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Quick tips for email marketing success. Several simple steps to ensure an email marketing campaign is successful.


  • 1. Standing Out In An Inbox Tips for Email Marketing

2. B2B Standards for Email Open Rate: 11 - 15% Click-Through Rate: 2.1 - 5% Unsubscribe Rate: .11 - .2% Quick Facts About Email Marketing Engagement Fact Users are 22% more likely to open an email if they are ad- dressed by their first name. 3. SubjKeep the character count to a minimum. No sale speak, just stick to the topc at hand. Use the voice of the brand. Subject line is a promise to your recipient of what can be found inside Test the subject line. Subject lines.... Say it like you mean it. 4. C O N T E N T N A I L T H E Fulfill on the promise of the subject line. Know your audience and speak their language. Ensure the value proposition is clear Showcase offers Clearly position a call-to-action. Be creative! 5. EEPTESTING Constant A/B testing is important to improve campaign performance metrics. 6. Remember Mobile 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices. Responsive design. Enough said.