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    Team Australia The Crocs

    Campaign Plan

    The World Games - Ultimate

    20-30 July, 2017

    Wroclaw, Poland

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    3 Introduction

    4 Vision

    5 Staff

    5 Staff Financing

    6 Selection Philosophy

    6 Selection Timeline

    6 Selectors

    7 Preparation for the World Games

    7 Budget estimate

    8 Contacts

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    The World Games represents the pinnacle of elite competition in Ultimate.

    This competition, designed for the elite of the elite in Ultimate will take place

    in Wroclaw, Poland in July 2017.

    The World Games 2017 represents an outstanding opportunity for the

    Australian Crocs to perform well on the world stage.

    The purpose of this document is to provide initial information relating to the

    Crocs 2017 campaign.

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    The Crocs will be the greatest Mixed Ultimate team in the world

    Goals and Strategies

    The Crocs of 2017 will build on both the successes and setbacks of previous

    Crocs teams.

    The Crocs of 2017 will embrace and engage with past Crocs to create a shared

    identity and support family for this and future campaigns.

    The Crocs of 2017 will be accessible and accountable to the wider Australian

    Ultimate community every effort will be made to intimately connect the

    community to the teams journey.

    The Crocs of 2017 will be role models for Spirit of the Game and inspire the

    best in everyone they meet or compete against.

    The Crocs of 2017 will leave no stone unturned in their quest to become world

    champions. This will involve innovation, trust, sacrifice and great effort.

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    Coaching team

    Dan Rule Head Coach

    Greta Murdoch Assistant Coach (Stats keeping

    and video analysis)

    Matt Hill Assistant Coach (Opposition analyst)

    Anna Rogacki Mental Strength Coach


    Anson Chun


    To be appointed

    Staff Financing

    World Games 2017 is the first opportunity to bring the number of staff

    required, rather than the four staff members previously dictated by the event

    hosts. As such, the 2017 Crocs staff is larger than previous Crocs campaigns as

    we attempt to create the best functioning staff of an Australian Ultimate team

    to date.

    Head Coach and Physio (European based) will be fully funded by the team.

    Assistant Coaches (x2), Mental Strength Coach and Manager will each be half

    funded by the team with the remaining cost to be self-funded by the staff


    This will bring the total staff costs to 4 full staff members (same as previous

    Crocs campaigns).

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    Selection Philosophy

    Being selected to the Crocs 2017 team will not be enough reward for any

    player selected to the team.

    All players entering contention for a place on the Crocs roster will enter the

    process with a Growth Mindset. To become the greatest Mixed Ultimate team

    in the world will require everyone involved in the team to improve.

    - What can you do to take your game to the next level?

    - What can you do to make the Crocs 2017 campaign a success?

    Selection Timeline

    Players can register their expression of interest for the Crocs by filling the

    Crocs - Player EOI google form and making a $25 non-refundable deposit to

    the AFDA bank account. This deposit should be paid prior to December 24th,

    2016, and is a contribution to the 2017 Crocs campaign.

    AFDA bank details:

    AFDA Tournament Account

    BSB: 032183

    Acc: 256397

    Ref: Crocs Initial Surname (ie CrocsSWood)

    - A squad will be announced by January 31st, 2017.

    - One selection camp will be held on March 18/19, 2017 (Location TBD)

    - A final team of 14 players (7 Women and 7 Men) plus reserves (final

    number to be determined) will be announced by April 15th, 2017.


    Selectors for the Crocs campaign will be appointed via application process to

    the AFDA High Performance Committee. The selection panel will include Head

    Coach Dan Rule.

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    Preparation for The World Games

    Four Training Camps will be held in May and June 2017. The location of these

    camps is yet to be determined, and will be influenced by the final make-up of

    the team. The Crocs will aim to play as many meaningful games as possible in

    their short preparation time. Games against established mixed clubs and

    representative teams will be prioritised over playing punching bags teams,

    and each Training Camp will feature game play against opposition.

    The AFDA, along with the head coach, is investigating opportunities to play against other World Games teams in the leadup to Poland. Options being investigated include trips to North America or Japan and/or having the Japanese visit Australia. It is intended that any such tour would aim to recoup expenses through ticket sales and sponsorship to minimise the cost to the athletes. It will only go ahead if the AFDA is confident that costs to the athletes can be minimised. The purpose of these games is to play against the highest quality opposition in a simulated World Games environment the ideal preparation for the World Games 2017. Professionals in Mental Strength Training, Physiotherapy and Physical training

    programs will be engaged to work with the Crocs team.

    The World Games will take place in Poland 20-30 July, 2017.

    Budget estimate

    Conservative initial budget estimate:

    $2,500 for selection camp, 4 training camps, uniforms, staff, and world games


    $2,000 for flights to Poland.

    $1,000 for international Test Matches

    Total $5,500

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    Dan Rule

    Melbourne, Victoria

    0484 323 311