The Renaissance Rebirth and Renewal

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The Renaissance Rebirth and Renewal. Why Rebirth? 1400s = re-discovery of Greek and Roman literature and art. Scientific study of the body (anatomy) and natural world became popular. Exploration, and scientific research took off. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The Renaissance The Rebirth of Art and Science</p> <p>The Renaissance</p> <p>Rebirth and RenewalWhy Rebirth?</p> <p>1400s = re-discovery of Greek and Roman literature and art. </p> <p>Scientific study of the body (anatomy) and natural world became popular. </p> <p>Exploration, and scientific research took off. </p> <p>All of this means that art skills increased and became popular. The re-birth of classical (i.e. Greek/ Roman) studies and art. </p> <p>Oil on canvas became medium of choice</p> <p>Use of perspective- showing depth in on a 2-D surface</p> <p>Use of light and shadow (chiaroscuro)</p> <p>Pyramid composition4 Important Breakthroughs:</p> <p>Why Oil Paints?More vibrant colorsLess time consuming (tempera is a labor-intensive technique)Paints dry over long-periods = able to go back and work over days instead needing to finish a section in one day. </p> <p>Tempera cross hatching vs. smoothness of oilThe Birth of Perspective</p> <p>Miracle of Augustine Saving the Child FallingFrom the Window Simone Martini, temperaFrom this:</p> <p>To this:The Tribute Money by Masaccio, frescoChiaroscuro: Use of light and shadow for realism</p> <p>Virgin of the Rocks, Leonardo da Vinci Balancing Compositions with Triangles</p> <p>What made the Early Renaissance the Early Renaissance*Why was it so successful?</p> <p>THE MEDICI FAMILYSuper-wealthy family (bankers) who lived in Florence and LOVED the arts. </p> <p>Paid and sponsored many artists &amp; architects to decorate Florence to their tastes. People loved them for it. </p> <p>They were the unofficial rulers of Florence (the true ruler was the pope).</p> <p>Because artists knew the Medici were wiling to pay for work, artists flocked to Florence and the Renaissance began.</p> <p>Began in Florence, Italy in 1400sThree major artistsMasaccioFirst artist since the Giotto to paint humans in naturalistic form, not stiff straight columns. Master of perspective, and painting natural shadows.DonatelloKnown for naturalistic nude sculpture in the round. The Masaccio of sculpture. BotticelliKnown for rebirth of Classical mythology- no longer religious painting. Early Renaissance</p> <p>Masaccios Expulsion from the GardenDonatellos, David</p> <p>Botticellis, Birth of Venus</p>


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