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  • Then and NowKirstin HeinleApril 29, 2009

  • FDR presidencyLeo Frank lynchingXX

  • War of the Worlds (radio broadcast)October 30, 1938CBS radio networkDirected and narrated by Orson WellesAdaptation of H.G. Wells War of the WorldsDepicted Martian invasion 60 minute showSimulated news bulletinNo commercials

  • Plot summaryOrdinary showMeteorite lands in Grovers Mill, New JerseyCrowd gathersCarl Phillips (character) reportsMeteorite unscrews, Martian emerges and heat-rays audienceEnds with radio operator asking Is anyone there??

  • War of the Worlds (a clip)

  • Public reaction6 million listeners Most people only listened to portion of showNewspapers exaggerated issueThreatened by radio broadcastingConcrete, WashingtonPower outage same time as broadcastPeople thought world was ending

  • NYT headline following day

  • That was thenhere is now"There is (now) a suspicion and a cynicism toward information that was not the case in 1938.--Robert Thompson, professor of media and culture, Syracuse University

  • So much information!

  • Lets have some funCONSPIRACY THEORY

  • But, of course..+

  • Leak report to APKEY WORDS:DesertLifeMysteriousLandingSpeculationInvestigationAlien

  • Media Frenzy

  • History of UFOsUFO sightingsInterview people who have seen sightingsGovt plans

  • TV News

  • In the meantimeGovt is tracking searchesIssuing anonymous surveys throughout Internet

  • Blogosphere Delirium

  • Social Networking before the end

  • Microblog Madness After four years of coaching, the squirrel in my yard finally approached me. Now were all going to die. FML

  • Follow-up dead endsWe apologize for any confusion.

  • How do you get rid of a story?

  • Aint America great?

    Yellow journalism ---hated radio---scared it would take overEdgar mitchell- UFO sightingsastronaut