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Nice user experience can be build by a content converged service.... to package on TV rendering


  • 1.content distributioncuration EcosystemsocialSmart TV content converged service & social media Chen JingFung (Grace) at The Department of Communication, National Chung Cheng University2012/10/181 2012

2. outline Whats TV? World wide connection Content issue Web, native, Hybrid Apps Distribution -> sync -> monetization Social media Some case studies Conclusion2 2012 (III) 3. Computer == TV (?) Super computing in one deviceor 3 2012 (III) 4. Hybrid TVCord-cutters?4 2012 (III) 5. HbbTV development HbbTV 1.0 TS 102 796TS 102 809 CEA-2014Audio & DAEvideo(CE-HTML)formatsW3C specsHbbTV HbbTV 1.5TS 102 796(2012) Vol 7 CEA-2014 Vol 2Content & Vol 5TS 102 809Media(CE-HTML) service DAEDVB-SI Formats Protection(EIT-Schedule) ISO/IEC DRM1XHTML DOM2CSS2 MPEG-CommonDASHEncryption 23009-1 23001-7 DRM2 DRMn 5 2012 6. More applications cause more bandwidth needs100000 Enhanced, high-Gaming or speed InternetEnterprise (10 ~ 100 Mbps) Applications(1 ~ 10 Mbps) Multimedia Web 10000Telecommuting Interaction Video Conferencing(1 ~ 5 Mbps)HDTV (10 Mbps)(384 kbps ~ 3 Mbps) SDTV (2 Mbps)(7.5 ~9 Mbps) Basic High Speed1000 Internet streaming Internet video (1 ~ 2 Mbps)(5 Mbps)Web Browsing(1 or more Mbps) 100Music Streaming(28 ~ 300 kbps)Text based E-mail10 (10 ~ 20 kbps) Mobile voice call(6 ~ 12 kbps) 1 0246 810 1214 6Ref: Rysavy research associaction 2012 7. More devices will be embedded Internet connectivity (over 570 million house by end-2016) 48.3% people think IP-delivered videohave on traditional TV (ref: Informa)7 2012 (III) 8. CE manufactures value chains will change !! Cable operators Satellite operators Free-to-air TV TV manufacturersoperators Other serviceproviders (e.g. Hulu,Youtube) Broadcasters Content providers ISPs Games consolemanufacturers Other devicemanufacturers Internet companies IPTV operators ref: Informa 8 2012 (III) 9. Multi-faced Approach in a connected worldContent OTT producers Onlineaggregator (right videoConnected-(Pay-TVCDNholders) platform, App TV Broadcasteroperator) contentplatform integratorsdistribution Video ad network MediaAdvertiser agencies customer VideoPayment Serviceengine Device ad distribution manufacturer server platformRetail supportprovider ref: Informa9 2012 (III) 10. Content: Multi-screen displayers (many devices)TVPCinfortainment systemsSmart phone Tablet10 2012 (III) 11. Content: Metadata flows for capturing User defined (static info.) Contextual interface put productionProduction informationdevicemetadataCamera UnitLens UnitLive camera for dynamic downloadingMicrophoneUnitinterfacegetLists for Technical, selection dynamic descriptive & production info. 11ref: EBU technical 2012 (III) 12. Different Streaming Applications Multiple resolutionsresolutionbandwidth Homeavailable networkNetflix SD(480p)1.5 MbpsDVD 3Mbps 3.0+ Mbps~ moreHD(720p)5MbpsPS3 HD5+Mbps5.0+ Mbps~ more1080p 8+MbpsHollywood Blu-ray 4-8MbpsFilm(1080p24)youtube 1080p 3.6MbpsiPad2.37Mbps12 2012 (III) 13. Content issue Web, native, Hybrid Apps TV Apps Distribution Network balanced (CDN, multiple rate) Sync solution (video, audio) Introduction some applications Content sync services Application Monetization 13 2012 (III) 14. More apps has been in the world # of # of App be Apps devicesdownloadedGoogle 675,00050025 billionmillionsApple700,00040021 billionmillionsMicrosoft 100,000RIM105,000 Ref: google 14 2012 (III) 15. Web App vs. native App Web Apps Native Apps Browser-based for smartBuilt for a particular device & itsExplains phone & tablet operating systemJava, Object C or some other HTML, CSS & Javascriptprogramming languageCore tech. Downloaded from aDownload from a web store & central web serverinstall on the device support offline use Cross-platform Leverage device-specific compatibilityhardware & software Can integrate with on-boardProsapps (calendar) Can access & bookmark a More compelling user URL via mobile browserexperience(GPS) Run offline Require a connection Across multiple devices, separateCons function version of the app 15 2012 Ref: 2012 Lionbridge (III) 16. hybrid App Hybrid AppsExplains Native Apps with Web Apps inside HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and reuse it across different devicesCore tech. HTML5 support on-board functionality HTML5 is supported on the big three platforms (iOS, Android, RIM) A custom native apps for different mobile platforms or creating a single less-capable web app on any device via its browserPros reduce development time and cost, minimizing custom coding work To the user, a well-designed hybrid app looks very similar to a native app A local storage can support to run offline Design issue: The web-based and native functionalityCons should blend together seamlessly 16 2012 Ref: 2012 Lionbridge (III) 17. TV Apps Control the application viaController smart phone orApps tablet Seamless connectionPlay TV contentamong TV, smart (ex. Behind the phone or tablet scene) via smartphone or tablet InteractiveCompanioApps n Apps17 2012 18. Apples "closed ecosystem"18 2012 (III) 19. Digital television distributionMulti- type3rd party apps services of devicesMulti-screen middleware Portal trafficApps proxyServer-side push WebCore VoD TV LTVCDSservicePPVClient interface PVRProvisioningsearchCBAMobile TVserviceContentIPTV/hybridContent managementContent/cable TVsystem VODdeliverynetworkLive TVTablets 19 2012 20. User request via OpenCDN a network balanced workContentservers(contentmediation)cacheConnectionplaneget(networkoriginmediation) Content Mediation serversPhysicalISPnetworkISP(contentforwarding)Consumer 20Ref: openCDN(III) 2012 21. Open CDN cache deploymentOrigin ContentServerscacheCDN3rd parties networks & internationalnetworksTransit link Regional Mile CDN Last& NationalOpen networkInterface btwall catches Access & backhaul Congestion Networks control btwcaches & users21 2012 Ref: openCDN(III) 22. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming - 2012 Olympics(Belgian public broadcaster VRT) -1 Deploy 5 encoded/packaged streams & an HttpserverAudioVideo FramVideo resolutio codec BR e ratecodecn&(kbs) (fps) BR(kps)11500 960*540 H264 baseline2750640*360 25 AAC-LC3500480*720644250320*180512812.56NANANANA22 2012 (III) 23. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming - 2012 Olympics(Belgian public broadcaster VRT) -2WowzaProMediaIPMedia serveriOS appLive origin UnifiedSDIHERO Streaming Android app server originhttp Cache KeyOS PC & MacAdobe PlayerSDI Elemental Android LiveAdobebrowserCDN23 2012 (III) 24. 2nd screen audio & video sync Compose both from different resource DVB-T (broadcasting) ApplicationsyncInternetradio Christopher Howson, Eric Gautier, Philippe Gilberton, Anthony Laurent and Yvon Legallais, Second Screen TV Synchronization, 2011 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics - Berlin (ICCE-Berlin) 24 2012 (III) 25. 2nd screen sync applicationsVideo recognition: matchAudio recognitionlive & pre-recorded content25Ref: Nicolas Weil 2012 (III) 26. Fingerprinting & watermarking co-work fingerprinting watermarkingRef.fingerprint Pick up TV sound2nd screen Special ModifyA/V Analysescontentdetectorcontent ExtractHide info.identifies ImperceptibleMatch unique(embedded info. feature to imperceptible)identify decoder encoder MediaFingerprinting Audio +2nd screenwatermarking Audio/video ()Ref: digital2disc26 2012 (III) 27. Content sync: Other applications Samsung SmartHome WiFi Washer & Dryer Android APP Voting application 27 screen-technologies-panorama/ 2012 (III) 28. Content sync: Tavesss customer service AdPublishers/Networks AggregatorsBizmembersOEMsoperators Mobile App platforms StoresAppContent Developers providersInquire(online)Customer service(passive) 28 2012 29. Content sync: Interactive advertising service Interactive spotInteractivespot Advertising agent IDTV provideradvertiser IdFeedback infoUsers profile,InteractiveinteractionsspotSTB Users preferencesiSpotManager (dictionary) Ref: IEEE 29 2012 30. Application Monetization Existing Advertising methodologiesExperimentational dynamic Ad-insertionapproachesMS playlist approach (server client)media Event switching btw livestreams & on-demand stream;only for MS BIFS MPEG4s binary language,Object Descriptors; ComplexityUse to define behavior ofStandardobjects (2D-3D) on a MPEG4-Part11 SMIL combine animation & media (1998 objects to provide Ad in Hybrid ~ content delivery network to extend media as video, audio, images & text..Ref: Tech Mahindra 201030 2012 (III) 31. Google + VOGUE FashionTube jump Key point: Monetization 31Ref: (III) 2012 32. In-app Ad service: Google vs. Apple In-app purchase system (Apple)In-app billingsystem (Google) 32 2012 (III) 33. In-app Ad: Samsung AdHub advertiser publisher user Samsung Adhub Interactive ads can support many click-match the right adwith the right channel to actionsRef: marketingdirecto.com33 2012 (III) 34. Social media History of social media case study Facebook TV, mobile application, cloudcomputing Social marketing example Mobile Gamification Solution 34 2012 (III) 35. History of social media Social Biz G