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  • 1. Leveraging the Power of Social MediaStart Smart Steps4Success21st March 2012 Helsinki @Tavastia MEMEgroup Oy1 01.10.10

2. Coach Kristiina Pkknen, MBA, M.Soc.Sc.,Certified Progress Coach, MTiBusiness coach Kristiina Pkknen is an inspiring and solution focused coach whohas work experience especially in sparring marketing and communicationsprofessionals and entrepreneurs in issues related to social media.Kristiina helps in creating participative content strategy and making the new workhabits become a part of the basic work processes of the company and the individualhimself.Twitter: Website: MEMEgroup Oy 3. Social Media is for PeopleSocial Media humanizes business.It is fun to be an entrepreneur! ProductsToolsTribesRelations 3 4. Logiikka Jay Baer4 5. Usually a human touch works better than a brand! 5 6. Work Processes Background ProcessesLeadershipExploring MEMEgroup OyCommunication 7. Tools MEMEgroup Oy 8. Right channels, smooth processWhere is my tribe hanging?1-3 main channels + support channelsWebsite!?-> Blog?!?!SoMe happy hour? Feed managementPreparing the contentMornings/evenings MEMEgroup Oy 9. Lets keep in touch! Kristiina Pkknen MEMEgroup Oy