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  • 2016


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    Show up Be visionary_ 1

    Work on your message_ 2 Sharpen the enigma_ 3

    Expose yourself_ 4 Think about the context_ 5

    Breathe trends_ 6

  • One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.

    Henry Miller

    IPPAG facilitates better communication by widening your perspective. Here are the latest trends in promotional items taken from the most recent International shows.

    Australia Zinc Group | Austria Mitraco GmbH | Belgium MCS Kick&Rush | Czech Republic iMi Partner A.S. | Danmark Langhoff Promotion A/S | Dubai Jasani L.L.C. | Finland Mastermark Oy | France LAGARDERE | Germany mcs promotion GmbH | Guatemala Gimmick Company | India Gifting Ideas Pvt. Ltd. | Italy CIPI SPA | Mauritius Versopub Ltee | Mexico Eximagen S.A. de C.V. | Netherland Compacon B.V. | New Zealand Prime Source | Philippines Langhoff Promotion Philippines, Inc. | Singapore Axxel Marketing | Slovakia iMi Trade S.R.O | Slovenia Axis Mundi, d.o.o. | Sounth Korea Doore Saem | Spain Promosistem | Sweden Wackes AB | Switzerland Pandinavia | Turkey Erhas Tuketim Mallari Tic. Ltd. Sti. | UK Lesmar Limited | USA Prime Resources Corporation

    IPPAG - International Partnership for Premiums and Gifts - is made up of over 20 leading promotional and gifting companies spread accross the world. We bring you the best in promotional items knowledge and skills.

  • Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 _54_ Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16

    Style alive _They are useful. They are practical. They become environmentally friendly when

    reused. In today’s world we also want them to be beautiful. The shopping bag is now made with new materials and designs to stand out

    from the crowd.

    360° _The virtual becomes real and the real becomes virtual. It’s not always easy to understand but you can be sure of one thing: augmented reality is one of 2016’s major challenges and the AR glasses are the perfect gift.

    Heartbeat _Nowadays partners, Big data and Big pharma innovate more than ever to better our health in the future. Each one becomes responsible of its wellbeing including information

    communicated via wearables…An offer that will really take off in the years running up to 2020.

    Eenie Meenie Miney Mo _Gleaned from here, there and everywhere. Discover the latest trends.

    Back to the future _We can’t forget it… Understandably! Technology, drinkware and bags have been at the top of the list over the past few seasons. Here are a few accessories (with added value) from the past but that also combine the future.

    Transit _Smart commuting might be the alternative to the home office trend. Making

    good use of our time as we commute can be smarter than staying home. The time

    needed to get somewhere is actually a useful opportunity since it gets us into the mood and

    provides increasing motivation.

    Jump An interesting and essential collection of the trends from this year.

    Bag atelle [Random]

    Smart commuters

    No risk values

    Still Reality


  • Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 _76_ Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16

    Bag atelle It has to be said that the shopping bag still has a bright future and is becoming freestyle. It can dare everything:

    Glitter, paper, mesh… especially out on the street.

    Take inspiration in these 6 versions along the "dolce vita" theme.

    Shopping bag _Silver glitter non woven with PVC film, black webbing handle.

  • Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 _98_ Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16

    Shopping bag _Brown kraft paper with PP woven inside 160gsm, double fake

    PU handles with cross stitching.

    Basket bag _Washable kraft paper with printing all over.

  • Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 _1110_ Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16

    Shoulder bag _Semi-transparent PP woven with all over printing, cotton handle.

  • 12_ Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16

    Clutch bag _PP woven laminated with matt finish 170gsm, zipper and

    leather handle.

  • Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 _1514_ Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16

    Handbag _Non woven 90gsm with mesh outside, handles and ribbon in top middle to be tied.

  • Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 _1716_ Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16

    2016 marks the era of augmented reality. The way we use visual information will evolve and become more immersed in the physical world around us. AR will become part of our everyday experience. The request for adapted contents rockets : YouTube already provides thousands of 3D videos and Getty Images has created a new division dedicated to events in 360°.

    Videos speak more than text and puts one in the mood more than an image and have become one of the major communication tools of advertisers. These 3D films break existing barriers and enable the public to enter into the 360° world, creating interactions that were not possible before.

    Still Reality

  • Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 _1918_ Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16

    Magic tatts _Watch your temporary tattoos come to life!

    Magic Tatts combines awesome tattoo designs with augmented reality to create an awesome 3D experience. Just download the app, hold it over tattoo and watch the tattoo come to life!

    If you would like to test it… Here are 3 applications adapted

    for different interfaces:

    Discovery VR (free, Android & iOS) VR Roller coaster (free, Android & iOS, Windows Phone)

    Jaunt VR - Virtual Reality (free, Android & iOS)

    An augmented reality glasses _How does it work?

    A mobile phone projects 2 different images, one in each eye. The glasses separate these images so that only one is shown to each eye. This creates the 3D optic. The smartphone enables the user’s head movements to be registered, and a 3D world to be created and discovered by the user.

    75% Virtual + 25% Real = Virtual Reality

    25% Virtual + 75% Real = Augmented Reality

  • Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 _2120_ Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16

    Pure _3 steps, 5 seconds to detect your skin moisture in 4 areas. Displays instant and precise skin moisture detection to find out the moisture condition of your face, eyes, neck and hands.

    Mili Skinmate _Proactive skin care and protection information from harmful UV rays. The Mili Skinmate takes into account your skin type, the UV index and the SPF of your sunscreen to monitor your exposure to UV rays and give reminders to re-apply when necessary.

    Q Watch Plus Heart Rate _This stylish smart band keeps track of your digital life. Tracks via an APP and Bluetooth your steps, calories burnt, sleep patterns and even a UV sun level alert to help protect against sunburn. Also features incoming call alert with caller ID or tel no, vibration and on-screen notification for calendar, SMS, email, content from Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat etc.

    Pedic _Refresh your shoes every day ! Most offensive odor of shoes and feet comes from bacteria. They eat organic material from sweat and dead skin in the process of proliferating, and excrete gas which is the offensive odor. Pedic kills these bacteria so that nothing can generate gas any more. Insert Pedic into each shoe when you take it off to sanitize the inside.

    Healthy An explosion in big data and mobile health technologies is enabling real-time information creation and analysis.

    These trends are starting to drive a fundamentally different approach, moving beyond the delivery of health care to the management of health with more focus on healthy behaviours, prevention and real- time care.

    Success, in other words, demands that we reimagine our approach to health.

  • Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 _2322_ Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16

    [Random] Happening, done, or chosen by chance rather than according to a plan.

    #benatural #newmaterial

    #dowhatyouwant #popacork

    #graphic #trendy #abstraction #furniture

    #bepositive #soft #creative #colorful

    #fun #challenge #tiny #legoforever

    Happy Silicon

    Geometric DesignMini Blocks


  • Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 _2524_ Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 Trend Book IPPAG #2 - 06/16 _25

    Smart commuters It’s not only about getting people from A to B, Commuters want to use their time meaningfully and not feel like passive objects in transit.

    1. D-Axis _Integrated universal tablet holder, security Fidlock® closing system, flexible storage space, 15,6” laptop space, 100% rPET in combination with high quality EVA to strengthen the bag. Registered design® 2. Lunar _Lighter and smarter, weather- resistant nylon, dedicated rear laptop compartment (up to 15.6»), main compartment with pockets, reflective branding adds to be visible at night. 3. Hybrid _Combines power and storage with a powerfull 6.000mAh battery, integrated cables, MFi licensed product. Registered design®


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    NanoFixIt _Liquid screen protector that fits any device or model. With this versatile product you don’t have to worry about difficult application process’ or bubbles getting trapped under your screen protector. NanoFixIt has been scientifically certifie