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  1. 1. Sp 2015 Trends
  2. 2. The original Portico Bed & Bath store opened in early 1992 on Spring Street in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. Before long the store became a destination for decorators, designers, architects, design editors and homemakers. Portico re-emerged in 2009 with unique, eco-friendly home furnishings that have the same fine craftsmanship and design integrity consumers have come to love. FOUNDING BRAND PRINCIPLES: Environmental commitment Quality & durability Attainable luxury Modern classic aesthetic The History
  3. 3. harmony essential core Harmony pays homage to the Earth. In response to our growing urban existence, this story explores a new mindfulness of natural wellbeing, as it looks to nature and the natural environment. Having lost our connection with Mother Earth, it is time to restore the balance. Harmony does just that: it listens to Earths rhythms, opening up a new narrative with nature that rebuilds the basic, primitive connections to who, and what, we are. Looking to the sanctity of nature, soft, mellow tones act in agreement. Almond cream, truffle and amber green set the scene, while apricot and peach prettify the palette. Nature and technology have always been seen as a separate issue, but here they come together to create new scenarios for the future. This story sets off into the world and sits somewhere between fact and imagination, nature and nurture, as we embrace the rich boundlessness of the natural world. This season reproduces and replicates natures structure and construction. With images that look so good they seem unreal, nature stuns us with its unbelievable beauty, spurring us to delve deep into the wonders of the earth. Core emphasizes the importance of inner observation, it listens to gut feelings to sift through the noise and find the essential. The new journey has begun, and the quest for inspiration invites us to strip back to the CORE- simple is sophisticated. As we aspire to a simpler, more organic way of life, design sets to accumulate materials and surfaces that reflect this evolution. True design needs no ornamentation. Mastering the art of editing, this season acknowledges the origin of organic material and appreciates its indigenous properties.
  4. 4. HARMONY
  5. 5. COLOR harmony
  6. 6. HOME harmony
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  9. 9. APPAREL harmony
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  11. 11. harmony
  12. 12. BEAUTY harmony
  13. 13. ESSENTIAL
  14. 14. essential COLOR
  15. 15. HOME essential
  16. 16. essential
  17. 17. essential
  18. 18. APPAREL essential
  19. 19. essential
  20. 20. essential
  21. 21. CORE
  22. 22. core COLOR
  23. 23. HOME core
  24. 24. core
  25. 25. core
  26. 26. core APPAREL
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  30. 30. NOTES