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  • 1. Mission StatementMission StatementVision StatementVision StatementC P filCompany ProfileProducts Portfolio

2. Excellence & Quality EngineeringExcellence & Quality EngineeringProfitability & Value AdditionProfitability & Value AdditionTi l E i & S f l C l iTimely Execution & Successful CompletionValue Creation & Customer 3. To be a Leader in Engineering and ProjectTo be a Leader in Engineering and ProjectExecution with a Focus of CustomerSatisfaction and without QualitySatisfaction and without QualityCompromisation. 4. Established in 2011Established in 2011Head Count 20 PeoplesHead Count 20 PeoplesC TNPCB Ch i C iCustomer TNPCB , Chennai Corporation,Corporate Companies 5. Water Treatment SystemWater Treatment SystemDesalination SystemSewage Treatment SystemSewage Treatment SystemEffluent Treatment SystemS B d Bi G G i SSewage Based BioGas Generation SystemSolar PV On Grid/ Off Grid Power SystemSolar Water Pumping/ Street LightingBiomass/ Coal Based Thermal Power Projects 6. Water Treatment SystemWater Treatment SystemPotable/ Drinking Water Treatment SystemBoiler Feed Water RO/ DM Based Treatment System/ yCooling Water Treatment System 7. Desalination SystemDesalination SystemDrinking Water PurposeIndustrial Requirement NeedsIndustrial Requirement Needs 8. Sewage Treatment SystemSewage Treatment SystemTreatment and Discharge to drainTreatment and reuse for Gardenening/ Toilet FlushingETP cum STP based Treatment for Hotel/ HostelM i i l S T PlMunicipal Sewage Treatment Plant 9. Effluent Treatment SystemEffluent Treatment SystemZero Liquid Discharge System for Textile EffluentZero Liquid Discharge for Power Plant Effluent for Reuse of Boiler FeedZero Liquid Discharge for Automobile Based IndustriesZero Liquid Discharge for Pulp & Paper IndustriesT Pl f D i U iTreatment Plant for Dairy UnitsTreatment Plant for Rice Mill Effluent 10. Sewage BasedSewage Based BioGasBioGas GenerationGenerationS tS tSystemSystemHelps environmental cleaning with STPGenerates Energy available in Sewage SludgeReduces Cooking Gas ConsumptionReduces Cooking Gas ConsumptionCan be used for Power GenerationHeatedSludgeDigested SludgeOutletOverflowOutletIncomingSludge Sludge enteringthe DigesterSludge to Heat Exchanger 11. Solar PVSolar PV On Grid/ Off GridOn Grid/ Off GridPowerPower SystemSystem FEATURES:Considering the eco system and global warming, utilizing therenewable energy saves our earth. Solar power system is one among it.As per the customer need, the system can be designed (not areadymade, but tailor made system).Th h I i i l i l i b hi h hlThough Initial capital investment seems to be high, monthly currentconsumption charges will be reduced as a permanent solution.Minimal maintenance is adequate for life span about 25 years.Environmental friendlyEnvironmental friendly.Reliable energy source.Zero pollution emission.Health and safety.Low operating costOur Range of product starts from 1 KW to 1 MW 12. ContdContdEconomy packageDescription Package-1 Package-2Load 600Wh 900Whsystem Hybrid (Solar & Main)OutputMain voltage Same as input for given rangeBack up voltage 220+/ 2%Back up voltage 220+/- 2%Frequency 50 Hz +/- 2%Changeover Automaticmain/ back upMain o/p wave Same as inputSolar ModulePanel 110 w x 2 nos 110 w x 3 nosT P l C t lliType Poly CrystallineLife 20 yearsBatteryCurrent 12 V 150 AHType Tubular (1 Tubular (2no) no)Charger Solar & mainD i 8 10 hDuration 8-10 hrsConsumablesTube light 3 5Fan 3 3Television 1 1Desktop PC 1 1Min. power 3 hrs 4 hrsb kback upPower back up will vary based onconsumption 13. 1 DSP based intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking1. DSP based intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT) will give 35% more energy from the panel.2. Because of the variable frequency drive (VF drive) thet ti t f th tstarting current of the motor will come down drastically. Sothe motor will start even at minimum intensity sunlight -saymorning 7 oclock.3. VF drive will give constant torque for wide range ofintensity of sunlight - morning till evening. So water willbe continuously pumped from morning till evening.be continuously pumped from morning till evening.4. IGBT based power stage.5. PWM frequency - 20KH2.6. Pure sine wave three phase current to motor.7. Wide range of operating voltage. 14. Postal Address:Postal Address:Envi - Q Engineering Private Limited3 D Block 5 Shiyams Thirth Apartments3-D, Block 5, Shiyams Thirth Apartments,North Jaganathan Nagar, Redhills Road,Villi kk Ch i 600049Villivakkam, Chennai 600049.Contact No:Mobile No. 9445021828Telephone No. 044-26505011Email: enviqenpl@gmail.com