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Red Violet color trend book 2010


  • Cool Prosperity

  • Cool ProsperityColor Aid RV-T2

    Pantone 2572U


    C-30M-47Y-0K-0HEX f0d9ff

  • Signature color triad

    Saturation 100%

    Hue Study 100%

    Golden Sand Verde SatinCool Prosperity

  • Golden Sand Verde SatinCool Prosperity

    Vibrant Nature paletteColors of nature that feel fresh and light. These colors are feminine and classic. They go well with other neutrals or mixed with one other very bright color.

  • Red Violet as the mix it is, makes us feel many different things, but overall it is considered a femenine and happy color . Colors made up of both warm and cool colors can calm and excite. These are colors derived from a mix of a cool and warm color such as blue and red or blue and yellow. As to red violet, it is considered to be a color of simplicity, spirituality, elegance and divine love. Too much of this color is considered to create over sensitivity, boundary issues, over exertion and overcompensation. While too little of this color contributes to lack of imagination.A person that leans towards violet is considered an old soul. Intense,cerebral,wise,loving,generous, sentimental, and artistic. The red personality, on the other hand, has a domint personality. Is considered to be a visionary and risk taker; energetic, passionate, tenacious, flamboyant and corageous. The decorating pallette is cool and clean, with touches of color. A palette that includes cool tones that are frosty, cleansing and calming; and warm tones that are active, mellow, spicy or exotic.

    Split Complimentray Palette

    RelaxationCool Prosperity Lux Green

  • Relaxation Lux GreenCool Prosperity

    Natural Luxury PaletteClassic yet modern palette. Most of all looks great with metallics to make a great look that is lush and luxurious.

  • Monochromatic Color Plane

    Tints Color Study

    RV RV-T1 RV-T2 RV-T3 RV-T4 RV-LT

  • Tones and Shades Color Study

    RV-P1-1 RV-P1-2 RV-P1-3 RV-P2-1 RV-P2-2 RV-P2-3

    RV-S1 RV-S2


    The gentle breeze

    Sings its lullaby

    Caressing my skin

    And relaxing my body.

    The bubbling brook

    Drowns out the world

    Carrying my worries

    Downstream and away from me.

    The delicate flower

    Gives its delicious smell

    To soothe fragile nerves

    And calm the mind.

    All around me

    Nature brings me

    The calm I need

    To make it through the day.

    Listen to the breeze.

    Travel with the brook.

    Smell the flowers.

    Allow the calm to fill you.

    by: Rebecca Vinson

  • Prosperity financially...Living comfortable less the stress of money worries.

    Prosperity intellectually...Blessed through God with brain power.

    Prosperity in love...Practicing love less conditions.

    Prosperity spiritually...Celebrating Gods presence within us.

  • Monochromatic Color Study


    Color AidMonotone Color Set

  • Stripe Color Proportion Study

  • Cool and Playful Palette

    Paraiso Coral DoradoCool ProsperityDeep Breeze Nugget

    Fun and young colors that can either be matched with neutrals for a more subtle look or with other vibrant colors that will give a great playful, youthful and exotic look.

  • Texture Studies

  • Cool ProsperityDeep Prosperity Rich Prosperity Calm ProsperityYoung Prosperity

    Lux and Calm PaletteFresh would best describe this palette. It is monochrmatic but still feels young and playful. Makes the enviroment feel relaxed.

  • Rich and Vibrant PaletteFor the more adventurous, this is the way to go. Colors of nature that are vibrant and exotic. Mixed with neutrals and gives a gorgous luxurios look.

  • PatternA pattern made with a monochromatic scheme and ading an analogous color to pop out. This added as an accesory and in a small amoutn can make a BIG statement

  • Prosperity is not something measured by moneyor the mateial items in your life. Prosperity, overall is making the best of life, becoming a better person and having peace in your life. I hope this book gave a glance of enviroments that feel prosperous because they feel right and have beautiful color combinations that transmit the best energy to our daily life.