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Tips for optimizing loading time of a WP site/blog. + Tips for selecting best plugins and themes + List of "Must install" plugins for your blog/site.


  • Tips for Optimizing WordPress Performance Puneet Sahalot puneet@iampuneet.com WordCamp Jabalpur | 1
  • Topics to be covered Performance definition Importance of Performance Performance optimization WordPress Plugins Tips WordPress Themes Tips Useful Tools WordCamp Jabalpur | 2
  • What is Performance ? manner or quality of functioning: a machines performance WordCamp Jabalpur | 3
  • Why should you care ? Slow site = loss of visitors Loss of visitors = loss of leads Loss of leads = loss of profit All of the above = loss of efforts + loss of money + loss of time Save on Server and Hosting costs. WordCamp Jabalpur | 4
  • Performance Optimization Four simple ways of speeding up a WordPress blog/site are : Coding Compression (Gzip) Caching Content Delivery Network Useful link : WordCamp Jabalpur | 5
  • Solutions: Coding Adopting the correct coding techniques can help you reduce the load time considerably. Minimze HTTP requests Re-position CSS and JS files Optimized Images WordCamp Jabalpur | 6
  • Solutions: Minimizing HTTP Requests Combining CSS files and JavaScript files. Using CSS sprites: Image maps WordCamp Jabalpur | 7
  • Solutions: Repositioning CSS and JS files CSS: At the top of the document in section JS: At the bottom of the document. Make CSS and JS external Useful plugin : Reference : WordCamp Jabalpur | 8
  • Solutions: Optimized Images JPG: good for gradients, photos etc. PNG: good for vector graphics, line drawings. Dont scale images in HTML. Use save for web option in Photoshop. Useful Plugin : WordCamp Jabalpur | 9
  • Solutions: Gzip Compression Compress HTML, CSS, JS. Reduce file size by 70%-90% Reduce page weight Accelerate user experience WordCamp Jabalpur | 10
  • Solutions: Caching Page Cache Minification Database Cache Object Cache Browser Cache WordCamp Jabalpur | 11
  • Solutions: WP Caching Plugins W3 Total Cache WP Super Cache WordCamp Jabalpur | 12
  • Solutions: CDN CDN: Content Delivery Network CDN can be used to deliver static files to your site like CSS, JS, images, sprites, downloadable objects etc. Good for reducing bandwidth load on the hosting server. WordCamp Jabalpur | 13
  • WordPress Plugins Tips Use plugins which are updated regularly by the developer. Use minimum required plugins. Only use plugins after getting reviews. Keep the plugins and WordPress core files updated to the latest version. Dont test new plugins on live site. WordCamp Jabalpur | 14
  • Must Install Plugins Akismet to prevent spam comments Yoast SEO for WordPress FeedBurner / FeedSmith W3 Total Cache / WP Super Cache WP DB-Manager WP WP Touch for Mobile version of site. Contact Form 7 / Cforms II rtSocial for social sharing WordCamp Jabalpur | 15
  • WordPress Themes Use fast loading themes Check no. of CSS and JS files used by theme Check if theme uses CSS sprite and other techniques efficiently. Avoid themes which use Cufon fonts WordCamp Jabalpur | 16
  • Recommended Themes Premium Themes Genesis by StudioPress Thesis by DIYThemes Woo Themes Free Themes Twenty Eleven Theme Hybrid Swift Theme rtPanel WordCamp Jabalpur | 17
  • Useful Tools CSS Sprites: Image Editing: Photoshop Picasa Picnik Pixlr Page Speed : Pingdom tools Firebug / Page Speed Yslow WordCamp Jabalpur | 18
  • Thank you! Shoot me a mail : Follow me on twitter : @puneetsahalot WordCamp Jabalpur | 19