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Live Outdoors magazine is an outdoor fitness guide, giving you the latest news in related sports, event and product reviews, and features on the newest biggest things happening in the outdoor world.




    Run a Trail Ultra Marathon



    NOVEMBER 2015ISSUE 36 4.99


  • NOVEMBER ISSUE4 NEWSBe inspired from some of this months extreme challenges, and what you need to know about sports science.

    7 LAKES IN A DAY50 mile ultra marathon in the Lake District, not for the faint hearted. Full race report. How would you like to run


  • 12 PEAKS PRACTICEYorkshire Three Peaks, be prepared for a challenge

    10 BIG AFRICAN RIDEBe inspired from some of this months extreme challenges completed, and find out some sports science news,

    14 PERFORMANCE AND REVIEWBe inspired from some of this months

    extreme challenges completed, and find out some sports science news,

    Eds letter As we come towards the colder months, when most of us will be spending time indoors recovering and reflecting on this years achievements, did you conquer everything you set out to do? And have you set out planning next years adventures, races, and outdoor pursuits? You might find some inspiration in this months issue with two new, very different world records set on one continent. Whether your new challenge is to climb Kilimanjaro (page 4), or ride or run across Africa (page 10), we aim to provide you with some creativity to set your own personal challenge and plant the seed for your A race next year. Enjoy the issue! Niamh Lewis

    Live Outdoors Editor



    I guess, starts to shut down because there isnt enough oxygen in the atmosphere.

    Being in Africa anybody would expect it to be hot. But scaling the mountain, climbers go through four climatic zones from hot weather at the base of the mountain, to rainforest, then an alpine desert, before reaching the summit zone where there are glaciers and it is freezing. Beccy says It feels hot on your skin because it is so exposed and there isnt much atmosphere, you are burning all the time.

    Often there are blizzards in the crater just below the summit; so severe that nobody has camped up there for several years.

    Training for the challenge is difficult, as there is no set way of training to climb


    altitude sickness and camped in the crater, enduring a snowstorm before playing rugby the following day. Inflatable goal posts, were carried up the mountain and a full sized pitch was marked out for the two teams to play a full 80-minute game of rugby four climatic zones away. The match was tough, and concluded as a draw at 10 all.

    BBC North-West Tonight presenter Beccy Meehan described altitude sickness as the most challenging part as food and drink is hard to keep down. She says: For me I threw up a lot and I couldnt eat or drink anything but with that you get dehydrated and you still have to keep moving. She adds: You have to keep resting, every time I sat down I fell instantly into a deep sleep because your body,

    A new world record has been set, as a team of 38 summited Mt Kilimanjaro to play the highest game of rugby league. The challenge is raising money for the Steve Prescott Foundation, in honour of the player who was awarded an MBE for his commitment to rugby league and fundraising, before he died of a rare cancer.

    The team made up of rugby league legends including Adrian Morley, Lee Briers and Barrie McDermott, a Harry Potter star, a Rugby Football League referee Robert Hicks, and journalists Beccy Meehan, and Anglea Powers reached Uhuru Peak, 5895m (19341ft) high, played rugby and came back down in an impressive six days, compared to the usual duration of nine days.

    The team battled through


    Playing the highest game of rugby league in the world in the crater of Mt Kilimanjaro, involves altitude sickness, dehydration, and all types of weather. But it tested the teammates of former

    rugby player Steve Prescott in a different way than usual

    a mountain. Getting used to eating ginger nuts, and drinking ginger tea--a tip from the Sherpas to settle your stomach when experiencing altitude sickness--and eating anything is good preparation, as you would expect there is not much choice of food up there.

    As part of the training, the team spent some time in altitude chambers across the North-West to get an impression of what it feels like to exert yourself when there is not much oxygen in the air Beccy says. You dont acclimatise completely unless you sleep in them, but it does give you a good indication if you had an extreme reaction to altitude, some people do, unfortunately, and they would know as soon as they went Into an altitude chamber.

    Photo: Beccy Meehan. Challenge completed... just one game of rugby

    to play and then get down off the mountain!



    SHORTStill confirmlaunch of UKrace in 2016.

    The team behind till, the Swedish swimrun World Championship, have an-

    nounced that a UK qualifying event will launch in 2016.

    till (meaning island to is-land) is the rise of the swim-run phenomenon, which sees

    competitors running and swimming across a series of islands while always within

    10 metres of a partner.The location will be the Isles

    of Scilly, on the 18 June a venue that offers the perfect mix of sea swims and beau-

    tiful running terrain that the organisers were looking for.

    New OutlawHalf announced

    Organisers of the Outlaw Triathlon, One Step Beyond, have confirmed that their

    new Outlaw Half event on 3 July will be at Holkham Hall in North Norfolk. The race,

    covering a 1.9km swim, 90km bike and half-marathon

    run, will run as well as the sold-out Half event at the

    National Watersports Centre in Nottingham on 29th May.

    Garmin releasenew generation

    watchesThe Forerunner 230, 235 and 630. The 230 is the simplest watch of these

    updated models, whereas the 235 and 630 both have heart rate monitors built

    in. Garmins most advanced running watch to date, has a list of features, with the

    ability to track stride length, make V02 max estimates and calculate lactate threshold to

    name just three.

    Xterra World Championships: Josiah Middaugh and Flora Duffy take titles

    Josiah Middaugh and Flora Duffy were the winners of the 20th Xterra off-road Triathlon World Championships in Kapalua, Maui yesterday.

    Middaugh won the mens title at the 15th time of asking, becoming the first American to take top spot since Michael Tobin in 2000. ITU star Duffy capped of a perfect Xterra season with five straight wins on the tour, and won her second championship in successive years. It meant a cool $20,000 for the winners from a total prize purse of $100,000, with prize money going to the top 10 male and female finishers.

    Commenting on his victory (and beating favourite Ruben

    Ruzafa of Spain), Middaugh said: I felt good on the bike. He put a minute into me but theres nothing you can do, hes an amazing rider.

    In the womens race, Bermudan Flora Duffy held pole position for the duration, posting the fastest swim split and fending off an inspired Lesley Paterson on the brutal off-road bike course.

    Duffy said: I had the big target on my back, and I came here with a mission. I wanted to defend my position, and got away with that by the skin of my teeth today. I really struggled on the bike and run course.

    It was so great to come down

    the finish chute and repeat as world champion. I was pretty glad to put my hands up, and claim the World Champ title!

    Incredibly Patersons impressive result came despite spending large parts of the season recovering from injury and illness. Posting the fastest womens bike split of the day, Paterson was catching Duffy on the bike and was in striking distance on the run, but had to settle for second place. She said:

    I was going for it on the bike, thats where my strength is, said Paterson. I came off on the run and went for it and then I blew. It was really hot, it was brutal, and I deal with heat pretty well!

    Photo Xterra press. Flora Duffy as she is crowned the World Champion of

    the Xterra Off-road Triathlon.

    Photo Xterra press. Joshiah Middaugh as he reaches the finish of the Xterra

    World Championships.

  • the shoe reviewWe got muddy on the trails in some of this seasons new trail shoes, and pounded the pave-

    ment in this years new road shoes. Here are our best rated trainers for this season.




    Taking inspiration from climbing shoes, the PureGrit 4 gives plenty of grip and protection on the most testing routes. On the outsole, the 3D hex lugs keep you on your feet on uneven terrain, while the BioMoGo midsole offers cushioning to accommodate the impact on altering surfaces.To help prevent injury, the rounded heel reduc-es the stress on your body and aligns through the ankle joint where theres great impact as you run. A propulsion plate guards the foot from rocks and loose branches, with a Nav-band offering glove-like snugness. A breathable upper adds another layer of comfort, and the asymmetrical lacing brings in added support.


    The Claw, as the name suggests, ensures maximum grip to give you the smoothest run possible. This is achieved by a lug design that provides multi-directional traction to closely mimic natu