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Campaign pitch presentation, Marketing Communications, Girl Guides Australia


  • 1. Team Members: - Charlie Thorne - Helen Treloar - Joss Mooney - Sam Kean Girl Guides Australia Marketing

2. Our Agency What we can do: UTAS marketing is a company that challenges the norm by delivering marketing campaigns that are not only original and creative, but most importantly have a strong focus on the emergence of digital and online marketing. As a marketing company in this digital era we believe that having a strong focus of using online and social media to its fullest potential can build brand awareness, create positive brand association and therefore brand equity. We look after all aspects of marketing communications from marketing strategy, branding as well as traditional and online advertising campaigns. 3. Our analysis of current communication tools used by Girl Guides Australia in advertising: - Annual biscuit drive - Presence at events, shows and fairs - Holding of Girl Guides Australia events - Online presence through websites and social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - In more recent years, minimal forms of traditional advertising have been used, such as Television, print and radio 4. Our analysis of the current creative strategy of Girl Guides Australia: - Encourages membership and support through promoting a welcoming, friendly and enjoyable organisation for females. - It promotes long standing traditions of loyalty, confidence, responsibility and bonding once a member. These align with the Girl Guides mission statement of: "Our Mission is to enable girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members" 5. Issues in the current campaign: - The current Girl Guides Australia theme has remained unchanged for many years. (This can be both a positive and a negative) - Minimal forms of traditional advertising are used. - Face to face forms of advertising, which have been used largely, is potentially risky due to minimal audience reach in relation to labor and time costs. - Unconsolidated online and social media presence. - Broad target market 6. UTAS Marketing proposes: To focus on: - A clearly defined target market. - A consolidated online & social media presence. - All face to face advertising leading to this consolidated online & social media presence. 7. Proposed strategies: A clearly defined advertising target market : While Girl Guides Australia welcomes females of any age, for advertising purposes it is proposed to focus on - Young girls (aged 5-17) and - Mothers of these girls (possible former girl guides members themselves) A well defined target market allows for focused and direct advertising, maximising the effectiveness. 8. Proposed strategies: (continued) A consolidated online and social media presence: This presence needs to have a strong and interactive appeal to both potential and current members Website: A central Girl Guides Australia website which is easy to navigate, fun and interactive, regularly updated and includes videos, links and possibly a kids section. This website has sections for all states and territory departments of Girl Guides Australia, as well as links to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube channels/pages. 9. Proposed strategies: (continued) Social media platforms: Social media platforms already in use by Girl Guides Australia need to be: - Regularly updated (More so than currently) - Linked together to allow for easy sharing of members, information, pictures, videos and links - Consolidated, rather than individual state and territory pages, have Australia wide pages, with state and territory sections (as is proposed for the website also) 10. Proposed strategies: (continued) Face to face forms of advertising attract consumers to this consolidated online and social media presence - The current methods of face to face advertising such as community and school events, as well as the annual biscuit drive all focus on attracting potential members to Girl Guides Australias online and social media presence. (while continuing to raise money) - Simple methods, such as flyers handed out at events and the biscuit packaging including the website and social media Internet addresses. 11. Why we believe these would work: These proposed marketing strategys would - Consolidate Girl Guides Australias current broad target market and ununiformed advertising. - Have the potential to reach a large consumer audience for minimal costs, through the continually evolving platforms of the Internet and social media. - Make the most of Girl Guides Australias large face to face marketing force (its members). 12. Thank you for watching and we hope you will consider UTAS Marketing. Presented by Joss Mooney and Sam Kean Edited by Helen Treloar and Charlie Thorne


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