Lets ensure that 2016 is your most profitable year yet!


    Tara Molina Advertising Sales Manager

    P.S. To better serve you, BPN is excited to announce a new magazine layout and website redesign in 2016. BPNs new layout will enhance readership, plus include more feature and opinion sections. The website will still provide all the pertinent information you depend on, plus be optimized for the latest in mobile browser technology. Some key features will include cleaner navigation to reduce the number of page clicks for quickly accessing information, as well as an extensive archival system. Please dont hesitate to send us your input.


    The propane industrys leading source for news and information since 1939

  • BPNews.com

    What We Do

    Butane-Propane News Inc. the propane industrys leading source for news and information since 1939, also provides its advertisers an effective and integrated media platform that reaches decision makers how they prefer to access information print, online, email, and more.

    Butane-Propane News (BPN)Independently owned Butane-Propane News is dedicated exclusively to the propane industry, which has been its sole focus since its founding in 1939. Celebrating more than 75 years as an autonomous news source, BPN remains respected and relied upon by industry leaders and decision makers for its outstanding coverage of propane-related news and information vital to their businesses.

    BPN has introduced a special quarterly section, BPNs Gallon Grower$, to raise awareness of the products, trends, and emerging technologies that provide opportunities to increase propane gallons and burner-tip sales, in both the residential and commercial market sectors.

    Include BPN in your marketing strategy and guarantee your message reaches a valuable target audience of nearly 13,000 subscribers, more than two-thirds in ownership and management positions. Advertising in BPN is a cost-effective solution to guarantee that your message receives recognition and credibility among decision makers in the multibillion-dollar propane industry.

    Weekly Propane NewsletterBPNs Weekly Propane Newsletter provides the latest posted and spot prices from all major terminals and refineries around the U.S. along with exclusive market analysis, commentary from leading industry experts, and items of interest to propane industry insiders.

    The Weekly Propane Newsletter is delivered right to your Inbox and features a center spread of hundreds of postings that are completely updated each week. A premium subscription includes an additional pricing update every Monday. The Weekly Propane Newsletter is recognized as a reputable third-party pricing documentation for companies with indexed-pricing programs.

    Propane in America: The First 100 Years 1912-2012The extraordinary first century of the propane industry is chronicled in Propane In America: The First 100 Years 1912-2012 published by Butane-Propane News Inc. This handsome coffee table book highlights propanes discovery at the turn of the 20th century, its initial use as a lighting fuel, and its evolution to a global source of clean energy for homes, businesses, and engine fuel.


    Propane Trucks:Getting Smarter

    OctCover-crestwood-18k.indd 1

    9/22/15 3:56 PM

    Gallon Grower$BPNs

    BPNThe propane industrys leading source for

    news and information since 1939

  • BPNews.com

    By the Numbers

    Butane-Propane News Readers TAKE ACTIONNearly 90% of BPN subscribers are involved in one or more actions as a result of seeing an advertisement or article in Butane-Propane News.*

    BPNThe propane industrys leading source for

    news and information since 1939

    Butane-Propane News Is the Circulation Leader At nearly 13,000 subscribers and a pass-along rate of 3.8 people per issue, BPN has a reach of more than 50,000 propane industry professionals.*

    *Signet Research AdProbe Study 2015

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    As an added value for greater exposure, you receive a complimentary listing in the Advertisers Index on the Readers Service Page, plus you get more bonus copy distribution at major industry events than any other publication more than 20 around the globe!

    BPN advertisers are confident they get the biggest bang for their buck with its BPA Worldwide audited readership circulation. Only BPA Worldwide guarantees superior third-party verifiable review of this data. BPA has the largest membership of any media-auditing organization in the world.

    Regardless of your marketing budget, you can tap in to the multibillion-dollar propane industry and drive your message across multiple media channels with BPN. BPNs knowledgeable and responsive staff is happy to share its more than 150 years of combined industry experience with you to put together a plan that delivers the results you seek. If you sell propane-related products or services, BPN delivers the audience and the media mix to achieve your unique sales and marketing goals.

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    For more information on displayadvertising, contact Tara Molina at(800) 214-4386 or email tara@bpnews.com


  • BPN Highlights e-NewsletterThe BPN Highlights e-newsletter delivers fresh propane-related news and revenue-generation ideas to more than 7,000 (and growing) opt-in subscribers twice monthly. These Highlights e-newsletters are the best opportunity to put your company in front of propane decision makers for thousands of additional impressions and qualified leads. We can offer customized solu-tions within our e-newsletter.

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