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A unit of MED Life Service Pvt. Unit


  • 1. (A UNIT OF MED LIFE SERVICE PRIVATE LIMITED )HAJIPUR, VAISHALI, BIHAR844101Email: medlifeservice@gmail.comVisit: www.medlifeservice.comCall: +91 8252750833

2. For every minute spend in Organizing anhour is Earned. Gives a life timeopportunity and constantly to make everyIndividual customers, financially, selfreliant economically and socially strongthrough the SELF HELP GROUP concept.Who We Are?We are an Self Help Company having Alliancesand Channel partners all across the BIHAR &JHARKHAND. We are one of the fastest growingCompanies in the SELF HELP GROUP Industrytoday and are creating waves with our superband revolutionary line of products meshed witha National Business Opportunity.Our SHG Business system is the finest in theindustry which has beenacclaimed and validated by Experts from aroundthe WORLD. 3. Because you are here, I am taking a guess thatsome things are just not quite right in yourlife May be you are tired of your Job? May be you cant see yourself getting ahead with your currentincome? May be the dreams are still not fulfilled? May be the commute to work and rat race have forced you tostart looking for alternate ways to make money? May be you want to spend more time with your family? Maybe there is a piece missing in your life? Lifes most persistentquestion is : What are youdoing for others 4. We present to you an opportunityto start earning a monthly incomeor to just supplement your currentincome over and above what youare earning right now for LIFEand without any RISK! Many of ushave experienced what you areexperiencing right now which islikely to be one of the following:1. Lack of finances - this does not necessarily mean great riches. Maybeyou just want to earn enough to settle your debts and livecomfortably.2. No job satisfaction - just the thought of going to work and facing thepeople and environment leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Not tomention the commuting to and form work.3. Lack of free time - you don't have the time to spend doing the thingsyou really want to do. Quality time with your family, that hobby youwould like to spend more time on, etc... the freedom to do what youwant, when you want. For how long have you wanted to change this?Have you given up all hope already? How much would you give to changethings in your life?Are you ready to stop hoping and do something about it?Our Business ConceptThis business is based on the concept of SELF HELP GROUP. Why SELFHELP GROUP? Because it is currently the most powerful wealthbuilding opportunity in the world, creating more millionaires thanany other industry. So what exactly is SELF HELP GROUP you may ask?Let us explain it by way of a practical example: You visit a newrestaurant in town and you are very impressed with the quality,service and low prices. As a result you tell your friends and familyabout it and they also tell their friends and family until soon, a lot ofpeople have visited the restaurant. This is known as word-of-mouthadvertising and guess what? The restaurant earned lots of extramoney through your word-of-mouth advertising. 5. Products and ServicesUniversal AppealFirst to introduce Free LIFE INSURANCEFinanceVarious Ongoing PromotionsExtra Death Claim Rs. 10000 IN 24 HOURSTrue Value of MoneyScholarshipPACKAGE PRICINGHow much are these worth?Valued at thousands of dollars, MEDLIFEsunrivalled WAY OF LIFE Package is available toyou for only INR 500.00And thats not all..MEDLIFE also provides you a INDIAN BusinessOpportunity to create a solid income pipeline foryou and your family .Read on to know 6. Did they send you your commission for doing so? Maybe you should go ask for itbut just watch it... you might be thrown out. On a more serious note and if onereally thinks about it... wouldn't it be fair if you were compensated in some wayfor increasing the restaurant's income? Now, SELF HELP GROUP is based onexactly the same concept BUT you are rewarded for your word-of-mouthadvertising. For every person who joins our opportunity or subscribes to one ofour products through your efforts, you earn commission from us because that isjust fair - not so? In fact, we don't only pay you based on your efforts alone butalso on the efforts of those in your team whom you help to also earn moneythrough our system and we pay you on unlimited width and 10 levels.Sample Movement ThroughMEDLIFEYOUWhat will you be doing?All you need to do is SPREAD THE WORD AND DO SOME MINIMAL FOLLOW-UPwith those whom you tell about our income/business opportunity. Thesame way you would ask your friends or family how they liked the food atthe restaurant, you can simply ask them what they think about theinformation brochure, web site Presentation you handed to them to have alook at.What about other people whom you do not know? There are many provenways of building an income with us using e.g. the internet, emails, adverts innewspapers, notice boards, etc and it just depends on how you would like todo the business. You will receive the relevant training and excellent teamsupport to help you tap into the vast potential market you have access to inINDIA 7. Remember - thousands of people, justlike you, are searching for a legal,ethical and easy way to earn extraincome so the market is wide open. Nowyou can offer this opportunity to themand get paid for doing so. We will teachyou how to put things in place so thatyou maximize your chances of gettingpeople to join your team when you dealwith them in person or via theinternet. If they also start doing thebusiness, you will be earningcommission from us based on howsuccessful you and they are inpromoting our productsand income opportunity to others.Can you Succeed ?Despite the fact that SELF HELP GROUP is creating more millionaires thanany other industry in the world today, there are many people who do notsucceed with it. Why?Because MOST people ... Don't like trying to convince others to buy expensive products Don't want to have to convince others to invest thousands of rends inproducts that will end up in the garage Don't have the necessary skills to explain the business to othersbecauseit is too complicated Are not interested in endless explanations about how wonderful"certain products are compared too much cheaper alternatives Don't know how to use technology to their advantage Are not "marketers" or sellers at heart and are expected to do theimpossible in reaching goals and targetsHow would you then make a SUCCESS of YOUR BUSINESS ifso many other people fail in the Network Marketingindustry? The answer is quite simple ...So they don't do the workbecause they don't like thework 8. 2 Easy Steps!STEP 1Join the business, part-time or fulltime.We explain this below.STEP 2Get at least 10 friends who would liketo earn extra money to join thebusiness as well, no matter wherethey find themselves in INDIA.How? Simply hand or send outenough of our brochures/website presentation toothers or direct people to your veryown and FREE replicated web sites.We will show you how.You can also advertise on the internet and, if you are interested, we willshow you how, when and where. We will follow up on those internetprospects via email, send them the necessary information and if they decideto join, our fully automated system will sign them up in your team/organization ensuring that you make money. All these membersabove will become part of your 1st level.Minimum Requirements to Join our Income/Business OpportunityTo be successful with us you need to ... be 18 years of age or older ONE ANY ID PROOF , ADDRESS PROOF & AGE PROOF have the desire to succeed and change yourcircumstances for the betterThe Power of Our DecisionsWhatever the financial position you find yourself in today, there is a direct linkbetween your current circumstances and the choices you have made in thepast. May be you made some mistakes, maybe a few wrong decisions ormissed opportunities resulted in where you find yourself today. This is anopportunity to change things around and finally get on the road to FINANCIALFREEDOM. Don't miss IT! Don't let this count as one of your missed opportunities.Your NEW FUTURE can start right here ..RIGHT NOW! decide today to Better your Circumstances. Join thisDynamic Opportunity being offered to You now!