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A publication of the James S. Measell Chapter of PRSSA at Wayne State University



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    APRIL 2005

    WSU PRSSA Chapter HonorsStudents and Alumni

    Third Annual Luncheon to recognize Michael Layne and chapter founder


    Wayne StateUniversitys (WSU) chap-ter of the Public RelationsStudent Society of Americawill hold its Third AnnualAlumni and Student Rec-ognition Luncheon onTuesday, April 12. The lun-cheon, held at theMcGregor Memorial Con-ference Center on Waynescampus, will honor profes-sionals as well as awardscholarships to three pub-lic relations students.

    This event willsum up our very busy andsuccessful year, said Dr.Shelly Najor, faculty advi-sor for WSUs PRSSAchapter. It gives our stu-dents a chance to relax andcontinue to build relation-ships with area public rela-tions professionals in addi-tion to celebrating what ourchapter has achieved thisyear.

    This year thechapter will recognizeMichael Layne with theAlumni AchievementAward. Layne, along with

    partner Fred Marx, foundedMarx Layne & Co. in 1987.The firm has since becomethe largest independentlyowned public relationsagency in Michigan. Withthis award, WSU recog-nizes Laynes contributionsto the field of public rela-tions and honors his com-mitment to Wayne Statesprogram. Marx, his busi-ness partners for 18 years,said that Layne is verycommitted to Detroit,Wayne State University andits students. Mike ap-proaches every opportunitywith tremendous enthusi-asm and creativity. He isnot one to wait for some-one to call him. He is per-petually in motion, saidMarx. At the same time,he has been instrumental inconceptualizing and devel-oping mentor and intern-ship programs and manyother student oriented ini-tiatives.

    The luncheon willalso recognize students fortheir outstanding contribu-tions to PRSSA. Two schol-arships, memorializingformer students Renee

    Michael Layne.Photo courtesy of the

    Marx Layne & Co. website.

    Abraham-Harries andJeannine Gregory, will beawarded to PRSSA mem-bers Bridgette LaRose,Nellie Shin and ScottKefgen. LaRose and Shinwill receive the Renee M.Abraham-Harries Memo-rial Endowed Scholarshipfor demonstrating excellentwriting skills as well as acommitment to profes-sional development.Kefgen will receive theJeannine Gregory Scholar-ship in Public RelationsLeadership for demonstrat-SEE 05 LUNCHEON,PG. 5


    Executive Board2004-2005

    Faculty AdvisorShelly Najor, PhD

    Professional AdvisorMary Henige, APR

    PresidentBridgette LaRose

    Vice PresidentScott Kefgen

    TreasurerKrystal Miller

    Special EventsCoordinatorNellie Shin

    Internship CoordinatorBeth Walker

    Marketing LiaisonMatthew

    Newsletter EditorNicole Young

    Assistant NewsletterEditor


    Caring About DetroitLovio-George shares her experiences and love for the Motor City

    area to share this dedicationin improving the image ofthe city.We affect the real-ity of Detroit, said Lovio-George. The image andreputation of the city hasbeen negative for manyyears. I hate to tell you, theburden is on you. You allhave a role, when someonesays, Where are youfrom?, you have to sayDetroit - not Troy, RoyalOak, etc.

    L o v i o - G e o r g espoke about the challengesher company faces with oneof its current clients, theSuper Bowl XL Host Com-mittee. The Super Bowlwill be held in Detroit in2006, making Detroit thefirst northern city to hostthe Super Bowl twice.There are numerous chal-lenges in having the event

    Lovio-George shares her wealth of knowledge with WSU students.Photo by Dave Nielsen.


    Christina Lovio-George, president andCEO of Lovio George,Inc., spoke to a group ofWayne State Universitypublic relations studentson March 9th about therole of PR in changing at-titudes and behaviors. Shealso spoke about hercompanys role in promot-ing the city of Detroit andthe upcoming Super BowlXL activities.

    Lovio-George is aWSU graduate whose of-fice is located in Detroit.She has been in the publicrelations field for over 20years and has an extensivelist of clients, includingCapuchin Soup Kitchen,English Gardens, GrossePointe Public Library, thePGA of America - 35thRyder Cup Matches, andthe Super Bowl XL HostCommittee.

    Lov io -Georgehas a respect and admira-tion for the city that is ap-parent in her work. Hercompany has been respon-sible for many campaignsdedicated to improving theimage of Detroit, includ-ing Detroits tricentennialcelebration. She wantsothers, both in and outsideof the Metropolitan Detroit

    in a city such as Detroit. Amajor concern is counter-ing Detroits tarnished im-age.

    In an attempt toimprove the negative im-age of Detroit, LovioGeorge, Inc. created an 80-page media guide filledwith interesting Detroitfacts, a business card sizedfoldout filled with namesof Detroit-based organiza-tions and two full colormaps of the Detroit area.They also produced a seriesof newsletters, created amembership program forfans and planned a seriesof events surrounding theSuper Bowl including therecently held MotownWinter Blast. LovioGeorge, Inc. also partici-SEE LOVIO-GEORGE,PG. 4

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    Goin to work


    Ten seconds on theclock. Your team is up bytwo. You decide to play itsafe so you use up theclock. Nine. Dribble.Eight. Dribble. Seven.The ball is swiped fromyour hands. Your opponentmakes a fast break downthe court. What you donext could be the differencebetween winning and los-ing and you dont have timeto decide. Six...

    In a crisis, timingis everything. No oneknows this better than DaveWieme, director of strate-gic communications forPalace Sports and Enter-tainment. On November19, 2004, Wieme was in hisoffice at the Palace of Au-burn Hills. It was the fourthquarter and the Detroit Pis-

    tons were losing to the In-diana Pacers. With 45.9seconds left on the clock,the game was stopped aftera fan tossed a cup of beerhitting the Pacers RonArtest and setting off whathas now become known asthe Basket Brawl.

    Within minutes,Palace management gath-ered and implemented theirgame plan: have PalaceSports and Entertainmentand Detroit Pistons presi-dent and CEO Tom Wilsonas the point person; securethe safety of the players andthe fans; and notify police.

    Being prepared iskey in handling a crisis.Wieme began his prepara-tion early. He started hiscareer with the Pistons as astatistics runner when hewas 15 years old. When hegraduated from highschool, Wieme enrolled atOakland University andcontinued to work for thePistons as an intern. In thelate 1980s, when the Pis-tons began their champion-ship run, Weime was alongfor the ride, joining the Pis-tons staff as a full-time em-ployee.

    In 1993, he left thePistons and moved toWashington, D.C. to workin commercial real estate,but soon became boredwith it.

    In 1996, Wiemeco-founded, along withWayne Henninger, WavePR, a sports public relationsfirm in the nations capital.The firm has some successbefore Henninger left in2000. Shortly after, Wieme,bogged down with numberscrunching, closed the firmand moved back to Detroit.Soon after, he ran into Wil-son who offered him a jobat the Palace in the newlycreated position of directorof strategic communication.

    Wieme shared hisexperience with WayneState University students,stressing that his numberone job is that the DetroitPistons brand is known.Wieme works hard every-day so that at the finalbuzzer the shot of negativepublicity is blocked and themessage is recovered.

    Dave Wieme.Photo by Dave Nielsen.

    PRSSA students chat with Dave Wieme from PS&E

    The WorldAwaits...

    Helpful Websites

    Council of PR

    Entry-Level PR

    Institute for




    After receiving ourbachelors degrees, weverealized the value and im-portance of the advice givento us by professors, friendsand other colleagues. Weunderstood how essentialthese skills were to land ourfirst internships and jobsright out of college. Know-ing this information gave usan opportunity to reevalu-ate our career paths. Wewould like to share this in-formation with futuregraduates and others whoare new into the realworld.

    -You must be will-ing to do small tasks suchas filing away papers andmaking photocopies in or-der to be considered forlarger projects.

    -Become an experton using office equipmentand computer programs.

    -Make a good im-pression with everyone youmeet.

    -Rethink yourwardrobe. Invest in threenice suits (dark colors rec-ommended).

    -Keep copies ofeverything you write andregularly maintain yourportfolio.

    Best wishes to the2005 Class of WSU!

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    Media Relations How Tos



    Darci McConnellknows first-hand that therelationship betweenjournalists and publicrelations practitioners is asymbiotic one. For the past14 years, McConnell wason the journalist side of therelationship, most recentlycovering the Detroit CityHall beat for the DetroitNews. McConnell nowfinds herself on the otherside, as president ofM c C o n n e l lCommunications, Inc., apublic relations firmserving a variety of clientsin the Detroit ar