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  • Then and Now1850 - 2009

  • 1848 was a very important year in the history of California.

    Mexico ceded control of California to the United States that year.

  • Also in 1948, someone struck gold in them thar hills.Many people thoughtthey could get richquickly in California.

  • Many people rushed to California.

    Of course, rushing back then was not as fast as it is now

  • Many people rushed to California.

    Of course, rushing back then was not as fast as it is now.

  • People wanted to come to CaliforniaThey heard there was plenty ofsunshine and warm weather.This is still true.

  • They heard there were many tall trees in California. People can build houses with trees.

  • In England, there was a Queen named Victoria. She liked very big and fancy things. She was also very prim and proper.She was a style setter.

  • Back in California, the men who came to chop down the trees and turn it into lumberBegan to build their houses bigger and fancier.Have youever seen the houseon the right?

    Its onBonnie Brae.

  • Now many of those big, huge houses have been split up into apartments.

    Why do youthink this happened?How has Pico-Unionchanged in thelast century?

  • People also thought, If trees grow all over California,so must other fruits and vegetables.

  • Soon California was an agricultural leader amongst the states.Many companies begangrowing and selling crops.They still do.

  • In 1877, the Southern Pacific Railroad was extended to reach Tucson, Arizona.Now, California products could reach other states by rail.Why do you think this helped California grow?

  • Today, California products travel by train, truck, jet and ship, and are sold all over the world.Credit: Nikon

  • The Industrial Revolution took hold in the 1830s. Many new machines were invented to make life easier. What new problems did machines cause?

  • When the sewing machine was invented, it changed the way people dressed.

  • Then Now

  • When would you have rather lived in California?

    100 years ago or now?