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Best practice in web usability. Presented by Tanya Lang from Peak Usability at the Squiz International User Conference 2011 in Sydney.


  • 1.Usability - Our top 5sPresented by Tania LangPrincipal at Peak Usability31st August 20111

2. Outline Top 5 user experience methods Top 5 user experience tools Top 5 usability tips you may not know about 3. Top 5 user experience methods 4. 1 st method 5. Affinity diagramming How toBrainstorm Sort and group Label & prioritise 6. Affinity diagramming - Benefits 7. #2: Card sorting See Peak Usability Articles 8. #3: Leading practice review 9. #4: Collaborative design workshopSource Flickr AlphachimpStudio 10. #5: User observation Dont listento your users 11. Top 5 user experience tools 12. #1: Wordle word cloud 13. #2: Gomockingbird wireframing tool 13 14. #3: Chalkmark Online testing tool 14 15. #3: Chalkmark Online testing tool Results 16. Look at the following website for 5seconds then I will ask you a question 17. #4: Fivesecondtest Testing 18. #4: Fivesecondtest Results 19. #5: Naview - IA 20. #5: Naview - IA testing - Results 21. Top 5 usability tips youmay not know about 22. Which way to the ladies toilet? 23. The human braintends to creategroupings. 24. Gestalt theoryProximity users group objects appearingnear one anotherSimilarity users group objects withsimilar visual characteristics Source: 25. Gestalt Principle of ProximityUsers ignore instructions, text, buttons and Help links if they are too faraway from relevant page fields and functionalitye.g. important passwordinstructions bymost users 26. Use similar visual treatment or colouror close proximity to communicateitems are related or belong together 27. Continuity and Similarity 28. Similarity 29. back to the loo 30. How users find stuff 3 1 Menu bar / tabs1 2 In-page links2 3 Search 4 Site map 4 31. Cater for different navigationbehaviours or some of your userswill not find stuff and get lost. 32. Imagine you are an Australian Super member and you want to find out what fees you arecurrently being charged. Where would you go? Congratulations. You are the 1000th visitor to this site and just won a $1000 deposit for your account. 33. Think about WHERE to promotethings (maybe not the home page?)and try NOT to make importantmessages look like banner ads 34. Where to now? 35. No dead ends!Think about where your users wouldlike to go next for every page onyour site and provide crosslinks. 36. Provide crosslinks for userswho may have navigated toan incorrect but related pageor who have completedtheir tasks and may beinterested or open to relatedcontent 37. Cross linking Our training page 38. Dont show all users all content or options.Show users basic or important stuff that will befrequently used by most users and hidecontent, fields or features used infrequently orby only a small number of users. 39. Mental modelsInternal representations of a persons current understandingof something derived from experience with the world 40. Need to ensure you understand your You need to ensure you understandyour users mental model to developeasy to use and intuitive systems 41. Contact details and additional resourcesTania LangPeak 3839 9593Brisbane, Australia Twitter: @peakusability