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A Power Point Presentation on the Empirical Evidences for Rebirth or Reincarnation. For Reflection to help realize the truth of Rebirth. Done by Bro. Oh Teik Bin, Lower Perak Buddhist Association, Teluk Intan, Malaysia.


  • 1. REBIRTH The Evidences

2. 1.Some Famous People Who Believed In Rebirth ( Reflection: Such Great Minds would have contemplated, investigated ,reasoned, had glimpses into the truth of Rebirth ) BenjaminFranklin Statesman,Writer, Inventor Mahatma Gandhi Statesman, Philosopher Carl Jung Psychologist, Writer Mark Twain Writer 3. Some Famous People Who Believed In Rebirth Albert Schweitzer Doctor,Humanitarian,Writer Socrates Philosopher,Teacher Schopenhauer Philosopher, Writer William Wordsworth Poet 4. 2.CASESTUDIES ( Reference can be done on the works of Prof. Ian Stevenson and other Researchers. Google Search! Refer to Journals like Journal of Psychical Enquiry etc ) Ian Stevenson 5. 3.FromTheGreatReligions ( Investigate for yourself the Early Teachings Of The World Religions on Reincarnation or Rebirth ) BUDDHISM CHRISTIANITY TAOISM HINDUISM 6. 4.TRANSSEXUALISM ( Reflection : In the Cycle of Rebirths we have lived before in our past lives as males or females. ) 7. 5.CHILD PRODIGIES ( The Rebirth Doctrine could logically explain why child prodigies show unbelievable capabilities in Mathematics, Music etc. ) 8. 6.PHOBIAS ( Inexplicable phobias seem to be consistent with the Rebirth Doctrine certain happenings in ones past lives. ) 9. 7.DEJAVU (You can check out this strange psychical experience which is consistent with a Rebirth Doctrine. Google Search on dj vu ! ) 10. 8.OBSESSIONS ( Reflect : Why do certain people suffer from compulsive and obsessive syndromes? Could these have something to do with happenings in their past lives? 11. 9.THE DREAM WORLD ( Reflect : Could some recurrent dreams be traced to memories from past lives? ) 12. 10. MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES ( Investigate for yourself into the literature of psychiatry and psychotherapy. Various books have been written on this, eg The Search for Bridey Murphy etc ) 13. 11.HYPNOSIS ( Check out the great amount of work and research on past life regression, retrogressive hypnotism, psychotherapy etc strong evidences for rebirth or reincarnation. ) 14. 12.MEDITATION REBIRTH is no longer a Theory it is a Fact!And you can prove or realize the fact of rebirth throughMEDITATION. Refer to the many Dhamma Talks by Ajahn Brahmavamso on Rebirth, Meditation, Kamma at 15. May the reality of rebirth spur us to walk The Path with diligence The End With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin