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A short book I have created exploring potential trends for the year 2014. The book was created for a second year module for my Fashion Communication course.


  • Trend ForecastingAutumn/Winter


  • 1 - Introduction

    3 - Smoke Screen

    13 - animal instincts

    23 - mission emission


  • 'We're all in it together. And what is the future if we don't do anything anyway?'

    -Dame Vivienne Westwood

  • Our relationship with the environment is forever changing. We study it, are inspired by it, destroy it, celebrate it. Our future depends on the environment, but when the environment depends on us, society starts to contradict itself. By 2014, the changing environment would have made a substantial effect on our lifestyles, and consequently, on fashion. Wildlife, different locations and the urban environment constantly inspire fashion; what can we expect in the year 2014?

    The current environment is what we have made it. Therefore, we must make what we can of the future environment.



  • Smoke Screen

    If 20% more of the planets forrestry is destroyed, the human race will join the endangered list. To bring an issue such as deforrestation into the fashion world and into the light, it must be introduced subtley. Enter SMOKE SCREEN. The smoke created from the traditional slash and burn method causing deforesation is destructive yet beautiful. The smoke advertises the issue to the world, and can inspire clothing with its movement and translucency. A colour pallette of greys, charcoals and blacks can draw on a mourning of the rainforest, however lighter creams and whites can be used in hope of a less destructive future.

    The movement of the smoke can influence lightweight and billowing materials into the catwalk. Longer pieces with trailing skirts and kimono sleeves will be also be seen. Dresses will be at the centre of this wardrobe; dresses with lightweight, sheer layers to create depth. These pieces will play with the wind and movement of the wearer, to emulate billowing smoke and create an individual SMOKE SCREEN.

    Subtley raising an issue such as this can influence society without scaring, and bring an end to the destruction of the rainforest.


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  • Trend Features

    SHEER LAYERED SKIRTSBuilding up sheer fabrics to make a full and trailing skirt is integral to this trend. Skirts and dresses can be knee length or floor length, but sheer materials can be layered to create a skirt that has movement and depth.


  • Trend Features

    BILLOWING SLEEVESSheer and exaggerated sleeves are a key feature of this trend. The sheerness and movement of such sleeves catches the eye and can further emulate smoke, whilst balancing out the full layered skirts they can be worn with.


  • Colour Palette

    To portray the destruction of the rainforest and the smoke that is produces, the colour pallette must consist of sombre colours to reflect this. Shades of greys, charcoals and blacks imply a mourning of the rainforest. However to avoid a resricted and monotonous colour pallette, paler and

    fresher colours can be introduced. Soft creams and whites can therefore be worn to suggest a less destrucive future with clean, clear air. The lighter shades are more feminine and can be worn in contrast with the darker shades.


  • Fabric & Textures

    For the pieces to emulate smoke, the fabrics used must be sheer and very lightweight. It is essential the garments have movement, which is partially down to structure and shape but also to material choice. Chiffon, tulle and organza will be key fabrics used within this

    trend. Such materials are perfect in terms of opacity and weight, as well as having a tactile element to them. The edges of pieces can be left trailing or detailed with sheer ruffles and lace to add a luxurious element to the pieces.


  • Trend Overview10

  • SMOKE SCREEN subtley raises the issue of the disappearing rainforest. the clothes are not inspired by the burning foliage or wood, but the smoke that is created and is blown across the sky for all to see.

    The result is a range of soft and feminine pieces, with the issue emphasized by the colour pallette of black, greys and creams. Chiffon, orgazana, tulle and mesh netting represent the smoke as light, airy and beautiful.

    The structure and movement of the garments is integral to this trend. sheer layering and trailing kimono sleeves, when constructed from the lightest of

    materials, create eye catching movement when worn. The pieces are flattering and feminine, and can be worn be any woman,

    The trend is versatile, and can be worn during the day with a simple sheer shirt and layered midi skirt. in the evening however, the trend is in its element, with floorlength gowns, layering of tulle and orgzana, and billowing kimono sleeves.

    The trend infuses fashion with politics once again; perhaps as a result of this trend, we will no longer need to mourn the rainforest. 11

  • 12

  • Endangered animals will be a collosal issue in the next few years. with only 7000 snow leopards left in the world due to our race, they will be extinct by 2014. People will start to question; which animal will be next? Their eyes will turn to the catwalk, to see the issue highlighted in the trend ANIMAL INSTINCTS. Animal activists within the industry such as Stella McCartney, Christie Turlington, Dame Vivienne Westwood and Charlize Theron will make the issue fashionable. The extinction of the beautiful snow leopard will be highlighted with faux snow leopard furs and prints taking to the runways. Other endangered animals will be portrayed too, with tusk inspired jewellery, feline make-up and monochrome accessories subtley suggesting the issue.

    The trend will differ from traditional tribal trends, as it is less about the environment and much more about the actual animal. The extinction of the snow leopard will push animal activists to support medicine research more; the main reason the snow leopard is hunted is down to their bones being invaluable in asian medicine. To prevent other big cats being hunted and endangered for the same reason, there will be a surge in medical funding for research to discover or create a substitute. This trend will not be dependant on weather or season, country or location. It is versatile and can be worn casually and as evening wear. The trend encourages us to find our own Animal Instinct

    Animal Instincts


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  • Trend Features

    SNOW LEOPARD PRINTAn array of grey and blue hues will replace the orginal warm leopard print. The print will be worn as a statement, head to toe with bold prints. A faux fur will also become very popular, and campaigned for my multiple animal rights groups.

    FELINE MAKE-UPThe feline influences cat eye make-up will make a come back amid the extinction of the leopard. As a statement, cat-eye contact lenses can be worn; these will be popular on special occassions and with those in the fashion industry.


  • TUSK INSPIRED JEWELLERYTaking inspiratin from the endangered Asian Elephant, tusk inspired jewellery will become popular to banish ivory poaching. Strong pieces made from gold, wood and plastics will make statement jewellry whilst subtley higighting this issue.

    MONOCHROMEclean cut, black and white accessories will hit the catwalks to create a monochrome vision. The Giant Panda influences this trend, and these accessories can be paired with the other sub-trends within Animal instincts.


  • Colour Palette

    The colour palette of this trend has a greater span and is quite varied. As the trend has taken influence from four different animals, the colours draw on their respective species. Jet black and yellow are taken from the bengal tigers eyes, whilst clean cut monochrome derives from the giant panda. the asian elephants endangered status encourages tribal colours of browns and creams,

    with golden features to offset the natural tones. the main colours of the trend are blue greys, to represent the white snow leopard. the new colours of the print are to knock out the brassy golden and brown tones of the orginal leopard print, to mark the extintiction of the snow leopard.


  • Fabric & Texture

    Each animal influence calls for a different material. A faux snow leopard fur will become popular, pushed further by animal campaign companies such a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Monochrome accessories can be made from animal free materials; leather will not be used for any bags or shoes, but

    patent materials can still be used due to their clean cut aesthetic. For the tusk inspired pieces, a harder aesthetic can be adopted. Metals, plastics and woods can be used to create statement jewellery. Another element to this trend is makeup inspired by endangered animals, to create a feline and feminine feel.


  • Trend Overview20

  • ANIMAL INSTINCTS is a fusion of inspiration from a variety of endangered animals. Animal welfare activists withn the fashion industry can make being animal awareness fashionable. This trend draws from the extinct snow leopard, and the endangered Bengal tIGER, indian Elephant and Giant Panda.

    The collection consists of four subtrends, that can all be integrated and worn together. Snow leopard print can be applied to faux fur and denim through a cool colour palette of blue greys. Feline eye-make up will make a comeback, with cat-eye contact lenses for those wishing to make a statement at special occassions.

    Tusk inspired jewellery will take hold, strong and tribal, crafted from not ivory but metals, woods and plastics. The giant Panda will take form in simple clean cut monochrome accessories; understated ye