2015 Round Up: Our Top 8 Inbound Marketing Tips From the Year

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  • Our Top 8 Inbound

    Marketing Tips From the


    2015 Round Up


  • Top 8 Inbound Marketing Tips From the YearIn the early days of 2016, its a great idea to

    take some time to reflect on the past years

    marketing efforts. At SevenAtoms, we recently

    discussed our ups and downs from 2015,

    noting what worked and what didnt, and what

    wed like to do moving forward.

    In assessing what efforts lead to the biggest

    results for us this year, we compiled a list of

    eight driving factors that weve turned into tips

    you can incorporate into your own marketing

    strategy. Below, check out our top inbound

    marketing tips from 2015:


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    Our Top 8 Inbound Marketing Tips From the Year

  • Content Marketing

    1. Consider quality over quantity.

    To generate more purchase-ready leads through your marketing, your content offers need to

    actually entice them. More informed buyers want more in-depth information, so spend time

    creating higher quality pieces of content. Premium content offers such as eBooks and whitepapers

    generate 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, and cost 62 percent

    2. Repurpose old content.

    The easiest way to maximize your content marketing efforts? Repurpose and reuse content youve

    already created! Take an old blog post, add a new spin to the topic, and turn it into an original

    eBook that will delight your leads and customers.


  • Social Media

    3. Automate your social processes.

    Marketing automation sparked a debate in the marketing industry this past year: Does automating

    your efforts make marketers lazy? We dont think soin fact, marketing automation is a great to

    maximize your social media results while minimizing the amount of time you spend on the sites

    themselves. Check out our previous blog post for a break down of the marketing automation


    4. Branch out beyond the Big 3.

    Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are effective social networks for businesses of all sizes and

    industries, but there are a plethora of other options that you should consider. Pinterest is a great

    marketing channel for ecommerce companies and YouTube for brands with engaging video content

    to share.



  • PPC

    5. Ensure your campaigns are mobile-friendly.

    Smartphones are everywhere, and its more than likely that your target audience is seeing your ads

    from the palms of their hands. Optimize your PPC campaigns for mobile users to ensure that youre

    not missing out on a major opportunity.

    6. Use remarketing to target interested consumers.

    Remarketing, or retargeting, is a way to get your ads in front of online shoppers who have

    previously expressed interest in your website or products. Check out our previous blog post, where

    we explain exactly what retargeting is and how to use it.



  • Email Marketing

    7. Keep conversion forms short and sweet.

    To improve your chances of generating new leads for your email list and converting them into

    customers through your emails, make sure your conversion forms require only necessary

    information. A study shows that email subscription and conversion forms with three fields average

    a conversion rate of 25 percent while those with six fields produce only 15 percent.

    8. Use social proof indicators to create credibility.

    To help instill consumers trust in your brand, add elements of social proofsuch as customer

    testimonials and industry badges to your emails and other digital assets.

    These were our hottest inbound marketing tips from 2015what are yours? Share them with us in

    the comment section below!



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