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1. Then Not Now Queering digital history a project-based approach For Max Probst who taught me more about queer than any book ever did michelle moravec @professmoravec 2. Screenshot: Unghosting Apparitional Lesbian History 3. lesbian straight then now academic activist insider outsider sister/outsider racism sexism black white thinker doer archival ephemeral 4. Screenshot Unghosting Apparitional Lesbian History 5. the past is past (except when it isnt) fear of a rapid and final disappearance combines with anxiety about the meaning of the present and uncertainty about the future (Pierre Nora) an endless labor of differentiation between a former period and the present.( Michel de Certeau) thoughts provoked byThe Gospel of Jesus Wife: An Open Letter to Historians by Brice C Jones 6. product of queer technologies Code can morph to endless choices of queer non-essentialism: from Boolean statements transferring to a multitude of states beyond and between true or false, loops fluctuating wildly and unpredictably, if / then logic dissolving into if / if / if / if ad infinitum 1 0 7. Following Laura Mandell, I ask can you queer TEI Possible relationship values for the attribute "name" include: spouse sibling Parent child fianc() friend lover apprentice adversary colleague coworker masterservant others you encounter (the possibilities are endless)Partner? named unnamed 8. Screenshot Unghosting Apparitional Lesbian History 9. hegemonic discourse that privileges knowledge produced by the intellectual elite over against the kinds of knowledge produced outside of the academy. (Brice C Jones) academic activist The map shows that the majority of social and sexual institutions were either in or adjacent to the Gayborhood, the Gayborhood was not the only queer space in the city , suggesting the presence of satellite queer communities and neighborhoods outside of the confines of the gay ghetto Mapping Queer Philadelphia 10. Unghosting apparitional lesbian history 11. queer history might be best articulated, to borrow Jos Esteban Muozs concept of ephemera, as trace, the remains, the things that are left, hanging in the air like a rumor (2009: 65). because gay and lesbian cultures accrue around sexuality and intimacy, they often leave ephemeral and unusual traces (Cvetkovich 2003: 8). Both from McBean 2013 archival ephemeral Internet archive Heresies #4 Herstories Digital Archive Independent Voices Digital Archive 12. Screenshot TimeMapper 13. queer lesbian digital sites open up new ways to consider how the past is translated in and through the present. the desire for queer history, the desire to see LGBT historical subjects. Sam McBean advances in Internet technology and the possibility of digitalizing extant music, photographs and documents gave independent scholars the tools to preserve entire community herstories, complementing community-based digital archives [question remains] how radical lesbian culture might best be articulated to future historians. In the first decade of the twenty-first century, a new generation of academic theorists shifted their lens from womens history to queer studies, de-emphasizing overt identification with the L in LGBT. Bonnie Morris 14. Whats interesting about the Archivesmaybe a third or a quarter of the fliers I read dont have a date on them. So you have no idea when they happened. And then a lot of things dont say where, its just a phone number And youre sitting there screaming to no one but yourself, Which Friday are you talking about?! This is our history! Jen Jack Giesenking past present graduate students enrolled in the Projects in Digital Archives courses taught by Anthony Cocciolo at Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science In conjunction with theLesbian Herstory Archives, have worked to digitize audio and visual recording from the 3,000 audio cassettes and VHS tapes in the Archives' collection. LHA attempts to use the digital tools at its disposal to build context for archival materials. how community-based archives mobilize digital tools and media to build context and community. And I am also interested in theorizing what we in the academy can learn from such archives about building community, context and history, especially in the face of cultural erasure and amnesia. Madhu Narayan 15. public private 16. Permission Copyright Privacy Print culture Kelly Wooten, Research Services and Collection Development Librarian of the Sallie Bingham Center for Womens History and Culture in the Duke University Libraries. public private As Spare Rib is still in copyright, in order for this project to go ahead it is crucial for the British Library that all Spare Rib contributors (including illustrators and photographers) grant permission for their material to be digitised and made available online for non- commercial use. Polly Russell, British Library Honoring a zine maker's request to remove her zine from one's collection can provoke ethical fisticuffs in a zine librarian/librarian zinester's heart. To whom is the feminist archivist of living authors' materials more responsible, the authors themselves or researchers from the future? And to distant researchers? it is ultimately reasonable to have a creator-centric philosophy inform our decision- making. Jenna Freedman, Associate Director of Communications and Zine Librarian, Barnard College