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School Days Edition


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  • Back to School Blues Busters The shelves at the store are filled with unused pencils and blank packages of paper, just waiting for an imaginative child to take home and write a tale of the great summer which they had as a first homework assignment. Soon enough, families will be immersed in assign-ments, extra-curricular activities, laundry, and bedtimes. Yes, back to school-time is in the air. We as parents can let it take us by storm, or we can form a solid game plan to take it head on. I, personally choose the latter. We thought we would share a few pointers for estab-lishing a back to school routine.

    Ideas for Establishing a Back to School Routine

    Get your child their own alarm - walk them through how to set it and

    then check it each night before lights out. This will teach your child disci-

    pline and take the stress o of you.

    Post a copy of the roune somewhere easily seen. This creates structure

    and boundaries and curbs laziness.

    Have your child pick out their clothes for school the night before. It's

    somemes harder to make decisions when you rst wake, and you

    wouldn't believe how such a simple thing saves so much me. You don't

    have to worry about missing or unclean clothing items when you plan

    the night before.

    Setup a homework staon with all the tools needed to complete assign-

    ments. Before the tv comes on, and while you gure out dinner, have

    your child work on their daily assignments.

    Give your child some responsibility. Have them clear the dining table or

    take that days dirty clothes to the hamper. By working as a family, things

    get done more eciently and less stressful.

    Finally, stay in tune with your child, their feelings, and how they are do-

    ing in school by dedicang to eat together as a family at the dinner ta-

    ble. That 30 minutes or so a day builds a great bond amongst family


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  • Name: Myaann Nichole Payne

    Age: 27

    Business: MYN Image

    Current Projects: Fashion for a Passion, an event benefitting the North Texas Chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation

    Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration for my look books by current trends; I try to make some of the crazy ones more realistic.

    What is your style type? City chic with a boho vibe.

    Favorite Designers: Some of my favorite designers are Roberto Cavalli, for the color and print; Carolina Herrera for the simple, chic, and very wearable collections; Max and Lubov Azria for the esthetic they produce with their BCBG Max Azria Runway collection.

    Style Icons: I have so many style icons! Somewhat like my favorite designers, my style icons run the gamut of my personal style. Victoria Beckham because she is always SO pulled to-gether, and just chic, polished, cleanI have to say I love Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen; the boho thing is totally mine and its just comfortable. I do love Khloe Kardashian because she always looks chic, but still cool, stylish, and comfortable.

    Have you always been a stylist or have you taken other roles to get where you are? I think in my life, Ive always had a stylists role. In high school, girls would ask me what I thought of their outfits, or Id give them ways to wear something else. I also did hair and makeup. I also was always involved in fashion when I lived in Mexico, so naturally, when I moved back to the states, I got into retail. Being ever business-minded, I thought, hey! Why dont I make a business out of this!?

    Where do you hope to be in 5 years? Over the next 5 years, I see myself running a successful personal image business, encompassing health and fitness, hair and makeup, clothing and ac-cessories, etc. I will more than likely be a mother within the next 3-5, so Ill run my business from our home.

    What advice would you give our readers? I would like to let the readers know that no mat-ter what it is you want to do in life, do not let anyone hold you back. If you ever need advice, ask yourself what you would tell your child if they were in the same situation. Then, take your own advice.

    Readers can view your work at: www.mynimage.com or www.fashionforapassion.com

  • My oldest started kindergarten this year. Before the school year got underway, we decided

    we would say goodbye to summer in a big way! 7 sleeping bags, 4 pizzas, and a package of bal-

    loons later, Im glad to say I survived! For this party, I wanted to incorporate all the foods that kids

    love, including mac and cheese, hot dogs, grapes, peanut bu1er crackers, and if you are lucky,

    fruit and vegetables. Everything was bite-sized, with lots of juice, milk, and water. Bright balloons,

    and easily readable labels made this party extra special. Apples are a signature back to school

    item, so they were incorporated discreetly. It was fun night of games and movies for all!

  • A food staon was setup for

    snacking throughout the

    evening with nger foods, like

    ham and cheese kabobs, pret-

    zels, vegetables with ranch,

    and peanut bu1er and grape

    cracker bites. Colofrul num-

    ber cookies and pencil and

    eraser cookies made snack-

    ing extra fun. Each table

    se9ng included a bright

    striped paper straw, apple

    look-alike plates, pa1erned

    napkins, and treat bags which

    were to be lled with good-

    ies, like bouncy balls, crayons,

  • Back to School Bash

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    Phone: (817) 473-0270

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    Twitter: @MyBowDesigns Phone: (404) 345-9751

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