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  • 1. PowerPoint Dos and Donts

2. Appropriate Contrast This would be considered appropriate contrast because the words are easy to read. 3. Inappropriate Contrast This would be considered inappropriate contrast between background color and text color. 4. Appropriate Word Transitions Appropriate word transitions is having the entire transition uniform. Not 5. Inappropriate Word Transitions ALL OVER THE PLACE 6. Appropriate Object Transitions This is appropriate The Sun 7. Inappropriate Object Transitions Inappropriate transition The Sun 8. Good Bullet Points/Lists Short Simple Clean Organized 9. Bad Bullet Points/Lists When There Are Too Many Bullet Points That It Doesnt Make Sense To Even Use Bullets 10. Word Amount Limit the use of text. 11. Bad Word Amount It is a very very very bad idea to use lots and lots of text on a powerpoint your audience will be reading the text on the screen instead of listening to what you have to say. So really too many words isnt helpful. 12. Background Image Keep the background to your slides simple and clean looking. 13. Busy Background Do not use a background that is too busy. 14. Appropriate Font & Font Effects Same size and type with limited bold, underline and italics text. 15. Inappropriate Text & Text Effects When you have a sentence that will include different font types and sizes. The sent may also include bold, underline, and italics. 16. Good Graphics 17. Bad Graphics 18. THE END!