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Featuring longtime and historic North Hollywood Ice Company and the best new products featured at the 98th Annual IPIA convention


JANUARY 2016Pictured here, Carlos Nicoletti carries a block of ice on his back, using ice tongs, back in the early years of his ice route. His descendants would eventually purchase and grow the business. SEE THE STORY OF NORTH HOLLYWOOD ICE COMPANY P.142 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016January 2016 REFRIGERATION Magazine 3 14 REFRIGERATION GETS TO KNOW NORTH HOLLYWOOD ICE COMPANYA longtime, historic ice company embodies all that has kept the ice industry in continuation.18622THE ELF CHESTMike Landino concludes his Christmas Miracle story.TOP PRODUCTS FROM THE 2015 IPIA CONVENTION 6 RouteMan from KCS 6 Ice Breaker from LEER 8 Cool Running Software11 Block Makers by Polar Temp12 BlueBoxIceIPIA CONVENTION PHOTOSLarge showing, outstanding tours and meetings at the IPIAFIND OUT MORE AT OR CONNECT WITH US AT ofCONTENTSDEPARTMENTSspICE Whew! Off Season is Finally Here! 4AD INDEX A list of our advertisers 26CLASSIFIED ADS Classified advertisements by region 26FEATURESEDITORIAL STAFFMary Y. CronleyEditor/ 819-5446Joe CronleySenior Staff 295-5712Markurious Marketing Group, LLCArt 439-6534ADVERTISING, SUBSCRIPTIONS, ACCOUNTSMary Y. CronleyEditor/ 819-5446Established as ICE in 1906, Refrigeration Magazine is published thirteen times a year, including the Annual Buyer's Guide. Postmaster: Send notice by form 3579 to:Refrigeration Magazine260 Lakeview Ridge EastRoswell, GA 30076Annual Subscriptions: US: $49/year or $79/two yearsInternational: $79/yearSingle Copies: $6/copyCopyright 2015 by REFRIGERATION Magazine. All rights reserved.January 2016Vol. 199 No. 1ISSN #0034-3137614224 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016 From REFRIGERATION MAGAZINEWhew! Off Season is Finally Here!Selling season has passed, the busy fall convention season is over, and were coming out of the holiday demands. Despite the fact that we have a very different playing field comprised of less independent ice manufacturers and suppliers, the work pressures dont reflect that. In fact, we have to work harder to keep what we have.Thats why its important to continue to network and develop strong relationships through meetings, conventions and travel, which keeps our industry ongoing and everlasting. Just envision those classic images of the iceman making deliveries in the beginning of our industry. Making personal connections is how we got our start, and it's what sustains us. Thats why I go to meetings to meet jewels like Beatrice Nicoletti of North Hollywood Ice Company. We were sitting side by side on the bus to the Reddy Ice plant tour and conversation ensued. When I introduced myself, she showed enthusiasm for the magazine, and said thats why she and her crew attended the recent IPIA meeting because she saw our promotion of it on the front and inside the book, and they always read Refrigeration from cover to cover. When I heard her story and learned she was a third generation ice lady and had purchased the business from her dad, I knew she was telling my story and so many others as well.Her company is amazing, and so is she. Thats why the industry continues, one Happy New Year after the other. I hope you enjoy reading about her company and its legacy.Oh, and a special thank you from myself, and my four baby boys (pictured above right) for continuing to be a part of OUR family.Happy reading!Mary Yopp CronleyEditor, Refrigeration Magazine"The boys and I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. I hope we all get to enjoy a little more family time in our brief off season."spICEFrom REFRIGERATION MAGAZINE6 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016RouteMan from Keet Consulting ServicesThe RouteMan Route Management System, from Keet Consulting Services, provides an efficient and accurate way for companies to manage route delivery and route sales. Invoices are entered into a RouteMobile Android Smart device (phone or tablet) by the driver at the customer location and a professional receipt, complete with signature, is printed for the customer. Invoices are automatically updated to the host computer with a data plan or upon returning to the office with a WiFi connection. Sales are posted to accounts and reports are available immediately. RouteMan comes standard with live mapping and GPS tracking. RouteMan offers significant time savings, increased accuracy and more security for cash sales when compared to handwritten tickets. RouteMan pays for itself in driver and office time savings.For more information, contact Darrell Mount at Breaker System from LEERListening To Consumers Yields a New Type of MerchandiserLeer, Inc. went straight to the source after the results of a consumer study of packaged ice buyers. The company listened to consumers who helped their team design an entirely new category of ice merchandiser.The study provided two key facts which guided the design of the new system: packaged ice buyers asked for pay-at-the-pump convenience for their purchases; and consumers did not have confidence that the merchandiser they were making their selection from was as clean as it could be. They designed a new type of merchandiser from scratch - the Ice Breaker system.Leers new merchandiser is a real departure from the angular shapes of prior models. Its curvy, colorful front features asymmetrical doors made of an anti-microbial infused HDPE material rather than traditional metal doors. Another departure is the units interior, which is lined with a white, anti-microbial finish sheet metal. Leer calls their new finish Clean & Clear.What may be more innovative is the credit card acceptance system built in to the Ice Breaker, which allows consumers the convenience of ice purchased without waiting in line at the store, as well as after hours. The system accepts standard credit cards and validates through a cellphone connection. Even better, packaged ice manufacturers receive the full retail price for its product.The Ice Breaker merchandiser is available for spring delivery.Cool productsfeatured at the 98th Annual IPIA Convention and Trade ShowModern works with packaged ice clients who face increasing costs and require financing solutions and technical and engineering assistance to decrease downtime and increase their profits. Modern helps those clients with sales and terms programs, the best equipment and automation solutions, our Freeze Force technical support team, and by utilizing the best buying practices and inventory controls.Contact us to review your critical concerns we are the company to partner with to create solutions for your business!CALL US TODAY at1-800-543-1581Learn more about Modern atWWW.MODERNICE.COM8 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016What is The Cloud? Practically speaking it is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer. Many of you have been in The Cloud for many years and might not even know it. In fact, Cloud solutions like eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo went online more than 20 years ago! Currently, I am sure anyone who turns on their computer is using The Cloud either for shopping, personal finances or even to check on your childrens progress in school. Computing in The Cloud is not a new concept but has become a very important and necessary tool for businesses of all sizes to function efficiently now and in the future. For that reason, Cool Running Software is currently working to take the entire desktop application and move it to The Cloud to help maximize efficiency and add features that will benefit companies of all sizes. Moreover, being a modular subscription-based product will help make it affordable for ice companies of any size. One of the common arguments and concerns about moving to The Cloud is the security and reliability of your company data. I will agree. I, too, was concerned about this as well. As an iceman myself, I know what it would be like to show up on a hot July morning and log into Cool Running and see site is down. For that reason, I was hesitant about moving my application to The Cloud, until I actually took the time to see the reliability of The Cloud. Cool Running Software will be hosted on Amazon Web Services. Currently Amazon has one of the highest uptimes in the industry at 99.9974%! That is 2.41 total hours of downtime spread over a year! I dont even have that much confidence in my own server turning on each morning!One of the other benefits of The Cloud is the reduced costs of IT spending. Hosting your own Web server in house is not only less secure, it is expensive! Speaking from experience, I have spent over $10,000.00 a year in IT expenses hosting our own Web server at Olmsted Ice! The more functionality we can take off site will reduce the need for more powerful machines to run the daily functions of Cool Running Software and other applications. Cloud Computing will reduce the costs needed to maintain and back data on site at your office. Speaking again as an iceman having constant access to my data has become more important than ever. As much as I am wired in to my company 24/7 with alerts from GPS tracking, equipment inventory alerts, online orders, etc., I would not have it any other way! For more than 20 years, I have been taking late night trips to the office and making adjustments to my routes based on the calls that came in after I left work. In this day and age, accessibility of data is vital to running efficient. Being able to access my company from any device with internet access will help take my office with me anywhere I go! In a sense, web computing helps make the world your office!The Cloud has also brought better opportunities with integration. By moving to the The Cloud, Cool Running Software has created enhancements by bringing the best of other cloud-based systems to the product. One such product is US Fleet Tracking, a leader in 10 second update vehicle tracking and vehicle reporting. Another great cloud-based product teamed up with Cool Running is IceQ, the ice chest sensor product that tells the iceman when to go! Having all products in The Cloud brings many integration possibilities to the iceman and brings almost limitless room for expansion of services. Moving Cool Running Software to The Cloud will make maintenance of our product much easier than in the past. Rather than updating each customers system individually, Cool Running Software can update all code changes in The Cloud during off hours. Making small changes and enhancements will be an easy task. This benefit of Cloud computing will make maintenance more efficient and much less invasive on daily operations for our clients. ICE IS THE CLOUD will bring our industry into the future. With our ever-increasing operational costs, Cloud Solutions will help even the smallest ice company function more efficient and help them expand their reach within their own market and open up endless possibilities for any Iceman. Ice in the CloudBy Tony Dickson Cool Running SoftwareCool productsfeatured at the 98th Annual IPIA Convention and Trade ShowMatthiesen equipment is trusted worldwide to move, condition and package millions of pounds of ice every day.Reliability that works for you!Bulk Bagger Drying BeltsBelt ConveyorVL Bagger Block PressBTO System Magic FingerVLS Bagger Bucket ElevatorAutomatic BalerScrew Conveyor Rotating Table Dewatering ReelShakers Crusher Live Bottom BinHeat Seal BaggerGravity BinsBaggerCustomized solutions to meet your needs.the name youve come to trust 1-800-624-8635 | matthiesenequipment.comBy Tony Dickson Cool Running Software10 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016Cool productsfeatured at the 98th Annual IPIA Convention and Trade ShowPolar Temp Models IBM300 and IBM600. Each makes crystal clear 300 lb carving.Andrew and Christine of Fountain Hills Water & ice with their new Polar Temp IBM300 block ice maker with snow cone inserts.Polar Temp shows its newest Block Makers, among its many other products, at the recent IPIA. Polar Temp Unveils New Product LineJanuary 2016 REFRIGERATION Magazine 11 12 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016RMWe met you at the IPIA a few years ago, your first attendance there. You brought your water vending machine which was received well, Water Vendors by Us. Good to see youve got another great product. How did this one come about?BBI In 2013, three of us met to discuss a prospective new venture. Our discussion was based on what two of us had learned at the IPIA Annual Convention that year. Specifically, we had learned of an industry need for a packaged ice vending merchandiser in order to facilitate retail sales, directly to consumers, at convenient, stand-alone locations. RM What had you heard from the ice manufacturer?BBI The CEO of a major ice company had told us, "We need a conventional vending machine FROM WHICH TO SELL OUR PACKAGED ICE just like they often use for soft drinks...the kind you put your money in, push the button and the bag of ice drops out, but the numbers have to work and be in-line when FACTORING THE COST OF THE MACHINE against projected operating costs and revenues."Almost as important, it has to be mechanically simple and reliable because my employees aren't trained to service sophisticated or complicated equipment.Forward Thinking TrioDon Brown, Terry Keathley and Kim Schrotenboer launch one-of- a-kind ice vending merchandiser, BlueBoxIce.RM Vending machines are nothing new, though.BBI Operators of stand-alone ice vending machines manufactured by Ice House America, Kooler Ice, and a handful of others which manufacture ice on the spot, have already captured a significant portion of a total $1.5 billion in annual ice sales.How are they achieving this? Its simple....its called customer convenience! Consumers no longer have to go inside and stand in line at convenience stores, supermarkets or other retail stores. They simply pull up to an easily accessible ice vending machine and make their ice purchase on the spot.RM How can packaged ice companies learn more about BlueBoxIce?BBI Just call us at (941) 999-2829 or visit our website at Market NeedCool productsfeatured at the 98th Annual IPIA Convention and Trade ShowJanuary 2016 REFRIGERATION Magazine 13 FARLEYS FRIGERATION23620 CR 561 Astatula, FL. 34705Office Pressure GaugesGlycerin Filled Stainless30/0/150 and 30/0/3002-1/2 Dial $36.00ea.4 Dial $46.00ea. Sulfur Sticks100pack $35.0010 pack $4.75Litmus Paper $6.50 / book AMMONIA PARTSCornell, Dunham Bush, Frick, F.E.S. GEA, Sabroe, Stal, Sullair, Viking, York are registered trademarks. Fuller is a registeredtrademark of FL Smidth Inc. Mycom is a registered trademark of Mayekawa; Vilter is a registered trademark of Emerson Climate.Ammonia Hoses and transfer and charging hoses in 25 and 50 IN STOCKReplacement Shaft SealsReplacements for Cornell, DunhamBush, Frick, FES Rotary, Howden,F.E.S. GEA, Mycom, Sabroe, Stal,Sullair, Viking, Vilter, YorkReplacement parts for use in your VilterWe stock an extensive line of replacement parts for use in the Vilter 400 series piston compressorsFrom a spring to a package Farleys can handle itValves Parker, R/S, Danfoss, Phillips, Hansen, Shank, Sporlan, Wolf LindeReplacement Coalescing &Oil Filters availablePackaged Ice Vending Merchandiser MODEL: BBI144VM FEATURES: Direct Vending To Consumer Stand-Alone Placement Application 144 Bag Capacity (10 lb. bags) Accepts Payment In Coin, Currency Or Credit Card Direct Dispensing Eliminates Product Pilferage Cash Lockout Box Allows Collection By Designated Handler Only Remote Inventory Monitoring Via Smartphone BLUEBOXICE Brand Name Recognition 5 Year Compressor Warranty One Year Warranty On All Parts Simplistic Design Assures Reliable Operation 115 volt 15 amp or 220 volt 10 amp serviceIt was known as Home Ice during the Roaring 20's, and on into the 30's and 40's. The ice company was owned by a gentleman named Dick Cleveland, and Carlo Nicoletti worked under him on an ice route, delivering mostly to homes and small stores, in the classic image style of carrying blocks of ICE on his back using ice tongs. Mr. Nicoletti was born in America, and raised in New York where he worked as an iceman and also sold coal. He moved to California in 1942 with his wife Beatrice and their children. His oldest son Paul Nicoletti worked with him at Home Ice Company when he was only 8 or 9 years old. Young Paul loved working alongside his dad. When Paul got older, he moved back to New York and stayed there until his father became ill with cancer. Paul returned to California to help support the family and took over his Dad's route at Home Ice at the age of seventeen and supported the family until his Dad passed away. Paul continued to work his Dad's ice route after he was married to his wife Mari Ann. They had five daughters. Paul wanted more and asked Dick Cleveand to sell him the property where Home Ice sat at 11317 Chandler Blvd in North Hollywood, Calif. Mr. Cleveland was getting older and liked and admired Paul, so he decided to sell him the property along with the company. Paul renamed his company to what is now North Hollywood Ice Company.Editors NoteI met Beatrice on a bus in Vegas. Seriously, we were seated on the shuttle, headed to the Reddy Ice Plant tour during the November IPIA Convention, and hit it off.Beatrice is a third generation ice manufacturer, and has a familiar story to so many of us in the family industry of ice. Like my own story, she purchased the business from her father, which was founded and started by HIS father. She is a delightful, wonderfully personable individual, and asked me more about ME than I could ask about HER. I was very happy when she shared that she reads REFRIGERATION "religiously" and that the reason she was attending this IPIA (her companys first time) was because she saw it promoted on the cover and within the pages of a recent issue.Meet Beatrice and the rest of the family and crew from historic North Hollywood Ice Company.Historic Family Business14 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016Top to Bottom: NHICE crew; Original delivery trucks; Paul Nicoletti The Original Ice Man; Ice Trucks 1920s.At the time, it was an ice storage facility only, with 300lb. blocks of ice that had to be crushed for soda fountains and scored ice cubes for liquor stores and markets. (This was before packaged ice was sold in all the markets.)In the mid 70's the business was going so well that Paul decided to build a bigger storage unit that processed block ice and made ice cubes.Then Paul ventured into the movie industry business. "WOW! Not to brag but he was #1 when it came to starting snow scenes in movies and movie stars homes, etc.," a family member confided.North Hollywood Ice Company did many snow scenes for the movie industry, including North Dallas Forty, The Bodyguard and The Mambo King.In 1992, Paul and his wife Mari Ann decided to retire to Del Mar, California. Their third daughter Beatrice loved the company and had worked for her Dad periodically over the years. She took it as her own responsibility to make sure it represented the tradition of the Nicoletti name. That was 23 years ago and the company is still very successful and going strong, thanks to her dedication and hard work. The company now operates at the second ice plant address and is bigger and better.My StoryI can remember in 1966 being out on the playground with my classmates when one of the teachers asked me what my father did for a living. I answered, full of pride, that he was an Iceman. Boy, the looks on these four teachers faces. I will never forget they all said, Iceman? in unison, and then one said Whats that? We have refrigeration, the iceman no longer exists! I became confused, wanting to defend my family and thinking about my fathers passion for his work. After all, he was able to trade ice for the cost of me being born! The hospitals cafeteria was one his accounts. How cool is that? My life as I knew it was being raised around the ice house. One ginormous hardworking family. My father was the mentor to a tough bunch of guys, most of whom still remain employed by NH Ice. He cared so much about providing an excellent product and unparalleled service, and as a result, passed that standard of excellence onto his employees. There is something very special about people in the ice industry (you either have it, or you dont.) When my parents retired in 1992, I purchased the business, servicing the movie studios, caters, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, residences, hospitals, you name it... always something different. It keeps it fun and exciting! What stays the same is the pride we share as a family and maintaining the standards and integrity that Paul Nicoletti set for the ice industry. What I love about being in the ice business- its my roots, my family, and I have a great passion for it. - Beatrice Nicoletti Clockwise from top right: North Dallas Forty; Snow scene; Production snow job; Front page Daily News; Carlo Nicoletti Paul Nicolleti's father.Before Bobby could stop her, Cindy yelled out hopefully, Santas Village! The small fairy looked to Bobby and then to the twins. Santa is very far away, girls. If I could take you there, believe me, young human females, I would. Oh well, she said with an embarrassed frown, thats why I am only a 2nd class elf fairy. I would forget my own name if it wasnt sewed onto my vest. See, she said, showing them her name embroidered on the right side of her vest. So, I guess Ill probably never see the North Pole again. Not that one, you silly goose, Susan laughed, as she relished in the word play she shared with the beautiful elf, Up there, she said, pointing westward toward Pikes Peak. Once again Poinsettia looked to Bobby. We have a Santas Village on that mountain. Its just pretend but it gets really crowded at this time of the year; a lot of parents with their kids. Seeing that she needed more, he continued. Its really pretty up there with a lot of rides for us kids, animals to pet, and a lot of children standing in line waiting to sit on Santas lap. Fascinated with her truly amazed reaction to this, he added. Hes not the real Santa. Poinsettia pondered this for a moment. Her ears beat mightily as her head turned left and then right and then to the huge mountain that loomed before her. She turned to the kids. Who wants to go? And with that she flew to the window touched each childs hand, and without warning, out the window they went, hand in hand. Bobbys scream of horror quickly turned to a shout of delight as he and his sisters flew west, high above their neighborhood. Here he was, a hundred feet above the ground and somehow he knew they would not fall to the ground. He felt safe with this wild, forgetful elf. They were on an adventure, a crazy and wild one, and he, Bobby Schultz, was along for the ride. Yee-haw, he screamed out at the top of his lungs while his sisters laughed their heads off. Below, the McPhersons jaws hung open. They could not believe their eyes and ears as they witnessed the Schultz kids laughing wildly high above them. The twins shouted and waved at little Wendy McPherson. They flew west, above Bear Creek Park, nestled in the foothills of the Rockies and Pikes Peak. Poinsettia saw a bunch of teenagers playing Frisbee. She zoomed down towards them, adrenaline filled children in tow. With a high-pitched girlish scream of delight, she swooped down on the plastic toy and plucked it out of mid-flight, delighting the girls to no end and scaring the crap out of the kids on the ground. With another whoop of delight, she flung the Frisbee expertly towards one of the boys on the ground and sped away giggling in her beautiful elf laughter. Onward they soared. When they closed in on the small town of Manitou, to Colorado Springs west, Poinsettia spiraled downwards. Bobby and the girls yelled and waved to the startled people below, many of whom were pointing up with their cell phones. Less than fifty feet from the ground, the elf leveled out and headed upwards. Faster and faster they climbed. Soon, Santas Village was in sight. They flew three very fast circuits around and over Santas Village. A trail of green and red smoke shot out from the elfs shoes. Poinsettia slowed to a stop and hovered about three hundred feet above the large merry-go-round that was in the center of the park. Just to its right, a long line of children that stood in line to give Santa their Christmas list suddenly broke into pandemonium as they screamed in delight, and some, fear, and pointed at the small female elf and three children. The twins especially enjoyed the attention. Bobby knew all these people seeing them could only be bad. And as if destiny heard his fears an unnoticed noise that a moment earlier rumbled in the distance now grumbled loudly. Hovered above them was a local news helicopter with a camera man hanging out as far as he dared. His video recorder captured three children holding hands, and the boy grasping the hand of the diminutive female that apparently kept the four suspended in mid-air with the rapid beating of her wings. This was without a doubt the greatest story he had ever witnessed. His heart pounded madly as the video recorded and listened to the hyper excited reporter behind him telling the world every glorious, unexaggerated detail on what she saw. Bobby was afraid. This was too much. Everyone would know. What have they done? In the distance, two dark objects, Black Hawk helicopters dispatched from Fort Carson, sped towards them. Oh, crappers, we have to get out of here. Look! The hand that grasped Poinsettias hand jerked forward towards the approaching soldiers. We have to get out here, he yelled at her worriedly. by Mike LandinoChest Elf Thecontinued from Dec. 201518 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016 Ah, Phish, Posh, they just want to play with us. Dont worry, Boy. We are only having the merriest of times. To prove her point she nodded toward the girls who without doubt were having the greatest of fun. That did not ease Bobbys fears. The Black Hawks were close enough now to use their laser guided missiles. Several soldiers inside had their weapons at the ready while their mouths hung open. One of them pointed toward the north. A second news helicopter was approaching. As far as the boy was concerned, disaster was imminent. Suddenly his eyes zoomed in to the left inside of her brown vest as it flapped wildly in the high altitude mountain air. In sparking purple sequence were two sets of large numbers, sewed into the inside of the vest. Is it that simple? He yelled to the wind. He looked to the crowd below, and then to the Black Hawk helicopters. Both news copters were on the scene now, filming everything. With his mind desperately looking for a way to depart this craziness as fast as they could, and with nothing to lose, he stole another look at his sisters, and them screamed as loud as he could, 12! 25! All three children and Poinsettia were back in the attic. The girls sighed with disappointment. Poinsettia sighed too, with obvious sorrow on her face. How did we get back here? She asked with two small hands on her hips. The secret code to Santa; its sewed into the left inside of your vest. He pointed. The elf undid her vest, took it off and then looked at the inside of it. Her face turned several shades of red as she sheepishly looked into his eyes. Oops! I told you how forgetful I am. A small thud was heard on the roof. Three smiling cherub faces soon looked through the opened window, shouted in small, high-pitched screams of joy, and stepped in. After several moments of hugging and high-pitched giggles, the four elves turned to the three bewildered children. One of the elves, a male, small and rosy-cheeked, smiled and bowed elegantly towards the children. You know, you have gained quite the audience out there, he said jerking a thumb towards the octagon window. Bobby ran to the window. The Macphersons along with half the neighborhood, and several news trucks crowded into the cul-de-sac they lived in. Overhead, in the distance, Bobby saw the same Black Hawk helicopters he saw at Santas Village speeding towards the direction of his house. Wendy Macphersons dad must have called 911, he thought suddenly. Quickly he turned back to the elves. They are coming; its the whole world. His face was pale and frightened Whos coming, Boy? Everyone! All is well, Boy. There is nothing to worry about, Poinsettia said as if she had not a care in the world. His sisters giggles drew his stare. Two of the elves were whispering into their ears while the third gently grabbed Poinsettias hand, as he kindly looked into the boys eyes. It is as she says, Master Bobby. There is nothing to worry about. In a moment, we will be back at Santas Village and you will be here." But what do we tell them? he asked pointed down at the growing commotion in the street. The three new arrivals laughed in their high-pitched voices while Poinsettia nodded knowingly. She appeared embarrassed, almost guilty looking but not quite. You tell them the truth. "But theyll think we are crazy, theyll thing we are out of our minds. They will. He stopped when he heard the voice on the police speaker demanding they come out of the house. Well, I guess they might believe us. And with that he began to laugh. The elf that held the hand of the lost but now found, Elf Fairy 2nd Class Turtle Dove, smiled gently. It is time for us to go, children. We must get back to Santa. What will happen to our friend? the girls cried together. All the elves with the exception of the Elf Fairy, 2nd Class laughed heartily. This is not the first time we have had to help out our mischievous friend. She will be fine, girls. The three elves laughed again while Poinsettia nodded her head in humbled agreement. After several moments of goodbyes and heartfelt thanks from all the elves, the four small figures approached the window and stepped out into mid-air. The three children stood at the window and looked out. Poinsettia whispered into the head elfs ear and he nodded his head much to her delight. Below, several hundred people had gathered. Several news trucks, Fort Carson soldiers, and at least twenty police cars crowded in and around the cul-de-sac. Laughter, tears, shouts of joy and disbelief drowned out the sound of the helicopters, both military and news that hovered above. With a final wave to the children, the head elf patted Poinsettias shoulder. With a giant smile on her face she favored the children with another smile, looked down to the crowd below, and then shouted out in her loudest voice possible, Merry Christmas, to one and all! With a last giggle between them, the four flew up and away. In a blink of an eye they were gone. Bobby looked down to the pandemonium going on in the street below. Grown adults jumped up and down, patting each other on the back, most of them laughing while tears of joy streamed down their faces. The boy felt elated but somehow, empty inside. He looked to his sisters who sat contently and completely fascinated and absorbed in what Cindy was holding. Susan saw her big brother looking down at them. Bobby, see what the nice elf man gave us. Cindy turned towards her brother so he could see. His jaw dropped and his eyes grew wide with unbelievable joy. In the shininess of his eyes, a reflection of what he saw grew. It couldnt be but it was. The End January 2016 REFRIGERATION Magazine 19 MERCHANDISERSPARTSJanuary 2016 REFRIGERATION Magazine 21 According to Convenient Store News, under the pact, Core-Mark will service approximately 900 7-Eleven stores in three western regions: Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Sacramento. The service agreement is expected to begin in October 2016.The strategic partnership reflects 7-Eleven and Core-Mark's shared values of leadership driven by integrity and a focus on culture and customers, according to a Core-Mark news release."We are very excited to be teaming up with the world's largest convenience store chain where our shared vision will generate benefits for both organizations," said Thomas B. Perkins, president and CEO of Core-Mark.Dallas-based 7-Eleven operates, franchises or licenses 10,700 7-Eleven stores in North America. Globally, there are nearly 57,400 7-Eleven stores in 17 countries. South San Francisco, Calif.-based Core-Mark is one of the largest marketers of fresh and broad-line supply solutions to the convenience retail industry in North America. It offers a full range of products, marketing programs and technology solutions to more than 37,500 customer locations in the United States and Canada through 29 distribution centers, excluding two distribution facilities the company operates as a third party logistics provider.7-Eleven Inc. Inks 5-Year Supply Agreement with Core-Mark Holding Co. Inc. Convenience Store News22 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016Convention PhotosJanuary 2016 REFRIGERATION Magazine 23 24 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016800.325.3667 | 314.849.4411 | www.automaticice.comFrom the water coming into your building to automatically delivering finished pallets of Packaged Ice into your freezer, AIS Designs, Engineers, Delivers, and Supports the industrys most efficient and productive solutions.The Complete SolutionOperations Consulting, Facility Design, Complete Project Engineering, Vogt Ice Manufacturing Systems,Ice Processing Systems, Ice Packaging Equipment, Automatic Palletizing Systems, Control Integration, Packaging Products, Leer Merchandisers, Equipment Parts and Technical Support, Turn- Key Project Installs, Equipment Rebuilds, Field ServiceDelivering tomorrows technology todayJanuary 2016 REFRIGERATION Magazine 25 800.325.3667 | 314.849.4411 | www.automaticice.comFrom the water coming into your building to automatically delivering finished pallets of Packaged Ice into your freezer, AIS Designs, Engineers, Delivers, and Supports the industrys most efficient and productive solutions.The Complete SolutionOperations Consulting, Facility Design, Complete Project Engineering, Vogt Ice Manufacturing Systems,Ice Processing Systems, Ice Packaging Equipment, Automatic Palletizing Systems, Control Integration, Packaging Products, Leer Merchandisers, Equipment Parts and Technical Support, Turn- Key Project Installs, Equipment Rebuilds, Field ServiceDelivering tomorrows technology todayConvention PhotosMore26 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016SOUTHEASTSANCHEZ REFRIGERATION EQUIP Cell: 954-648-2459 Office: 386-597-6381 Vogt P-18XT Year 2000 mini tube W/C 230/3/60 DX-11 ten ton By Vogt year 200 1-1/2" tube W/C 230/3/60 DX6-900 five ton mini tube 230/3/60 Used JMC sealer 115/1/60 Used 31' X 31' X 16' Freezer W/ 7.5 HP Kramer Cond 230/3/60 includes 8' X 8' Slider door and standard duty door 20 Ton Turbo Rake bin with front delivery screw 230/3/60 3- P-34AL 1-1/2 tubes 230/3/60 (used) 3- P-34AL 7/8" tubes 230/3/60 (used) 1- Turbo S/S cutter 230/3/60 Vogt P-118 year 2007 w/ low hours 230/3/60 W/C 12 Ton S/S Self-Contain Turbo Ice maker W/C One ATC-258B Evapco Evap Cond.460/3/60 Two Vilter 440 comp. Pkg. 460/3/60 200HP Ammonia For pics call Ralph at 954-648-2459Ad IndexAmerican Ice Equipment Exchange, 25 & 27Automatic Ice Systems, ..................................24Classified Ads ..........................................................................................26-30Farley's Frigeration, ................................................13Ice Maid, ...................................................................20Ice Max, .......................................................................2Ice Systems & Supplies Inc. (ISSI), 10 & 26Ing-Tech Corporation (ITC), ............................. 22 & 30Keet Consulting Services, LLC (KCS), ..........................21Leer, Inc., ......................................................................31Matthiesen, .........................................9Modern Ice, ...................................................7 & 29Polar Temp, ...........................................................32Polar Temp Express, .........................................16-17Sisco, ..............................................................5CLASSIFIED ADVERTISINGRates are $1.00 per word, with a minimum charge. Any blind ads, with an assigned box number c/o publisher, add $10.00. Deadline for upcoming issue is the 1st of the previous month. For advertising and listing information, contact Mary at (404) 819-5446 or refrigerationmag@gmail.comAd index/Classified adsUSED EQUIPMENT FOR SALE Turbo Tig 33 Ice Maker, 98 model Mycom N6WB Compressors w/125 HP motors skid mounted w/oil separators (used with Vogt P34AL ice makers) Turbo CB38 Rake Screw Conveyor Drive Packages for 9" and 12" conveyors (great condition) Hammer RBC with conveyor Stainless 9" and 12" screw conveyors 21' Hytrol belt conveyor Turbo CB87 with plastic chain and sprockets and stainless steel flights Morris 18 ton Tube Cube Maker, R22, 2006 model complete with evap condensor 1" ice Vogt 218, rebuilt in 2005, complete with cooling tower"NEW" KAMCO PARTS - Ice Systems & SuppliesRock Hill, SCToll free (800) 662-1273or (803) 324-8791January 2016 REFRIGERATION Magazine 27 SOUTHEAST (continued)Classified adsAND MUCH MORE!If you have discontinued ice bags, or used equipment you would like to sell PLEASE CALL. SEE OUR USED EQUIPMENT WEB PAGE AT WWW.AIEEXCHANGE.COM. Call for surplus ice!Polar Temp Equipment Mike Landino - Toll free - 1-877-376-0367 E-mail (NEW ADDRESS): Dont forget to call if you have a quality piece of used equipment for sale.USED EQUIPMENT FOR SALEICE EQUIPMENT FOR SALE 1-Morris 70 ton nugget ice maker NIM-200 HVS-70 ECR complete system 1-Morris 70 ton nugget ice maker NIM-150HV-70 complete system 1-Turbo Ice Sizer SN: 950930 1-UVS Snow Shaker Type C-5 1-Hamer 535 (converted to 540) Form, Fill, and Seal Various lengths of 9 stainless screw conveyors and drives Various lengths of 12 stainless screw conveyors, troughs, drive motors and gear boxes (new and used).CALL ME BEFORE YOU BUY NEW. Bo (757) HARD TO FIND PARTS?Impossible to Get?CALL FRANK!If he doesn't have it and he can't get it, it can't be found!Compressors, Vilters, Eclips, MRI 90, York, Y & G Series HDI Compressors, Frick, York, Vilter ALSO large selection of Parts for Compressors, Block Plants. We buy all types of used ice making & refrigeration equipment.COMER REFRIGERATION(386) 328-1687 | (386) 325-0909 (fax) RE-Built Hamer 125 Bag Closers with Stands Hamer 125 Bag Closers with Stands Hamer 14G Ring Closer, To Include Stand and Conveyor Hamer 310 Form, Fill, & Seal Morris 70 Ton Nugget Ice Maker Morris 70 Ton Flake Ice Maker Vogt P24ALs 7/8 Ice Makers with Refrigeration Vogt P24AL Mini Tube, Ice Maker with Refrigeration Vogt 18XT Mid Tube, 10 Ton Ice Maker Vogt 118 5 Ton Ice Maker 7/8, W/C Vogt 4000 4000lb 7/8 A/C Ice Maker Vogt 3000 7/8, W/C Ice Maker Kamco 14 Ton Moving Floor Ice Bin Kamco 20 Ton Moving Floor Bin Matthiesen VL510 Top Load Galv. Bagger Matthiesen Bagger Take-Off System Matthiesen VLS, Bottom Load Bagger 7lb Wicketed mis-print Ice Bags 16lb Wicketed misprint Ice Bags 5lb Wicketed Ice Bags Leer BL-39 Ice Block Maker Clinebell B-56s, 11lb Block Makers Clinebell CB300 300lb Block Makers 9x10 Screw Galv. Conveyor 12x16 Galv. Screw Conveyor 12x30 Stainless Screw Conveyors Belt Conveyor, Hytrol 10 Belt Conveyor, Hytrol 11 Magliner Ramp 28 x 13 4 Baltimore Aircoil CXV-184 Vilter VSM-601 Single Screw Compressor Type B Multi-SystemControl Panel 7lb Wicketed misprint Ice Bags 16lb Wicketed misprint Ice Bags 5lb Wicketed Ice Bags Infra-Pak Stretch Wrappers Turbo Ice Sizer28 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016MIDWESTNORTHEASTSNO CAP SALES, INC.St. Louis, MO | 636-225-6011Carving Blocks For SaleClinebell quality, boxed and palletized. We are centrally located and ship nationwide. The Choice is Crystal CLEAR.Equipment For SaleS60 Block Maker Glass Doors for Merchandisers FOR SALE Frick screw (150 hp) with all control board starter etc Micom Recip N6 with controls and 40 Hp Ice crane for 24 block harvest 12 cylinder Vilter recip no control or starter Block crusher (300lb), ice blower Vertical screw (old) various block equipmentContact Union Central Cold Storage or (213) 489-4205FOR SALEModel C-5 ICE Universal Vibrating Screen3x5 Screen with 7/8 Screen OpeningsCall Jimmy: (920) 231-7784FOR SALESmall ice plant business in central Illinois. Good customer base with lots of growth potential. Owner wants to retire. Call Paul for more information.(217) 374-6500 (office) or (217) 473-2615Classified adsICE FOR SALE A Family Owned Ice CompanyTube Ice7, 10, 20, 22 lb BagsOver a million bags in stockShipped or Picked upPIQCS Plus Accredited Arctic Ice Inc Call Steve Camenzind (314) 989-9090Ice Makers Vogt Ice Maker - P24A Morris Ice Maker Vogt Ice Maker - P118 Turbo Ice Maker CAR120 Turbo Ice Maker CF40SCER Vogt Ice Maker P418 Vogt Ice Maker HE30 Kold Draft Ice MakerPackaging Matthiesen Heat Seal Bagger Matthiesen Baler (3 Available) Hamer Form, Fill, and Seal Machine - 310Handling Matthiesen Shaker Belt with Stand Shaker 12 Stainless Steel Auger (Several Lengths) 12 Stainless Steel Shroud Trough CoverUSED EQUIPMENT FOR SALE1-800-543-1581www.modernice.comCheck our most recent inventory online at!EQUIPMENT FOR SALESuction Accumulator - Chil-Con Model # AA24084, 24 x 7 high, with boil out coil Like new condition - $6,000.00Receiver 12 x 30 with warming loop used with Vogt ice maker- Like new condition - $6,000.00Toshiba 125 HP Motor, Premium EfficiencyContact Kyle at Long Island Ice & Fuel Corp. (631) 727-3010 or (516) 790-6842January 2016 REFRIGERATION Magazine 29 NORTHEAST (continued)Plastic liners for clear block makers $1.18/ea Reusable drip pans from $6.50/eaOver 500 items in stock for Ice CarversMerchandiser Parts for all brands at competitive prices. (877) 984-5945VOGT ICE FOR SALE5, 7, 16 & 40 lb. bags.Water is lab tested for purity. Delivery or pick-up. Six generations of quality.Long Island Ice & Fuel Corp. Call (631) 727-3010FOR SALE 600 ice cans, 11x22x51 140 ft. York herring bone 4 ton bridge crane 13 can grids Two Tuffy upenders Perfection block scorers Tip tables 14 can can filler Plus other equipmentCall Gary Evans Clayville Ice Co., Inc.(315) 839-5405Vogt Mini tube ice, 8, 20 & 40 lb. bags. All ice is screened, palletized & stretch wrapped.We deliver or you pick up. Our water is treated with ozone for sterilization. No Chlorine Added!Martin's Ice CompanyPhone (717) 733-7968 or fax (717) 733-1981 PAClassified or (440) 717-1940PACIFICICE FOR SALEICE CARVING TOOLSICE MANUFACTURE AND SUPPLY BUSINESS FOR SALE HAWAII Srong existing customer base $200K Annual Sales Vogt Ice Machines 3-Ton Stainless Steel Auger Feed Ice Bin 2,500lb Storage (Walk-in Freezer) Isuzu MPR Refrigerated Box Truck Turn-KeyCall (808) 384-7033 for more information. $80KWANTEDLeer all-in-one racks. Contact Anderson Ice Co. at 570-752-3291WANT TO BUYHamer 535 or 540 FFS Bagger; with or without all of the bells and whistlesCall Gregg at (614) 272-840430 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016ICE MAKERS Vogt P34AL w/ high side refrigeration Morris 20 ton Nugget Ice Maker, R22, 460V, w/ stand and cooling tower Vogt P118 & 9000 Vogt DX6 (2) 10 ton Frick, LS, low side onlyRAKES LMR 2900 Northstar rake LMR 4200 Northstar rakeBAGGERS Hamer 310 FFS (wire tie)BAG CLOSERS Hamer 125 & RC JMC Fuse Air IV Matthiesen heat sealBELT CONVEYORS 6 - 30 Space Saver incline conveyorBLOCK MAKERS B-56 w/4 HP condenser Leer BL-39 w/ remote condenserSNOW REEL/SHAKERS SS Model 44 w/ 7 SS stand 3x8 SS Snow Reel w/ 13 stand 3x5 GV Snow Reel w/ 10 standREFRIGERATION 20 HP Krack Condenser 6.5 HP Bohn w/ evapBALERS JMC w/ positive incline Hamer 3 HD Bale-A-MaticITC EQUIPMENT FOR SALE1-800-599-4744 www.itcpack.comMEXICAN COMPANY IS LOOKING FOR: Complete block ice plant or just the crane with runways 12 block crane or more Tube ice plant with P34AL from 1990-2000 A Turbo Tigar 30-40 Tons AmmoniaWe disarm and handle all equipment.Federico Johnston 52-662-214-23-04Classified adsWE SPEAK ENGLISHWANTEDPlanning to close, or know somebody who is?USED MERCHANDISERS WANTEDContact: Ice King, Ryan Maasen at (480) 423-5464 WANTEDVogt 6000 and Vogt 9000 Call Charlie Bolton (713) 643-0573Houston, TXFOR SALE2005 12 Ton Kamco Bin in good condition, $5000. Contact Greg LeBlanc at Orange County Ice 409-920-0037Bridge City, TXFOR SALE(1) Vogt P118 Reconditioned. Runs on R404 Freon.(1) Mini Tube Vogt, air-cooled 404 Freon(1) Mid Tube Vogt, air-cooled 404 Freon(1) Rebuilt CB P118Call Charlie Bolton (Houston, TX) (713) 643-0573EQUIPMENT WANTEDVOGTS P24s and P34s used in any conditions only MID or LARGE ice.Ice RAKE 30 tons or less usedCONTACT US BEFORE YOU SELL! LPiceEquipment@gmail.com809-350-8297SOUTHWESTICE EQUIPMENTLeers product innovation and industry leadership is once again crystal clear with the introduction of the new Ice Breaker TM providing a superior selling experience for Ice Companies with the desired buying experience for consumers.Search for those new locations where there is a demand for ice, but currently no supply rest stops, parks, marinas, campgrounds, state and county fairs. Set an Ice Breaker at these strategic locations and begin retailing your own ice - 24/7. Your profit potential is limitless.Sell more ice, more often with the Ice BreakerTM and open up new channels of opportunity and profitability.Leer heralds the Dawn of a New Ice Age Retailing your own Packaged IceCall: 800-766-5337 or Visit ANYWHERE, ANYTIMELEER_Service Ad_RefigMag.indd 1 9/1/15 8:57 AM32 REFRIGERATION Magazine January 2016