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  • 1. MAGAZINE Brittany Robinson

2. Front Cover: Here I have started off with my mastheadI have used a simple font Niagara Solid but I think its really effective. I have used a picture of P!nk I took at arecent tour in London. I used curves to darken the image and to make her standout more. 3. Front Cover: I have added another image of the crowd to themasthead, I have changed the image colourto a slightly light shade of pink.I have added a coverline to the bottom ofthe page with a grey background.Next to this I have added a bar code. 4. Front Cover: I have edited the picture of pink to bring herhand in front of the magazine title. I think thismakes her stand out more.I have added the main coverline I haveused a Rosewood STD font to makeit go with the theme of her show whichwas Funhouse 5. Front Cover: I have added my slogan Bringing Music to LifeI have now added all of my coverlines ina different font to the main coverline to make P!nk stand out. 6. Front Cover: I have added a shape in the corner to showthat the reader can get a free track fromiTunes when they purchase this magazine. 7. Contents: I have used the same font as the MagazineLogo. I have added a larger image of pink with A page numberI have now added categories as well As a grey box for Magazine Subscriptions 8. Contents: I have edited the image of pink to make her Stand out I have also added a image to thebackground of the crowd. I have filled in theContents pages. I have added another image as well as Pictures of my front cover 9. Double Page Spread: I am using one image as my double pageSpread. I have also edited the sides to darkenThe image. I have added several images To the bottom of the second page 10. Double Page Spread: I added a title to the page to make it more On the lines of funhouse I have added another image of pink in The air. I have also added another title To go with the article 11. Double Page Spread: I have added my interview with the fans. Aswell as another title.