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YOURderry October magazine - Halloween special edition. Issue 8.



2. LOOK OUR FOR SYMBOLSLIKE THIS THROUGHOUTYOUR MAGAZINE TOWATCH VIDEOS ORREVEAL MORE INFO, ALLON YOUR MOBILE*............................................. 1 Search for QR Reader in your apps store; download one of the selection of apps available. 2 Scan the code with your phone using the application.3See the preview or video on your phone and enjoy.YOURDERRY.COM 2 3. YOURDERRY.COM 3 4. YOURDERRY.COM 4 5. YOURDERRY.COM 5 6. YOURDERRY.COM 6 7. YOURDERRY.COM 7 8. YOURDERRY.COM 8 9. YOURDERRY.COM 9 10. YOURDERRY.COM 10 11. YOURDERRY.COM 11 12. YOURDERRY.COM 12 13. YOURDERRY.COM 13 14. YOURDERRY.COM 14 15. YOURDERRY.COM 15 16. YOURDERRY.COM 16 17. YOURDERRY.COM 17 18. YOURDERRY.COM 18 19. YOURDERRY.COM 19 20. YOURDERRY.COM 20 21. YOURDERRY.COM 21 22. YOURDERRY.COM 22 23. NEWYOURDERRY.COM 23 24. YOURDERRY.COM 24 25. halloweenYOURDERRY.COM 25 26. YOURDERRY.COM 26 27. halloweenYOURDERRY.COM 27 28. YOURDERRY.COM 28 29. halloweenYOURDERRY.COM 29 30. YOURDERRY.COM 30 31. halloweenYOURDERRY.COM 31 32. YOURDERRY.COM 32 33. halloweenYOURDERRY.COM 33 34. But there was a fire and the stories were de-stroyed! The Very Trusted and Nearly ExcellentGuardians of Tall Tales and Small Stories hadto find EVERY STORY AGAIN and have found allof them, EXCEPT FOR ONE! Can you help themfind the last missing story? This is a uniqueinteractive performance. Children actively takepart in the creation and telling of a new storyunder the guidance of the storytellers.Young at Art Presents: The But-terfly and the CaterpillarTimes: 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm, 4.30pmHall of Horrors (Duration: 25 minutes)Date: Saturday, October 29th, Sunday, October Location: The Little Theatre30th & Monday, October 31st Age group: 2 6 YearsTimes: 1pm 5pm each day Admission: FREEVenue: St Columbs Hall, Orchard Street Mr Caterpillar spends his day eating greenAdmission: FREE leaves and singing songs on his ukulele. TheEnter the Hall of Horrors if you dare! A thrillingbeautiful Butterfly doesnt like Mr Caterpillar.innovation for this years carnival, Hall of Hor- She thinks his songs are silly and he is a messyrors sees a series of wonderful performanceseater! But its the Butterflys birthday and noneyou just wont want to miss. Taking over threeof her friends can come to her party. Can Mrrooms of St Columbs Hall, you can enjoy an Caterpillar come to rescue?array of activities and acts for all ages from themind-blowing antics of the amazing Bruce Air- In Your Space Presents:head to the weird and wonderful Witches Threeand the delightful Once Upon a Time, whereSomething wicked this way comeschildren become the stars of the performance. Times: 1.15pm, 3.15pm,(Duration: 30 minutes)Bruce Airhead ShowLocation: The Main HallTimes: 2.15pm 4.15pm, Age group: All ages(Duration: 30 minutes)Admission: FREELocation: The Main Hall Witness the antics of the Wretched WitchesAge group: All ages Three with their spine chilling tales of terrorAdmission: FREE and woe, an enchanting mix of storytelling andIts just incredible how one man and a massiveperformance.balloon can hold an audience spellbound for30 minutes. Laughed at by the Crown heads ofIn Your Space presents:Europe, Bruce Airheads magical manipulationThe Dressiest Party in Town - Daof the six-foot balloon will include illusions thatdefy belief. An act that has wowed the worldsFunk Asylumtoughest festival and street performance audi-Date: Monday, October 31stences, this metamorphosis of a man and aTime: 8pm till latesix-foot balloon cannot be missed.Location: St Columbs Hall - Downstairs Ball-roomAdmission: 8 at doorYoung at Art Presents:Its close to midnight. Theres something evilOnce Upon a Timelurking in the dark.Date: Saturday, October 29th and Sunday,You try to scream but DISCO drowns the soundsOctober 30thout before you make it. A last chance to danceTimes: 1pm, 2.45pm, 4.15pmwith the devil in the pale moonlight as you(Duration: 40 minutes)round off Halloween in style.Location: The BallroomAge group: 5 9 YearsKeep your eyes peeled throughout the cityAdmission: FREE for an assortment of eccentric and peculiarThe Very Trusted and Nearly Excellent Guardians characters emerging from the shadowsof Tall Tales and Small Stories look after EVERYwhenever you least expect it, guaranteed toSTORY EVER MADE IN THE WORLD in the Mostintrigue and beguile you.Extraordinary Wonderful and Magical Library.YOURDERRY.COM 34 35. halloweenGuildhall Square/Waterloo Place/ Halloween Carnival Parade at 7pm. Be scared, be very scared! Like something fromCraft VillageDr Whos worst nightmare these mute bugs withTeenage Spooks Stage glowing eyes and fluorescent bodies will terrifyDate: Sunday, October 30th all who dare come near!& Monday, October 31stTime: 1pm to 5pm each dayLocation: Guildhall Square Short Ships Ancient MarinersAn electric atmosphere is guaranteed as Teen-age Spooks brings the cream of the cityslost in Time & Placerenowned performing talent to the GuildhallDate: Saturday, October 29thSquare. Look forward to two jam-packed days& Sunday, October 30thof stunning performances featuring bands Times: 2:30pm, 3:30pm & 4:15pmof all kinds, inventive dance troupes, superbLocation: Guildhall Square /Waterloo Placeindividual artists and all thats hot on the street.Thats not all, face painting and balloon model- Date: Monday, October 31stling will add to the carnival atmosphere.Times: 4:15pm & 5:15pm and participating in the Halloween Carnival Parade at 7pm Location: Guildhall Square / Waterloo PlacePaddy Nash & The Happy Enchi-Two ghostly galleons are lost at sea with only aladasblank map and blind telescope to guide them.Date: Sunday, October 30th With an atmospheric sea-faring soundtrack,Time: 2pm 3:30pm these poor ships are in desperate need of vict-Venue: Guildhall Squareuals. Can you help? Oh and did we mention theirHigh energy local favourites Paddy Nash & Theirresistible urge to dance the hornpipe with eve-Enchiladas will have you dancing, singing andryone they meet? These are the strangest shipssmiling through Halloween. Not to be missed!you will ever encounter. You have been warned. The Heron An Eye Catching Gentle Giant Date: Saturday, October 29th & Sunday, Octo- ber 30th Times: 2:15pm, 3:15pm & 4pm Location: Guildhall Square /Waterloo Place Date: Monday, October 31s Times: 3:30pm & 4:30pm and participating in the Halloween Carnival Parade at 7pm Location: Guildhall Square / Waterloo Place Standing an awesome 9ft high, yet as gentle as a dove, this spectacular bird loves to interact with children. A giant puppet that is literallyPlayHouseThe Praying Mantashead and shoulders above the competition.Date: Saturday, October 29th & Sunday, Octo-ber 30th HalloweenKeep your eyes peeled throughout theTimes: 2pm, 3:30pm & 4pm city for an assortment of eccentric and peculiarLocation: Guildhall Square /Waterloo Place characters emerging from the shadows when- ever you least expect it, guaranteed to intrigueDate: Monday, October 31st and beguile you.Times: 4pm & 5pm and participating in the YOURDERRY.COM 35 36. YOURDERRY.COM 36 37. YOURDERRY.COM 37 38. YOURDERRY.COM 38 39. YOURDERRY.COM 39 40. YOURDERRY.COM 40 41. YOURDERRY.COM 41 42. YOURDERRY.COM 42 43. YOURDERRY.COM 43 44. YOURDERRY.COM 44 45. YOURDERRY.COM 45 46. Lynne hasLynne has taken entered lots ofpart in our Baby our magazinescompetition competitions this month. and has been canvasing for herentry in our latestbaby compHEY EVERYONE CAN U ALL (pictured) KEEP VOTEING FOR AOIFEAoife TierneyTIERNEY IN THE JOE DERRYLynne tierneyBABY COMP SHE IS NOW ON 282 VotesPAGE 3vote for your favourite photo on Fan of the month wins acustom printed tee shirt & mug courtesy of missPRINTS YOURDERRY.COM 46 47. YOURDERRY.COM 47 48. We are Northern Irelands newest and most exciting indoor racing circuit. High powered brand new Sodi karts for Adults and Juniors over the age of 8 yearsare all welcome to come and feel the thrill and excitement of our 400m circuitand purpose built facility RACE ON A WEDNESDAY NIGHT 2X20MIN RACES FOR ONLY 20 Special for drivers club members Join now only 20 per year. lots more offers, so keep a lookout. SCAN THIS TO VIEW OUR LATEST VIDEO ON YOUR PHONE help? see pg 2YOURDERRY.COM 48 49. FACEBOOK.COM/JOEDERRY 49 YOURDERRY.COM 50. 1 Victoria Court,Victoria Road, LondonderryTel: 02871 318 788YOURDERRY.COM 51. footballYOURDERRY.COM 5151 52. YOURDERRY.COM 52 53. YOURDERRY.COM 53 54. YOURDERRY.COM 54 55. YOURDERRY.COM 55 56. YOURDERRY.COM 56 57. YOURDERRY.COM 57 58. YOURDERRY.COM 58 59. YOURDERRY.COM 59 60. YOURDERRY.COM 60 61. YOURDERRY.COM 61 62. YOURDERRY.COM 62 63. YOURDERRY.COM 63 64. YOURDERRY.COM 64