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Things to do and avoid when designing user friendly applications


  • 1. Top 10 Usability Tips

2. Usability Tip #10

Keep me informed, not guessing.

  • Always let me know where I am, how I got here, and how to leave. 3. Be explicit. Let me know What can I do on this page? 4. Provide instructions. I'm not going to read the manual, and Im not going to click Help

Usability Tip #9

Don't frustrate me!

  • Dont disable the Back button 5. Avoid unnecessary page reloads use AJAX or other techniques 6. Always give me a way out - suggest what I might do next, even if its go back to the list you just saw a minute ago

Usability Tip #8

Respect my time and patience

  • Remember whereI was and bring me back if we get interrupted. 7. Remember my data. Learn and remember user settings. 8. For wizards, let me know how long I will be here show steps and progress

Usability Tip #7

Use consistent, intuitive navigation

  • Dont mix and match top and side navigation throughout the site

9. Usability Tip #6

Maintain an aesthetically pleasing design.

  • Hire a visual designer and ensure that fonts, color schemes and graphics elements are pleasing.

10. Usability Tip #5

Provide an easy way to search

  • Let me search for anything with one box, interpret my entry, and present the results in a meaningful way. 11. Make the software work hard, not me.

Usability Tip #4

Anticipate that things will go wrong.

  • Provide helpful error messages 12. Look for potential problems early and often as soon as I leave a field, or when Im done with the section or the first page. 13. Tell me all at once about the 3 adjustments that I need to make, and clearly mark them in red.

Usability Tip #3

Follow the 80/20 rule.

  • Keep it simple, limit the options less is more 14. Deliver the functionality that 80% of us want, and maybe a bit more. 15. Give me the option for an Advanced Mode if you have to offer complex features, and hide them from the beginners.

16. Usability Tip #2

Go with the flow

  • A good user experience is one that meets users expectations. 17. See how other software does it, and model your experience after that. 18. Don't reinvent the wheel with a paradigm that goes against the grain of a well-established model. Unless your model tests better with users.

And that brings us to tip #1
19. Usability Tip #1

Test! Test! Test!

  • Get your software in front of real users orpotential customers as early and often as possible. 20. This is especially important for electronics or software that will be used by a wide user base. 21. If you dont have the expertise, hire a professional to conduct your testing. The feedback is priceless. 22. Testing is FAR cheaper than shipping a subpar product. Worst case, youll know that your UI will be well-received, and youll get terrific ideas for future releases.