Smart Social Media: Building Your Social Media Strategy

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Avoid social media ADD and set a strong social media foundation for your business. Originally presented at WordCamp North Canton 2014.


  • 1. 1 @kagray Kathy Gray @polepositionmkg SMART SOCIAL MEDIA

2. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA @polepositionmkg @kagray Avoid social media ADD SQUIRREL!?! 3. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA @polepositionmkg @kagray Create a social media strategy 4. 4 @kagray Kathy Gray @polepositionmkg DEFINE YOUR GOALS 5. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA @polepositionmkg @kagray Create SMART social media goals Specific Measurable Attainable Results-based Time-based DEFINE YOUR GOALS 6. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA @polepositionmkg @kagray Bad Goal: Collect fans like beanie babies DEFINE YOUR GOALS 7. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA @polepositionmkg @kagray Better Goal: Consistently respond to questions and feedback within 1 hour. DEFINE YOUR GOALS 8. 8 @kagray Kathy Gray @polepositionmkg KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE 9. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA @polepositionmkg @kagray Define your ideal customers demographics KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE 10. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA @polepositionmkg @kagray Define their goals & challenges KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE 11. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA @polepositionmkg @kagray Define their interests KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE 12. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA @polepositionmkg @kagray Define which social networks they use KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE 13. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA @polepositionmkg @kagray Create profiles for each target customer KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS Location: Midwest states Age: Mid-30s to 40s Education: College graduate Work: Works outside the home GOALS/CHALLENGES Finding more time to spend with family Finding more time to enjoy the outdoors/get out from behind the computer INTERESTS Light outdoor activities Gardening Family DIY home decorating projects SOCIAL NETWORKS FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM 14. 14 @kagray Kathy Gray @polepositionmkg CREATE A TACTICAL PLAN 15. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA @polepositionmkg @kagray Outline tactics to achieve your goals CREATE A TACTICAL PLAN Goal: Consistently respond to questions and feedback within 1 hr. Tactic 1: Set up and monitor Twitter keyword searches to find brand/product mentions. Tactic 2: Implement Pin Alerts to receive notification when someone has pinned an item from your website. Tactic 3: 16. Thank You! Kathy Gray email: twitter: @kagray website: