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Immigration: Then & Now. December 6, 2008. by: Sabree Muhammad, Martina Musich , Enriqueta Reyes, & Zarah Katrina Viñola. Essential Questions. What does it mean to be American? What’s the American Dream? Is assimilation necessary?/To what extent is assimilation necessary? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • December 6, 2008

    Immigration: Then & Now

    by: Sabree Muhammad, Martina Musich, Enriqueta Reyes, & Zarah Katrina Viola

  • Essential QuestionsWhat does it mean to be American?Whats the American Dream?Is assimilation necessary?/To what extent is assimilation necessary?To what extent should the United States open its door to those who are tired and poor?How should the United States government deal with immigration?

  • ArticlesPolice: Immigrant Killed By Teens Because of Race Towns Rethink Laws Against Illegal Immigrants, By KEN BELSON and JILL P. CAPUZZO, RIVERSIDE, N.J., Sept. 25 A little more WHY I NO LONGER GO TO THE PUERTO RICAN DAY PARADE, ROBERT "DUBE" COLN

  • Books

    FictionNon-fictionThe Fortunate Pilgrim, Mario PuzoA Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith (Forwarded by Anna Quindlen) Joy Luck Club, Amy TanThe House on Mango Street, Sandra CisnerosHow the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents, Julia AlvarezThe Namesake, Jhumpa LahiriAmerican Born Chinese, Gene Luen YangDigging to America, Anne TylerX-Men: The Origin of Generation X: Tales of the Phalanx Covenant, Scott Lobdell Who We Are, Samuel Huntington (,M1)Primary Source Readers - The 20th Century: Immigration (Primary Source Readers: 20th Century), Debra J. Housel

  • Videos/Film ClipsMuch Apu About Nothing, The Simpsons, Season 7The Sewing Machine, American Family, Episode 1Road ScholarThe Joy Luck ClubEl Norte

  • Suggestions from the Museum of Television & Radio

    Comedy/DramaDocumentariesA Great Wall American Family: La LloronaMisplaced Miss Rose WhiteNightsongsRootsAmerica and Lewis HineAncestors in the Americas: Chinese in the Frontier West: An American StoryCBS Reports: The AliensDreams of Distant ShoresEast of the LA. RiverFamily Across the SeaP.O.V. Lost Boys of SudanRoad Scholar

  • ActivitiesScreenplay & RoleplayThought Bubble on Pictures/Political CartoonsJournal entriesEssay writingTic-tac-toe gameClassroom MuseumGenealogy researchMuseum visits (Tenement Museum, Ellis Island)

  • Observe the picture below. Choose a character from the photo and write a journal entry from the perspective (view) of this person. Describe what youre doing there, what you see, what you hear, and even smell around you. What are your expectations in this new world.

  • Much Apu About Nothing. Why was Homer (the same man who led the march to the mayors office) no longer so enthusiastic about the Bear Patrol?2. a) What does the mayor do to calm the mob that storms his office?3. a) What is the connection between bears and illegal immigrants?4. Define: a) Referendum = b) Scapegoating =