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This issue is about self rebirth.


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  • SPRING has quickly arrived! Now time to exhale the past and move onto bigger and better for 2013. This year let the question be How can I better myself? because this is where we struggle. How can we progress if we don't reflect on ourselves and push for improvements? We live for improvements in ourselves and we urge for that growth of status, that growth of knowledge and simply the growth of self reflection. In this issue you will see that its about allowing yourself a REBIRTH, giving yourself the option to become a better person and become whoever it is that you want to be.Allow the Rebirth to show you changes, take you through stories that make you want to try something new for a change.


    Victor LuisFounder/Editor-in-Chief


    SupernovaPhotography Jonathan Croft

    Model Megan Lessard Style Ethan Starr + Melissa Parrish

    Hair/Make up Myrna Garcia for Nube Nove

    Manicurist Lashon Evans of Flaunt Beauty Bar

  • Written by Michelle Marks

  • NATIVE is a trendy watering hole that puts a twist on your local neighborhood bar. A place where the decor and name resonates with the rich culture and history of Orlando. For first experience in Native I was blown away with the kindness of the staff and not just the ones searching for a tip but everyone from door guy to GM. Their knowledge of the newest bar on the block was impressive including the potential exclusive micro brews from Orlando breweries, the best whiskey downtown and word on the street is the owners may decide to feature a different local artist each month and with the artist culture growing in Orlando, what a great idea (and honor) it would be for local artist of all kinds.

    The Team Market Group (TMG) has done a phenomenal job in not only the construction but the tone and vibe of this new jewel. All I see from here is an upward spiral to stardom for this venue with so much potential and growth with this new concept down town!

    This revamped and upgraded space is open and airy, roomy and nice. Not only great for going and hanging out with your friends and colleagues, but how about an artist showcase, a charity happy hour or football Sunday? Not to mention the private VIP loft party area on the second floor! Here you can rent out the entire space or they have bottle service.

    Native is located in the heart of downtown at 27 W. Church St, Native is looking to bring the buzz back on the block and from what I see this is happening. Their soft opening consisted of 2 days (originally planned 1 day) was wall to wall comfortably. Their drink specials fit the...

  • area so nicely, during happy hour you can get a $2 Tall Boy served with a paper bag around it for esthetic.

    For the history buff, footprints of the early Seminole Tribes, remains of famous Fort Gatlin, and achievements by original pioneers such as Joseph Bumby are all brought to life as they pay tribute to what laid the foundation for what we have all come to know and love about Central Florida can all be observed while enjoying your ice cold Tall Boy.

    They are open 7 days a week and welcome you to come as you are, whether it be after work, pre-dinner, post-game, or dressed to the nines for a night on the town. You can enjoy live music during their happy hour from 6-9pm and enjoy scenic views of historical Church Street from their outside patio. They offer an eclectic mix of beverages, from proprietary specialty drinks to local craft beer that is brewed just blocks away from the bar. Or you can sample exclusive whiskey brands or experience their bottle service, if you so desire. Their staff is vibrant, friendly and refreshing. The vibe is relaxed and the music is always familiar. Theyve created this bar for you, the Natives.

    For more information on upcoming events, visit their website at


  • awakenMAGAZINE






    CONTRIBUTORS:NATIVE Social Bar, Michelle Marks, Shelby, Jessica Diana, Carlos Mazo, Love+Leather, Brooke Register, Hunter Denoyelles, Alecia Renee, Luis Lopez, Bridget Ray, Samantha Alvarez, Katrina Koory, Megan Lessard, Myrna Garcia, Lashon Evans, Flaunt Beauty Bar, Christelsie, Bo Spencer, Posche Models, Shannon Kristen,Angee Killian Huntley, Della Belleza e Moda, MArlene Garcia Turner, Darryl Sposato, LAura Kirkpatrick, Eri Vincent, Elina Bolam, K Hendrix Clothing, Gregorii, Jai Gallery, Thomas Synnamon, Troy Cannata, Ford Models, Michael Fusco and Ariel Vaga.

    SPECIAL THANKS:NATIVE Social Bar, Nube Nove, Truffles Grill, Jai Gallery and all the photographers, MUA, Hair Stylists, Designers, Assistants, Models, Stylist, Art Directors, agents, artist and everyone who made this issue possible. We are here because of all your support! VIVA LA MODA!


  • clatPHOTOGRAPHY Jona!an Cro" STYLE E!an Starr + Mel#sa Pa$% Model Shelby

    MAKEUP Jessica Diana HAIR Carlos Mazo


  • Ring Henri Bendel

  • Necklace Love+Leather

  • Necklace Love+Leather

  • Bangles/Bracelets Henri Bendel

  • Necklace Love+Leather

  • Earrings Henri Bendel

  • Shoes Gianni bini Handbag Henri Bendel

  • Shoes Gianni biniSunglasses Stylists own Handbag Henri Bendel

  • What sparked your interest in creating jewelry?

    My love for fashion and wanting to create unique pieces for myself that I could rock that couldn't be found at the mall. How is designing jewelry different from designing clothes?I think that jewelry is designed to stand out and make the outfit or complete it. Its kind of the extra "edge" to the clothing you are wearing.

    What is the inspiration behind the name "Love+Leather"?I wanted to combine a soft side, Love, with a harder/rocker side, Leather, to bring a line that everyone can rock. Where can we find your work?

    All of my pieces are available on my website, You can also follow me on instagram @loveandleather to keep up with ootd style posts of my necklaces. Is there anyone in particular that you would absolutely LOVE to see where your jewelry?

    I'd love to see Love + Leather rocked by my fave style maven Alexa Chung!! or Gwen Stefani and Nicole RichieWhere do you hope to see Love+Leather in the future?I want get my line out to LA. I want to see it being worn by celebrities and in magazines and used on the runway and in photo shoots. I want Love + Leather to become the necklace everyone wants to be seen wearing!

    Do you plan to venture outside of jewelry design?

    Right now I just want to focus on creating the best of the best in jewelry but who knows what may happen in the future. i wouldn't rule it out! So far, what is your favorite collection that you have created and why?

    My favorite collection is probably the Rocks + Roll collection. I just love the edginess and the rocker feel of it. What type of person are your designs geared towards?

    My pieces are made for the rocker rebels, the boho lovers, and anyone who wants to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. They are versatile enough to rock with a vintage band tee during the day and then be thrown on with a cocktail dress at night.Do you think your jewelry makes a statement? what does it say?

    It says "I rock" "I'm unique" "I've got style" (its a blabbermouth-haha)What advice would you give aspiring designers?

    I would tell them to have a vision, set goals for what they want to accomplish and then keep on going and never give up! Don't sit back and hope success comes to you, go out and make it happen!

    Its kind of the extra "edge..."

    Renee Tobias is a self taught jewelry designer with a passion for creating and an entrepreneurial spirit.


  • WILD &FREEPhotography Jonathan Croft Model Brooke Register @ Elite Hunter Denoyelles Hair Carlos Mazo Make up Alecia Renee Style Ethan Starr+ Melissa Parrish On set Assistant Luis Lopez


  • Chiffon top, denim top and skirt from Dillards

  • Hunter: Tattoo top by Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, fur vest by H&MBrooke: Chiffon top, denim top and skirt from Dillards

  • Top by Material Girl @ Macys, denim stonewashed skinnies from Macys

  • Hunter: Sequined blazer H&Ms luxury line, Owl sweatshirt from Zara

  • Brooke: Lace top at Dillards, snake skin leggings by INCHunter: Dress by Gianni Bini, fur vest from BeBe

  • MICHELLE MARKST: 678-367-7508


  • MAGAZINEawaken

  • New Beginnings, New Design, New DirectionHere we are, a new year and a new season around the corner. I think many of us gladly welcomed 2013 with open arms. We have our New Year resolutions, new goals and new plans. 2013, will it be a lucky year? As weve spent the last several years in a down economy and with a sense of uncertainty, what better reason to make a change? Make a fresh start, a new beginning, a rebirth of our lives. Spring is a time of renewal and it is just about to bloom.

    As a business owner, my new beginning is the launch of Cherish Baby Planning and Interior Design. My name is Bridget Ray; Im the founder and owner of this consulting and interior design company. Whats a baby planne