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This is the Trend book I helped create within my marketing project for Etsy




    WHO ARE FLaRE? 4

    PUBLiC VS PRiVaTE 5-6

    BiONiC 7-8

    COMPOSE 9-10

    aTTiRE 11-12

    BiBLiOGRaPHY 13

  • FLARE about us

    - We pride ourselves in our ability to extensively compare not only new products but to give a wider non-biased view of technology as a whole. Ultimately we aim to guide our clients to push forward with new ideas and explore the options which can be created.

    - We target companies in the technology industry who are aiming to be the innovators of future products.

    - Our predictions will assist with the creation of products of the future and will ensure innovative companies will be one step ahead.


    Our Public vs Private Trend displays the balance between the ongoing need for the most up to date gadgets or scientific breakthroughs in technology. On the other hand it can also be seen as overwhelming or even invasive to the general public with an overall lack of humanisation. We believe that technology is on its way to replacing human actions therefore making us all reliant and even lazy.

    The use of Facial recognition or mood advertising in technology is being seen more and more through the public eye and we believe that it will be influential to the way we absorb information in 2016. It can be seen as an innovative way of connecting to the general public basing the advert on the consumers specific needs for example Kenco have produced a Coffee machine that uses facial recognition technology to detect when a person yawns to show they are tired and dispenses a coffee without the individual having to themselves.

  • BiONicOur Bionic trend displays the counter view of technology and the idea of a digital detox. More people are being prone to take a step back from technology due to their lifestyles or even due to the economic climate. We focus mainly on the rebellion from technology and growing trend of releasing yourself from the high-tech stresses in the modern day world.

    The idea of up-cycling is a main focus within Bionic as it sees the used being made into a completely new object, giving it a new purpose. An example of this is the growing trend of making wooden pallets into fashionable tables which creates a unique design aesthetic. Creating a rebellion against the need for technology allows a new group of the public to come together. For those who cant necessarily afford new gadgets and appliances there is the option of making your own either from scratch or from previous items which allows a new market to further advance their lives. Even though smart houses which are ran by home automation and gadgets are being enforced in 2013 we believe that by 2016 there will be a divide where you will either live and thrive through technology or will stand away from it with eco houses, up-cycling and self-efficiency.

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  • compose

    The idea of 3D printing has completely evolved from a sci-fi fantasy view of printing and producing solid objects into a concept which is becoming an innovative reality. 3D has been known to be use in a number of different fields to help humanity. For Example this technique has been use within science to produce prosthetic limbs for animals and humans in order to replace missing limbs/organs, which is way of showing the connection between technology and health.

    In addition to this 3D printers have been released for home use allowing the general public to produce items at home which turns out to be more cost effective in the long run which can mean by 2016 your home could be modified and printed to your own personal needs.

  • attire

    Intuitive and smart fabric technology allows the newest gadgets to be worn on the body and with the increase of the need for technologies to be more convenient, easy and accessible we see the trend of wearable technology becoming a great influence. One of the key focus points within Attire has come from the development of the Google Glass. This allows you to access your phone, the internet, videos and more whilst being completely hands free through the lens of the Google Glass, for example it allows eye contact and attention whilst checking your emails. We believe that interactive technology such as the google glass will have a large influence on the way we will live our lives in 2016 as it provides a degree of multitasking which hasnt been previously available.

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  • FLARE bibliography

    Public Vs Private