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Looking to give your look an extra edge this new year? With the new year comes new hair trends, styles and cuts that can help give you a fresh new look for the year ahead. From the newest celebrity fashions to the latest hair styles and trends, check out these top hairstyling tips and take a trip to your local professional hair salon to look fresh and fabulous all year long.


  • Top Hairstyling Tips for the New YearNow that 2015 is upon us, what are the top hairstyle trends of the New Year? If you want to stand out, or fit in, here are the hottest hairstyle trends of 2015.

  • While short hair has made a huge comeback in 2013 and 2014, this trend doesnt look like it will stop in 2015. Bob hairstyles are big for this season as they are low-maintenance. To get the right look, you need a skilled hair stylist and a good hair straightener to get the look perfected.

    The edgy pixie is another popular short haircut. Look to Kristen Stewart and other actresses to see hairstyles of 2015. Shaved sides, texture, and spikes are making the edgy pixie the perfect option for anyone seeking short hair in 2015. To get a great look with your edgy pixie, you need to use volumizing mist on damp hair and use a blow dryer to help you change the direction of the hair.

    Beautiful, barely-there waves have been seen at year-end fashion shows and are all the talk of 2015. Cascading waves onto elegant dresses are sure to be seen during the upcoming awards shows and spring fashion events. Even if you do not want long hair, you can get the boho waves look with short waves that frame your face. Sienna Miller is known for framing her face with beautiful waves that accent her cheekbones.

    Short is Back

    Boho Waves

    Kristen Stewart

    Sienna Miller

  • The glossy chocolate brown color is popular with chic honey highlights. Dont forget about the color red that provides a complete change. Bold colors have grown in popularity for several years, and this trend looks to continue through 2015. If you are worried about going through a complete change of hair color, consider a semi-permanent dye of ombre as it is subtle.

    With Emma Stone being a darling in Hollywood, her beautiful auburn locks are dominating the 2015 hair circuit. Keep an eye on Stone and other celebs to set the trend circuit for hair color in 2015. If you want to embrace the dark hair colors, consider looking to Emma Watson and Mila Kunis for their dark brown locks. Opt for deep ebony to get the right look with a chic updo.

    A new color is always a welcome change heading into the new year. Whether you want a drastic change with slight shades of blue or a complete do-over with blonde or brunette highlights, color is back.

    Short is Back

    Sienna Miller

    Emma Stone


  • The popular style from the 1970s is back with a new twist. Taylor Swift has taken the traditional look and put her own edge on it. You can take your hair shoulder length with some feathery layers.

    Some people opt for bangs like Taylor Swift to help complement a variety of face shapes. A blow dryer with a round brush will give you the right wave to this modern hairstyle.

    Texturing is popular right now, but this mid-length style is popular because it is a straight across cut with some simple feathering at the ends. There are no layers involved with the midi cut and works well on individuals with oval shaped faces.

    Use straightening balm on wet hair to provide the right sleek look. Use serum over the hair and blow dry it to straighten it without volume.

    Modern Farah Fawcett

    Blunt Midi Cut

    Taylor Swift

    Jessica Alba

  • Blunt Midi Cut

    Taylor Swift

    If you love the long layers and you are tired of the mermaid waves that tend to come back each year, its time to look at graduated waves that are falling below the collar bone. This is a natural look that is sexy and gives the hair a beautiful appearance without a lot of hard work.

    Use a diffuser to twist your hair when you twist it with volumizing spray and frizz control. To finish the look, frame your face by using your fingers to twist the tendrils around the face.

    Long Layers

    Beyonce Knowles

  • Another great way to change your hair quickly if you have long locks that are boring, is to opt for buns and knots. This traditional updo is perfect for comfy and casual looks and can work well for the office or at home.

    A complete look comes with the wet hair effect. For three seasons in a row, the wet hair effect has made its presence known on the runways and red carpets. Keep your eye on the wet look style to continue through 2015. Use these tips to find the top hairstyling designs of 2015.

    For individuals with long hair, the braided updo is a great way to create a classy look for the evening. Opting for the larger braids provides a unique look to give your hair a perfect finish.

    Braided Updos

    Buns & Knots

    Wet Hair Effect

    Eva Longoria

    Evangeline Lilly

    Maria Menounos

  • Braided

    Eva Longoria