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October 2015 issue of Refrigeration Magazine featuring Hamer, The Ice Man and Halloween tips.


<ul><li><p>OCTOBER 2015</p></li><li><p>2 REFRIGERATION Magazine October 2015</p></li><li><p>October 2015 REFRIGERATION Magazine 3 </p><p>8</p><p>14</p><p>23</p><p>6</p><p>18</p><p>IPIA 98TH ANNUAL CONVENTION AND TRADESHOWSchedule shows three day event packed with education and fun.</p><p>LAS VEGASStuff you won't find on the strip</p><p>HAMEROffering automated industrial bagging solutions with no fuss</p><p>A NICE SERVICE TO OFFER YOUR COMMUNITY DURING HALLOWEENSpecial effects create a Halloween market. Create some guidelines for safe dry ice use.</p><p>THE ICE MAN OF ORLANDO AND JACKSONVILLEAnother winner in the industry</p><p>October 2015Vol. 198 No. 11ISSN #0034-3137</p><p>EDITORIAL STAFF</p><p>Mary Y. CronleyEditor/ 819-5446</p><p>Joe CronleySenior Staff 295-5712</p><p>Markurious Marketing Group, LLCArt 439-6534</p><p>ADVERTISING, SUBSCRIPTIONS, ACCOUNTS</p><p>Mary Y. CronleyEditor/ 819-5446</p><p>Established as ICE in 1906, Refrigeration Magazine is published thirteen times a year, including the Annual Buyer's Guide. </p><p>Postmaster: Send notice by form 3579 to:Refrigeration Magazine260 Lakeview Ridge EastRoswell, GA 30076</p><p>Annual Subscriptions: US: $49/year or $79/two yearsInternational: $79/year</p><p>Single Copies: $6/copy</p><p>Copyright 2015 by REFRIGERATION Magazine. All rights reserved.</p><p>FIND OUT MORE AT OR CONNECT WITH US AT</p><p>Table ofCONTENTS</p><p>DEPARTMENTSspICE Must Be Present To Win 4AD INDEX A list of our advertisers 26CLASSIFIED ADS Classified advertisements by region 26</p><p>FEATURES</p><p>14</p><p>18</p><p>23</p><p>ON THE COVERVegas' unusual attractions, such as the Neon Museum (where the Jackpot Motel sign featured on our cover is on display), are worth exploring while you are not visiting the IPIA Convention Floor in the spectacular Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino.</p></li><li><p>spICE</p><p>4 REFRIGERATION Magazine October 2015</p><p>Must Be Present To WinTheres still time to make plans to go to Las Vegas later this month for the IPIA convention. Its an inexpensive ticket from most parts of the country, rooms are still available at the headquarters hotel, and the registration fee is within reach. Whats not to like?</p><p>Lets look at the business were in. If youre lucky enough to have minimal direct competition, you may be located in a less populated area. Your strongest competition may be the ice machine at the marina or the campground, and thats an easy competitor to beat. If you dont know how to sell against it, who do you have to talk with about your business? Who is going to help you get that business back when accounts drop off one by one?</p><p>Unless youre lucky enough to be in a family business, you probably didnt have a real mentor in the packaged ice industry. Most of you will know a lawyer or two thats maybe the best mentored business model there is. You go to work as a junior associate, work under a partner, then if youre good enough and tough enough to gut out the years of 60 hour weeks, you can become a partner one day. You will have learned a lot on the way.</p><p>Theres nothing like that for us. We speak to people every day who have grown their packaged ice businesses from a Manitowoc and a pickup truck to a full scale plant, six trucks and a 50 mile service radius. Who helped them along as they were coming up? Who helped them make the six or seven figure decisions about plant and equipment? Who helped them come up with a pricing plan for the local Kroger, Albertsons, Publix, King Sooper or whatever your local chain is?</p><p>Configure your plant wrong, and you could be leaving pennies on the table for every package. Price your product wrong because youre eager to get that 27 store contract, and youll leave a few more pennies out. After a few mistakes, if youre out a dime a package, youre looking at the difference between a comfortable business and a big revenue company where youre working your own 60 or more hour week in order to make as much per hour as a fast food manager. Its not worth the trouble or the risk.</p><p>This industry has awesome suppliers companies who can help you configure a plant, set up a packaging line, maybe even introduce you to financing sources. They probably can even help you get that account. What you really need, though, are others who are in the trenches like you. Your local competitor is absolutely not looking to help you. Why not go talk to successful people from across the state, or across the country?</p><p>Its a political season, and one of the topics on the table is the gig economy not just Uber but the world of freelancers who pick up a contract here, a consult there, and they make it work for them. If you have gotten any graphic arts produced or you have a part time bookkeeper, you may have hired a freelancer. Its great for a lot of people, but some are finding that they are stranded in front of their computers at home or at a coffee shop, and theyre not interacting with people. Thats one thing an office is good for you find out what is going on, whos working on a new deal, what hot, whats not.</p><p>The packaged ice industry can be a little like that. Youre not working in a group of people that can tell you whos working on what, what the new trends are, what to look out for next. The IPIA is your hookup, your water cooler chat, your staff meeting. Nobody is trying to take your job, scam on your commission, or play office politics. Its a group of peers, of colleagues, and they are interested in your success.</p><p>So get on Expedia or Kayak or whatever you use, and call the Venetian. Bring the husband or wife, its all pre-bottom line dollars. Just get yourself to Las Vegas, its the best way to help your business.</p><p>Mary Yopp CronleyEditor, Refrigeration Magazine</p></li><li><p>A Nice Service To Oer Your Community During</p><p>Dry ice, when combined with hot tap water, can produce vigorous bubbling water and voluminous flowing fog. For example, with five pounds of dry ice in four to five gallons of hot water, the greatest amount of fog will be produced in the first five to 10 minutes. There will be far less fog for the next five to 10 minutes as the water cools down and the volume of dry ice diminishes. As the water cools, the fog becomes wispier. Dry ice makes fog because of its cold temperature. When immersed in hot water, it creates a cloud of true water vapor fog. When the water gets colder than 50F, the dry ice stops making fog, but continues to sublimate and bubble. The fog will last longer on a damp day than on a dry day.</p><p>HOW TO MAKE DRY ICE FOGFor each 15-minute period put five to 10 pounds of dry ice into four to eight gallons of hot water. This will make lots of fog depending upon the temperature of the water and the size of the pieces of dry ice. Hotter water will make more fog. Very hot water will add its own rising steam to the vapor cloud. If there is no steam the fog will flow down hill and in the direction of any air movement. A small fan can help control the direction. Smaller pieces of dry ice with more surface area produce a greater volume of fog and cool the water down much faster. In both cases the result is more fog for a shorter amount of time. Keep the water hot with a hot plate, electric skillet, or some other heat source to produce fog for a longer time. Otherwise when the water gets too cold it must be replaced to continue the fog effects. If the container is completely filled with water the fog will flow over the sides the best. But the dry ice sublimation will vigorously bubble </p><p>the water and splash it out. Even a filled container will splash some, so place the container where spilled water will not ruin anything. The water vapor fog will also dampen the area it flows across, so be careful because after some time floors do get slippery.</p><p>With Labor Day marking the end of the summer, the next series of holidays are ushered right in. Beginning with Halloween, your customer base and those special events you are so good at providing for dont have to miss a beat with your services and products. How about a spooky house for Halloween? How about providing your neighborhood subdivisions with their own graveyard ingredients? Your imagination can take it from here. RM thanks Dry Ice Info for allowing us to borrow a few tips from their website.</p><p>6 REFRIGERATION Magazine October 2015</p></li><li><p>October 2015 REFRIGERATION Magazine 7 800.325.3667 | 314.849.4411 |</p><p>From the water coming into your building to automatically delivering finished pallets of </p><p>Packaged Ice into your freezer, AIS Designs, Engineers, Delivers, and Supports the industrys </p><p>most efficient and productive solutions.</p><p>The Complete SolutionOperations Consulting, Facility Design, Complete Project </p><p>Engineering, Vogt Ice Manufacturing Systems,Ice Processing Systems, Ice Packaging Equipment, Automatic Palletizing Systems, Control Integration, </p><p>Packaging Products, Leer Merchandisers, Equipment Parts and Technical Support, </p><p>Turn- Key Project Installs, Equipment Rebuilds, Field Service</p><p>Delivering tomorrows technology today</p></li><li><p>8 REFRIGERATION Magazine October 2015</p><p>WELCOME IPIA 98th Annual Convention &amp; Trade ShowTHE VENETIAN RESORT </p><p>HOTEL AND CASINONovember 19-21, 2015</p><p>from John Smibert, IPIA Chairman</p><p>On behalf of the International Packaged Ice Association, Mary and I would like to welcome you to the 98th Convention and Trade Show at this wonderful venue. The Venetian Resort and Casino will be your home for the next few days. Do take advantage of all it has to offer, especially its location on the always-open Las Vegas Blvd Strip.</p><p>This event will be chock-full of interesting and informative speakers, presentations and focus sessions, the most up-to-date products from our loyal associates in the exhibit hall and the camaraderie of your ice industry team members and colleagues. Be sure to take in all that is offered. There is always a take-away nugget!</p><p>Opening day, Thursday, gets going with Chris Dunn addressing the Food Safety Modernization Act and how it will affect our packaged ice industry followed by our Annual Business Meeting. Members please be sure to attend to hear not only the Committee Reports, Financials, but Chris Lamonds Public Affairs presentation. Awards are presented as well for the Dr. Neil Mark of Excellence Perfect PIQCS Audit Scores. Then we will be treated to Keynote Speaker, Rocky Bleier, telling us about his experiences in Vietnam, his injuries and finally of achieving his dreams of excellence, with four Super Bowl wins to his credit. Opening day will also see the Grand Opening of the Exhibit Hall with the signature cocktail contest and carving workshop. Come and see what our wonderful suppliers have brought along this year. Stay for the terrific door prizes!</p><p>Friday morning will come early, started by the Roger Breisch Fun-Run Walk. While the exhibit hall is open, ladies are invited to breakfast in the Presidents suite with First Lady Mary. Later, climb aboard the buses to the Reddy Ice Plant tour (which includes lunch). Following the tours return to the hotel, there will be more top-notch focus sessions offered. This evening wraps up with the Chairmans poolside Smashing 70s party. Get ready to hustle to the YMCA in your plaid pants and flowered shirt!</p><p>On Saturday, early birds can do the fun-run walk again before the final hours of the exhibit hall. Golfers have a late morning tee-off time for the annual Mel Eads Memorial Golf Tournament at the Paiute Club, Mels favourite Las Vegas golf destination. If you arent going golfing, there is a tour to the Hoover Dam, a fascinating and spectacular feat of engineering. Saturday wraps up with the final convention event- the reception and banquet, where the gavel will officially be passed to incoming president, Tommy Sedler of Home City Ice.</p><p>I urge you to come, get involved, and have a great time withyour packaged ice industry colleagues, all supporting the IPIA. Remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but I would truly want you to take away lots of information for your own operation and a sense of renewal for the coming year. </p><p>Mary and I look forward to welcoming you to Las Vegas and the Venetian Resort and Casino. Travel safe and well see you on the Strip!</p><p>2</p><p>The spirit of Italy is alive in The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino the host of the IPIA 98th Annual Convention and Trade Show. This hotel is a Five-Diamond luxury hotel and casino resort located in a prime spot at the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. </p><p>The accommodations at The Venetian are aesthetically stunning as well as technologically advanced, with refinements from Italian marble in the bathrooms to 32-inch flat-screen HDTVs, wireless internet access and minibars.</p><p>The Venetian Tower will host our IPIA members and impart an even higher sense of luxury refinement. This all suite property features sleeping rooms starting at 650 square feet, 130-square-foot bathrooms, 9 foot ceilings, three telephones, multiple flat-screen TVs and Roman tubs with separate glass-enclosed showers. Need we saymore?</p><p>Some property highlights. Pools that resemble the fountains of Italian </p><p>palazzos 50+ eateries including acclaimed gourmet </p><p>restaurants and cafes World renowned Canyon Ranch Spa with over 120 </p><p>different services to relax &amp; rejuvenate. Enchanting singing gondoliers that navigate their </p><p>gondolas on the waterway that runs through the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian | The Palazzo both inside and outside the hotel.</p><p> This impressive street-themed retail complex that features an abundance of exclusive stores, priceless art, authentic cobblestoneand street performers is sure to impress and please the avid shopper.</p><p>The upcoming November 1921 IPIA meeting promises critical business information, industry updates, and </p><p>some fun as well. See all the events here.</p></li><li><p>October 2015 REFRIGERATION Magazine 9 </p><p>FARLEYS FRIGERATION</p><p>23620 CR 561 Astatula, FL. 34705Office 352-742-2010</p><p> </p><p> Pressure GaugesGlycerin Filled Stainless30/0/150 and 30/0/3002-1/2 Dial $36.00ea.</p><p>4 Dial $46.00ea. </p><p> Sulfur Sticks</p><p>100pack $35.0010 pack $4.75</p><p>Litmus Paper $6.50 / book </p><p>AMMONIA PARTS</p><p>Cornell, Dunham Bush, Frick, F.E.S. GEA, Sabroe, Stal, Sullair, Viking, York are registered trademarks. Fuller is a registeredtrademark of FL Smidth Inc. Mycom is a registered trademark of Mayekawa; Vilter is a registered trademark of Emerson Climate.</p><p>Ammonia Hoses</p><p> and transfer and charging hoses in 25 and 50 IN STOCK</p><p>Replacement Shaft Seals</p><p>Replacements for Cornell, DunhamBush, Frick, FES Rotary, Howden,F.E.S. GEA, Mycom, Sabroe, Stal,</p><p>Sullair, Viking, Vilter, York</p><p>Replacement parts for use in your VilterWe stock an extensive line of replacement parts for </p><p>use in the Vilter 400 series piston compressors</p><p>From a spring to a package Farleys can handle it</p><p>Valves Parker, R/S, Danfoss, Phillips, Hansen, Shank, Sporlan, Wolf Linde</p><p>Replacement Coalescing &amp;Oil Filters available</p><p>WELCOME IPIA 98th Annual Convention &amp; Trade ShowTHE VENETIAN RESORT </p><p>HOTEL AND CASINONovember 19-21, 2015</p><p>from John Smibert, IPIA Chairman</p><p>On beh...</p></li></ul>