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  • 1. 2007Crocs Sponsorship Portfolio Case StudyThe Evolution of a Brand2006 - 2008
  • 2. crocs?o began with a unique shoe in 2003o built global distribution and manufacturing platformo created a recognized BRANDo largest footwear IPO in historyo market value over $2Bo top 3 footwear manufacturer in worldo over 40 styles and 4 brandso fast International growth
  • 3. a new categoryo brand recognized for comfort, function and styleo enabled by proprietary croslitematerialo wide range of uses and broad demographic appealo attractive retail price pointso established global distribution networko over 11,000 US and 12,000 International doorso over 80 global markets
  • 4. initial experiential marketingo 22 Division 1 NCAA Athletic sponsorshipso guerilla college campus teamso stadium signage, athlete seeding, ads, etc.o national retail activation: campus and retailerso 20M+ impressionsavp|crocs touro title sponsor of touro 18 national eventso onsite coverage, interactive areas and retailo strong media: 1B+ impressions, 285 TV spotso national retail activation: Journeys and Dickscrocs collegiate
  • 5. avp|crocs tour
  • 6. NCAA sponsorships
  • 7. 2007 - The EvolutionStaying true to our roots whilepursuing target-relevant ubiquity
  • 8. 2007 Planningo Engage Marketing hired in late 2006 tohelp develop 2007 sponsorship strategyo Initial challenges include a targetaudience of age 1 - 101o Started with segmentation
  • 9. 2007 Planningo Broke broad audience into definedsegmentso By functional product usageo Position Crocs as the ultimate apres-sport shoeo Identified largest affinity opportunities
  • 10. 2007 Planningo Consumer segments / passion points forsponsorship planning:o Running / Endurance Sportso NASCARo Golfo Outdoor Lifestyleo Winter Sports
  • 11. Building The Platformso Once we identified our passion platformswe then needed to structure our approacho Started with our objectiveso Targeted awarenesso Experience the brando Experiential purchase opportunityo Build a database for future CRM effortso Drive to e-tail / retail
  • 12. Building The Platformso Managing Our Budget and Our Brando Needed to focus deals on highest-impact,most cost-effective inventoryo Limited pool of funds needed to go a long wayo Wanted to maintain our authenticity andcredibility as an emerging brand - danger oflooking too corporateo Needed to ensure the execution matched ourbrand personality
  • 13. Building The Platformso Managing Our Budget and Our Brando Minimized media inventoryo For cost / to maintain a grassroots feelo Minimized traditional sponsorship signageo Maximized on-site experiential opportunityo Utilized on-site contact to sell, capture data and drivetraffic back to web / retailo Activated in a fun way that added value back to theconsumer and represented the brand personalityo Utilized content from sponsorships on
  • 14. The 2007 Plan At-A-Glance
  • 15. Target-Relevant Ubiquityo 300 eventso 20M+ onsite impressionso 40M+ media impressionsavpncaathe ski tournascargolfendurance tourDicks outdoor adventure tourOutside magazine stay 30 forever tour
  • 16. running / endurance
  • 17. nascar
  • 18. Golf
  • 19. Outdoor Lifestyle
  • 20. Outdoor Lifestyle
  • 21. the ski tour
  • 22. Measuring Success100,000 total opt-in leadsfor CRM programGauge total # of opt-in datacaps at event / click-thoughratesDrive to e-tailOn average, 86.9% ofpeople people surveyedsaid they are more likely toconsider Crocs for a futurepurchaseOn-site surveysGenerate future purchaseconsiderationsX total event sales to dateTracking of event-specificsales dataCreate direct salesopportunities at point of trial1.3mm experientialimpressions to-dateDocument total # ofexperiential interactions -field team event reportsCreate opportunities forproduct trial16.7% of people surveyedsaid they had never heardof Crocs prior to the eventOn-site survey questionhave you heard of Crocsbefore?/ do you currentlyown a pairAwarenessResults HighlightsMethodologyObjective
  • 23. 2008 - The Evolution Part DeuxGoing Broader and Deeper
  • 24. Crocs Sponsorships 2008o Deepened existing platforms and addednew ones