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talk by tim waters at State Of The Map 2012 OpenStreetMap Conference - a lighthearted talk about the enthusiasms about the project


  • 1. You Know You are Addicted to OSM WhenTim Waters @tim_waters chippy
  • 2. Definitions OCOSMD (JS Schmidt) Addiction Person Mapper CommunityWider ecosystem
  • 3. OSM Purity Self Test Please edit & translate! If you feel compelled... wiki/OSM_purity_self-test
  • 4. OSM Purity Self Test: What do you do if theweathers too bad to go outmapping at the weekend?
  • 5. 0 - watch the TV1 - look at the OSM website to see howyour area is getting on2 - work on OSM software of some sort3 - wander round your local streets with aGPS for about half an hour, umbrella4 - catch the train, bus or drive tosomewhere unmapped and map it in vehicle5 - Go out all day regardless, nothing willstop you!
  • 6. You Know You are Addicted to OSM When indicators
  • 7. When you map your city and mark it complete
  • 8. And so you move to another city with less OSM! Greg Durham Canada Steve & Hurricane Denver Seattle Mikel San Francisco Nairobi Marten Amsterdam Salt Lake City Kate Washington DC Indonesia
  • 9. ... You forget to pick the girlfriend up from work, but remember the GPS.
  • 10. ... You forget the keys to the car, but remember the GPS
  • 11. When you keep count of the numberof OSM events you have attended.
  • 12. When you lose count of the numberof OSM events you have attended! C
  • 13. Your children only get map cakes!
  • 14. When you take your GPS on a rollercoaster
  • 15. When you map in the face of danger!
  • 16. When you are offered a free lifthome by friends or relatives and youdirect them around different roads to get the most traces `
  • 17. Have a whole year living with no copyrighted maps
  • 18. When you write your own editor
  • 19. And another editor...
  • 20. And another one!
  • 21. When your GPS breaks! And you get depressed.
  • 22. When your GPS breaks...but its okay! Armchair mapping Walking Papers HOT Task Manager
  • 23. You see a new roundabout, and decide to drive 6 times full circle init, to get all an inner and outer lanes. (JDS)
  • 24. You go on holiday to a remoteScottish island, and your baby son says GPS as his first word - jonobennet GPS
  • 25. When, even at your age, youre still looking for Easter Eggs - Maning Copyright_Easter_Eggs
  • 26. You can tell where a trace is by reading the raw NMEA/GPX log...$GPRMC,184332.07,A,1929.459,S,02410.381,E,74.00,16.78,210410,0.0,E,A*2B$GPGGA,184333.07,1929.439,S,02410.387,E,1,04,2.8,100.00,M,33.9,M,,0000*65$GPGLL,1929.420,S,02410.393,E,184334.07,A,A*71$GPVTG,16.78,T,,M,74.00,N,137.05,K,A*36$GPRMC,184336.07,A,1929.380,S,02410.405,E,74.00,16.78,210410,0.0,E,A*27$GPGGA,184337.07,1929.361,S,02410.411,E,1,04,1.8,100.00,M,33.9,M,,0000*60$GPGLL,1929.341,S,02410.417,E,184338.07,A,A*76$GPVTG,16.78,T,,M,74.00,N,137.05,K,A*36$GPRMC,184340.07,A,1929.301,S,02410.429,E,74.00,16.78,210410,0.0,E,A*21$GPGGA,184341.07,1929.282,S,02410.435,E,1,04,2.3,100.00,M,33.9,M,,0000*63$GPGLL,1929.262,S,02410.441,E,184342.07,A,A*78$GPVTG,16.78,T,,M,74.00,N,137.05,K,A*36$GPRMC,184344.07,A,1929.223,S,02410.452,E,74.00,16.78,210410,0.0,E,A*28$GPGGA,184345.64,1929.203,S,02410.458,E,1,04,2.3,100.00,M,33.9,M,,0000*60$GPGLL,1929.183,S,02410.464,E,184346.07,A,A*77$GPVTG,16.78,T,,M,74.00,N,137.05,K,A*36
  • 27. ?
  • 28. You can convert degrees of latitude / longitude to meters in your head varR=6378.137;//RadiusofearthinKM vardLat=(lat2lat1)*Math.PI/180; vardLon=(lon2lon1)*Math.PI/180; vara=Math.sin(dLat/2)*Math.sin(dLat/2)+ Math.cos(lat1*Math.PI/180)*Math.cos(lat2* Math.PI/180)* Math.sin(dLon/2)*Math.sin(dLon/2); varc=2*Math.atan2(Math.sqrt(a),Math.sqrt(1 a)); vard=R*c; returnd*1000;
  • 29. ...where a place is by its zoom 12 tile z/x/y 14/14553/6451
  • 30. ?
  • 31. Tokyo
  • 32. You get excited by anew planet.osm dump every weekand buy huge new diskdrives and Bluerays to keep them on
  • 33. And then you spend a few hours to extract the planet to get a dailyupdate in the growth of the planet, in bytes. 391915765760.02719321 bytes
  • 34. You still have your tiles@home server farm sitting idle in the cupboard at work
  • 35. More dysfunction...
  • 36. You run for OpenStreetMap Foundation Board a troll
  • 37. You fork OSM
  • 38. You reject the contributor terms
  • 39. Meta
  • 40. OCOSMD-ceptionWhen you do a talk about Addiction to OSM When you do a slidein the talk about the slide in the talk about Addiction to OSM
  • 41. You run out of things to map, and soyou start mapping things that might be there. Like Ley lines
  • 42. When you run a mapping party
  • 43. When you mapped...
  • 44. And mapped...
  • 45. And mapped....
  • 46. When you spend your evenings writing an OSM application 2285 openstreetmap repositories
  • 47. When you spend your weekends maintaining the OSM servers
  • 48. When you are in the Licensing Working Group
  • 49. When you are in the Licensing Working Group . and like it!
  • 50. When some things seem not that important...
  • 51. Apple
  • 52. GeoCaching
  • 53. Foursquare
  • 54. Craigslist
  • 55. Nike
  • 57. When know who FakeSteveC is
  • 58. When you ARE FakeSteveC
  • 59. When you import the buildings around your neighbourhood of OSM into your open source flight simulator just so you can fly over them
  • 60. You choose the most expensivechair in IKEA to serve your armchair mapping activities
  • 61. When you camp outside an unopened shopping mall in thesnow with GPS + Camera... and get arrested firefishy (grant slater)
  • 62. There is help...
  • 63. 3 Steps Programme
  • 64. Accept your obsessions
  • ...