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  • 1. > 2nd quarter 2012 issue 6Gas station of the future Installation of Petrobras in RJ is the rst application of Cius tablet in BrazilCiSCo PlUS 2012 A SUCCESS CASE MEGAStorEEvent introduces ita BBA integrates Cisco productsinnovations which international agencies e-commerce attractscan support the 2014 with state-of-the-art small and mediumSoccer Cup technology businesses 1
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  • 3. 1EDitoriAl SUMMArY Infrastructure for the consumer 4 Tablets Allied in businesses, enemies of it managers? 6 W Explosive mobility e have millions of cell phones in operation; the quantity of tablets grows exponentially, Mobile data trafc will grow 18 times until 2016 not to mention the number of netbooks and notebooks in Brazilians hands. In short, the data production, the voice traffic and the video and photos transmission are part of the Brazilian users routine, which also concurs with the companies created content. 8 Short news Cisco, a great place to work; new regional sales channels; UCS exceeds 10 thousand customers; CPM Braxis Capgemini receives Besides being one of the main bets of the government to guarantee an exemplary service Cisco Connected Grid certication during the great sportive events, in special in 2014 and 2016, the mobile networks will be of fundamental importance for the digital consumption of this user who wants, not only the voice 10 Cisco Plus 2012 Company and partners discuss opportunities for the World Soccer communication, but, mainly, the data transmission and the access to Internet. Championship and the olympic Games By the way, our cover article brings the Station of the Future of Petrobrs, recently open in Rio de Janeiro, where our Cius Cisco tablet showed one of the first applications especially 18 Full tank Petrobras fuel station of the future breaks paradigms with the use of Cisco Cius developed for Brazil. This is an excellent example of efficiency of a mobile device, for the innovation in businesses in different segments. In fact, in this issue of Cisco LIVE Magazine, we also bring the results of a revealing survey: 24 International expansion ita BBa uses Cisco technology in latin America the mobile data world traffic will increase 18 times, reaching a total of 10.8 exabytes/month or 130 exabytes/year, the equivalent to 33 billion DVDs until 2016. The data were extracted 28 Eliminations 10GbE Grid supports the World Soccer Championship eliminatory keys. from Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast for 2011 to 2016 report. It is pays to check. For Brazil, a 19 time increase is expected, reaching a total of 30 defense Cisco shows solutions for the military sector 0.26 exabytes per month until the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Talking about this, we are taking, for the first time, to the wonderful city our main event 32 Utilities Connected Grid portfolio wins new solutions and services in the Country the Cisco Plus Brazil 1012 (the old Cisco Networkers). Beginning on April 2, we will have three intense days to discuss about the main solutions to meet the networks 36 Awareness implementation reluctance is not justied. demand and also to improve the bit, medium and small companies productivity. We will talk Collaboration brings and expected roi! about local and long distance network infrastructure, passing by the new Cloud Computing scenario including video, data center and virtualization, to the new unified communications 40 Cloud Index Cloud data transmission should grow 12 times until 2015. applications collaboration. Our main partners and customers will attend this meeting, one of the most important Cisco global events. 44 Small and medium companies Cisco and intelbras sign a partnership to win PMEs Tens of exhibitors will be distributed in a more than 10 thousand square meter area of Sulamrica Conventions Center, where more than 2 thousand participants are expected, among congresspersons, sponsors and visitors. With the theme Building the Infrastructure for the 46 Megastore Cisco the rst virtual dealer makes easier the equipments purchase and delivery News Brazil, Cisco Plus Brazil will discuss the importance of technology for the big events in the Country, with national and international speeches. And finally, we are preparing great 48 Financial partnership