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  • R u n Y o u r B u s i n e s s N o t Y o u r E R P

  • Smile To The Changes

    Organizations compete in the business world facing current economic conditions as well as hardship

    challenges such as increasing customer demands, globalization and escalating operational costs.

    Customization also may be difficult in some cases. This will negatively affect the optimized

    functioning of organization's business activities.

    In this type of climate, your business cant afford to stand, still touchshoppy helps to transform your

    business, so you can embrace change with confidence. Our enterprise resource planning (ERP)

    solutions help drive productivity because they are simple to learn and use. They also deliver

    increased agility, so they drive long-term value for your business through a strong return on

    investment (ROI), lower cost of ownership, and quicker time to value.

  • We Deliver These Core Capabil it ies

    Finance Management.


    Stock Management.



    Customer Management.

    Supplier Management.

    Employee Management.

    Attendance & Leave Management.

    Multiple Store Management.

    Warehouse Management.

    Product Management.

    Barcode Generation.

  • Reduce



    Better Finance














    Report On


  • How Touchshoppy Dif fer . . .?

    Touchshoppy across your entire business helps to Improves efficiency and gain real-time

    visibility into inventory, sales, purchasing, and financial data.

    Implement an easy-to-use solution Touchshoppy offers solutions people want to use, so

    they are readily adopted across your organization.

    Deploy vertical functionality quickly and with reduced risk Touchshoppy Sure Step, a

    streamlined deployment methodology, improves the speed and quality of your


    Work with an expert implementation partner Touchshoppy partners have the business

    and technical expertise to deliver a solution that fits your unique business.

  • Walk A Step Forward

    Touchshoppy can strengthen your position in the marketplace and provide the backbone of an

    agile, flexible system that helps your business grow, adapt quickly to change, and take

    advantage of new business opportunities. Simple to use, straightforward to implement, and

    quick to adapt touchshoppy can be delivered in the way that works best for your organization

    via the cloud or on-premises. The touchshoppy incorporates the practical systems used by

    organizations to manage the basic commercial functions of your business, such as:

    inventory/materials management, purchasing, manufacturing, finance, accounting, human

    resources, sales and services etc.

  • Finance & Banking Management

    This module is used to plan and control the finance of the firm. It is done to achieve the

    objectives of the company. The daily, monthly and yearly financial reports help us to know

    the exact ups and downs.

    C O R E M O D U L E S

    Bank Transaction

    Journal Adjust




    Income Statement

    Balance Sheet

    Trial Balance

    Category Wise Report

    Date Wise Report

  • Purchase & Stock Management

    Stock and purchase management gives the direct outcomes in financial and operational

    results of your company. It is absolutely important nowadays to have a fast and efficient

    system capable of rectifying the issues. It includes a system of stocks and purchases

    management flexible and adaptable enough to different business rules of each


    C O R E M O D U L E S

    Purchase Order

    Stock Management


    Warehouse Management

    Purchase Receive


    Damaged Goods

    Detailed Reporting

  • Sales

    We have developed the ERP with single touch access which makes very comfortable for you

    to select the product from the list and also we have integrated the bar code system which

    will help you to analyze the accurate sales.

    C O R E M O D U L E S

    Barcode Integration

    Sales Commission Management

    Sales Order Management



    Product Grouping

    Live Price Change

    Discount Facility

    Product Bundling

    Detailed Reporting

  • HR Management

    As a company is concern the main asset is human power. The way we treat our employees

    reflects on the work they do. Here touchshoppy helps know them more.

    C O R E M O D U L E S

    Designation Management

    Attendance Marking

    Payroll With Pay Head

    Salary Based On Attendance

    Leave Management

    Privileged Software Access

    Salary Addition And Deduction

    Salary Based On Percentage

  • Customer & Supplier Management

    The customer management module helps you know your customer better and store many features such as activities, history, related contacts, addresses of your customers and you

    can provide best offers for customers according to their purchase. We provide customer group so that you can send a information to all customers at a time.

    In the case of supplier management module it will be easy for finding best company with

    good quality and less pricing. The systematic delivery of the supplier can also be analyzed.

    C O R E M O D U L E S

    Keeps Customer Address

    Tag Each Customer & Supplier

    Supplier Company Details


    Arrange Customer Group Wise

    Arrange Supplier Group Wise

  • You may keep inventory in separate physical locations. For example, you could have multiple branches, each situated in

    different cities. In this case, you would have the same items in each store, and you can transfer quantities between these


    Inventory can be managed in multiple locations including service trucks.

    Inventory can be purchased into or sold from multiple locations.

    Sales and purchase history is maintained for each location.

    Warehouse can be optionally associated with a specific profit center or company division.

    Facilitates inventory transfers from one location to another.

    Bar code technology can be added to expedite inventory transfers from one location to another.

    Manage and purchase inventory for a specific location or simply choose all locations.

    Maintain inventory counts and history for multiple locations such as warehouses, sales locations, or vehicles.

    Allow inventory management including purchasing tools to purchase or add stock to individual warehouses.

    Combine the multiple warehouse module with the profit center module to create a powerful set of tools to

    manage multiple locations with the same data set rather than separate companies.

    Multi Store & Mult i Warehouse

  • Product & Barcode Generat ion

    In marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need.

    And here that products can be categorized and priced according to its type, we includes barcode

    generation for the products which makes easy access to the product.

    B E N E F I T S O F U S I N G B A R C O D E S Y S T E M



    Data Integrity

    Ease of Implementation

    Cost Effectiveness

    Used Code 128

  • We listen to your words, customize Touchshoppy according to your company needs and we make sure that

    you are satisfied with our product. You can quickly see the difference between Touchshoppy and other ERP

    solutions. Its not just the way business processes are streamlined or data flows smoothly across the

    organization. Its the intuitive user interface and Role Centers that help organize work for efficiency and easy


    Information and Tools That Help People Work Fast and Smart:

    Best experienced people can work with maximum speed and better quality.

    people can customize and personalize their Role Centers based on their work styles and preferences.

    Developing Touchshoppy with cutting edge technologies helps to increase productivity and improved

    visualization of business information.

    The cost is reduced by using increased operational facilities.

    We Are Always With You

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