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  • National Support Team

  • Dear AIESEC in Portugal,

    Leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action & example. We are very happy to provide you with the opportunity of joining National Support Teams for the term 2015/2016. Are you ready to join the team that will shape the future of our entity? We dare you to discover the experience with us. Lets sail beyond limits!

    Your MC Galleon

  • 28/09 4/10, 23:59 7/10 5-6/10

  • Marketing

  • Creating national graphic design materials Feedbacking local design materials Co-delivering national marketing campaigns National brand management Supporting Local Committees with graphic design Delivering trainings (virtual or physical) for the marketing network about brand management and design Final report creation and delivery

    Graphic design (Photoshop and Illustrator) skills

    Knowledge about AIESEC Branding Rules


    Flexibility and mobility

    Portuguese speaking applicant

    6 h / week

    Experience in preparing and delivering national graphic materials

    Co-creating national marketing campaigns and strategies

    Opportunity to develop national digital channels

    Facilitating experience

    Experience of working in the best NST MKT ever!!

    from 7/10 to 31/03

    Number of materials created Number of reach through social media

  • Outgoing Exchange

  • Plan Global Entrepreneurs Implementation in AIESEC in Portugal Responsible to plan with VPs/TLs of the Pilot LCs Create and Implement the Education Cycle for G.E. Contact possible alliances for the project Might attend to PR events to promote G.E. Manage entity partners Track and coach the LCs throughout the implementation timeline Open-MA-RE Project Reporting and weekly Meeting with MC VP OGX

    # of realizations through Global Entrepreneurs % of Conversion Rate

    Previous EB or Finance Experience;

    Experience on project management;

    Effective communication and coaching experience;

    Good knowledge of finance procedures and financial management.

    Physcial avalaibility

    6-8 h / week

    Knowledge and experience in implementing an education cycle

    Tracking and communications skills and coaching capabilities

    Improvement in communication skills

    Knowledge in partnerships management from 7/10 to 31/01

  • Follow-up to the entity partnerships for winter Performance Management of the LCs implementing GC Winter Planning and Implementation of Matching Strategies S&S Management

    # of EPs Realized on WP # of EPs Matched from Pipeline % S&S fulfillment

    EB Experience

    Effective communication

    Good knowledge of exchange flow

    Strategic and rational thinking

    Physcial avalaibility

    4-5 h / week

    Knowledge in Project Management

    Knowledge in exchange processes

    Tracking and communication skills

    Coaching Capabilities from 7/10 to 28/02

  • Incoming GIP

  • Manage the international partnerships Coach the LCVPs in the sales and Matching and of the project Support TLs in the implementation of the national strategy at local level Develop and implement strategies to increase the results of the project Support the matching process Ensure the National Project Report Weekly meetings with MC VP iGIP

    # of realizations % of Conversion Rate

    Experience on iGIP

    Effective communication

    Coaching Experience

    6-8 h / week

    Tracking and communications skills

    Coaching capabilities

    Knowledge in partnerships management

    from 7/10 to 29/02


    Deadline for submitting the application is:









    Diogo Dias Carolina Lage Lorna Kanyuga Ana Silvrio Rudolfo Forte

    Karolina Waligra Jssica Rosas

    Duje Papi

  • Good luck!