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Featuring longtime and historic North Hollywood Ice Company and the best new products featured at the 98th Annual IPIA convention


  • JANUARY 2016

    Pictured here, Carlos Nicoletti carries a block of ice on his

    back, using ice tongs, back in the early years of his ice route.

    His descendants would eventually purchase and grow the business.


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    14 REFRIGERATION GETS TO KNOW NORTH HOLLYWOOD ICE COMPANYA longtime, historic ice company embodies all that has kept the ice industry in continuation.




    THE ELF CHESTMike Landino concludes his Christmas Miracle story.


    6 RouteMan from KCS

    6 Ice Breaker from LEER

    8 Cool Running Software

    11 Block Makers by Polar Temp

    12 BlueBoxIceIPIA CONVENTION PHOTOSLarge showing, outstanding tours and meetings at the IPIA


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    DEPARTMENTSspICE Whew! Off Season is Finally Here! 4AD INDEX A list of our advertisers 26CLASSIFIED ADS Classified advertisements by region 26



    Mary Y. CronleyEditor/ 819-5446

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    Mary Y. CronleyEditor/ 819-5446

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    Whew! Off Season is Finally Here!Selling season has passed, the busy fall convention season is over, and were coming out of the holiday demands. Despite the fact that we have a very different playing field comprised of less independent ice manufacturers and suppliers, the work pressures dont reflect that. In fact, we have to work harder to keep what we have.

    Thats why its important to continue to network and develop strong relationships through meetings, conventions and travel, which keeps our industry ongoing and everlasting. Just envision those classic images of the iceman making deliveries in the beginning of our industry. Making personal connections is how we got our start, and it's what sustains us.

    Thats why I go to meetings to meet jewels like Beatrice Nicoletti of North Hollywood Ice Company. We were sitting side by side on the bus to the Reddy Ice plant tour and conversation ensued. When I introduced myself, she showed enthusiasm for the magazine, and said thats why she and her crew attended the recent IPIA meeting because she saw our promotion of it on the front and inside the book, and they always read Refrigeration from cover to cover. When I heard her story and learned she was a third generation ice lady and had purchased the business from her dad, I knew she was telling my story and so many others as well.

    Her company is amazing, and so is she. Thats why the industry continues, one Happy New Year after the other. I hope you enjoy reading about her company and its legacy.

    Oh, and a special thank you from myself, and my four baby boys (pictured above right) for continuing to be a part of OUR family.

    Happy reading!

    Mary Yopp CronleyEditor, Refrigeration Magazine

    "The boys and I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. I hope we all get to enjoy a little more family time in our brief off season."



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    RouteMan from Keet Consulting Services

    The RouteMan Route Management System, from Keet Consulting Services, provides an efficient and accurate way for companies to manage route delivery and route sales. Invoices are entered into a RouteMobile Android Smart device (phone or tablet) by the driver at the customer location and a professional receipt, complete with signature, is printed for the customer. Invoices are automatically updated to the host computer with a data plan or upon returning to the office with a WiFi connection. Sales are posted to accounts and reports are available immediately. RouteMan comes standard with live mapping and GPS tracking. RouteMan offers significant time savings, increased accuracy and more security for cash sales when compared to handwritten tickets. RouteMan pays for itself in driver and office time savings.

    For more information, contact Darrell Mount at

    Ice Breaker System from LEERListening To Consumers Yields a New Type of Merchandiser

    Leer, Inc. went straight to the source after the results of a consumer study of packaged ice buyers. The company listened to consumers who helped their team design an entirely new category of ice merchandiser.

    The study provided two key facts which guided the design of the new system: packaged ice buyers asked for pay-at-the-pump convenience for their purchases; and consumers did not have confidence that the merchandiser they were making their selection from was as clean as it could be. They designed a new type of merchandiser from scratch - the Ice Breaker system.

    Leers new merchandiser is a real departure from the angular shapes of prior models. Its curvy, colorful front features asymmetrical doors made of an anti-microbial infused HDPE material rather than traditional metal doors. Another departure is the units interior, which is lined with a white, anti-microbial finish sheet metal. Leer calls their new finish Clean & Clear.

    What may be more innovative is the credit card acceptance system built in to the Ice Breaker, which allows consumers the convenience of ice purchased without waiting in line at the store, as well as after hours. The system accepts standard credit cards and validates through a cellphone connection. Even better, packaged ice manufacturers receive the full retail price for its product.

    The Ice Breaker merchandiser is available for spring delivery.

    Cool productsfeatured at the 98th Annual IPIA Convention and Trade Show

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    What is The Cloud? Practically speaking it is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer. Many of you have been in The Cloud for many years and might not even know it. In fact, Cloud solutions like eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo went online more than 20 years ago! Currently, I am sure anyone who turns on their computer is using The Cloud either for shopping, personal finances or even to check on your childrens progress in school. Computing in The Cloud is not a new concept but has become a very important and necessary tool for businesses of all sizes to function efficiently now and in the future. For that reason, Cool Running Software is currently working to take the entire desktop application and move it to The Cloud to help maximize efficiency and add features that will benefit companies of all sizes. Moreover, being a modular subscription-based product will help make it affordable for ice companies of any size.

    One of the common arguments and concerns about moving to The Cloud is the security and reliability of your company data. I will agree. I, too, was concerned about this as well. As an iceman myself, I know what it would be like to show up on a hot July morning and log into Cool Running and see site is down. For that reason, I was hesitant about moving my application to The Cloud, until I actually took the time to see the reliability of The Cloud. Cool Running Software will be hosted on Amazon Web Services. Currently Amazon has one of the highest uptimes in the industry at 99.9974%! That is 2.41 total hours of downtime spread over a year! I dont even have that much confidence in my own server turning on each morning!

    One of the other benefits of The Cloud is the reduced costs of IT spending. Hosting your own Web server in house is not only less secure, it is expensive! Speaking from experience, I have spent over $10,000.00 a year in IT expenses hosting our own Web server at Olmsted Ice! The more functionality we can take off site will reduce the need for more powerful machines to run the daily functions of Cool Running Software and other applications. Cloud Computing will reduce the costs needed to maintain and back data on site at your office.

    Speaking again as an iceman having constant access to my data has become more important than ever. As much as I am wired in to my company 24/7 with alerts from GPS tracking, equipment inventory alerts, online orders, etc., I would not have it any oth